Primitive Technology


Technological advancement is a defining feature of the human species. Since the third millennium B.C., an explosion of discoveries, inventions, and new knowledge has resulted in a highly complex technological tree. As new developments are made in the contemporary era, older skills become increasingly obsolete. Numerous indigenous, traditional, and "primitive" methods are on the verge of extinction.

This project aims to research and collect obsolete knowledge from the past.

The objective is to use a chronological approach to review advancements starting from the prehistoric period.

We utilize a mixture of anthropology, history, and experimental archaeology to develop this evidence-based encyclopedia. While the initial focus of this project is on primitive technologies, the ultimate (yet distant) goal is to eventually pursue the technology tree into the Medieval, Industrial, and Modern eras.

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Note: Articles are not strictly intended to be read in order.

Volume 1: The ScavengerEdit

Volume 2: The Hunter-GathererEdit

Volume 3: The FishermanEdit

Volume 4: PastoralismEdit

Volume 5: Neolithic AgricultureEdit