Problems In High School Chemistry

This book will deal with all the topics covered in the high school syllabus, through numerical problems and other questions. Unlike a textbook which teaches students, we expect the content of this book to teach students to teach themselves.

The articles, problems and solutions discussed here will focus on the thought process rather than the steps involved. The second goal of this problem book is to make students realize that Chemistry is indeed simpler than Physics, Mathematics and Biology at the highschool level.

Presently, this book is randomly edited as per the questions put forward to the contributors. As we submit more and more content, we will start integrating the pieces into a picture. Volunteers are welcome to discuss the content policy, make contributions, and above all - giving touch ups to the already submitted content.


Basic TopicsEdit

Chemical and Physical ChangesEdit

Inorganic ChemistryEdit

Atoms, Elements, and MoleculesEdit

Physical ChemistryEdit

First Law Of ThermodynamicsEdit

Second Law Of ThermodynamicsEdit

Chemical KineticsEdit


Vapour PressureEdit

Colligative Properties of SolutionsEdit

Surface ChemistryEdit

Solid StateEdit

Chemical EquilibriumEdit

Introduction to Ionic EquilibriumEdit

Ionic Equilibrium - Level IIEdit

Electrolytic ConductanceEdit

Electrochemistry : Electrodes and ReactionsEdit

Electrochemistry : Electrolytic Cells and ElectrolysisEdit

Organic ChemistryEdit