Programming Gambas from Zip/Constants


String constantsEdit

gb.NewLine Newline character. This is Chr(10).
gb.Cr Carriage return character. This is Chr(13). The line terminator on old Macintoshs.
gb.Lf Linefeed character. This is Chr(10). The line terminator on Linux and new Macs.
gb.CrLf Carriage return followed by linefeed. The line terminator on Windows and network protocols such as HTTP.
gb.Tab Tab character. This is Chr(9).

Sort OrderEdit

gb.Ascent Ascending sort (This is default).
gb.Descent Descending sort.


Because these are part of the Align class, refer to these as Align.Center, Align.Left etc.

Bottom BottomRight Justify Normal Top TopNormal
BottomLeft Center Left Right TopLeft TopRight
Programming Gambas from Zip
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