Practice Problems in LOLGraphics

This book is intended for readers who have finished reading Programming in LOLGraphics 3.4, and would like to practice their skills. In every chapter, the reader will be faced with a problem that needs to be solved in LOLGraphics, and then he will see the solution with detailed explanations on how the code works an which parts of it can be written differently. The book assumes that you are already familiar with how the language works. If you are not, please read “Programming in LOLGraphics 3.4”.

The book will focus on the journey of Namer the cat to the Kingdom of Cats. At every state of the journey he will be presented with a challenge which he has to solve using the LOLGraphics 3.4 programming language.

IMPORTANT: Just because your solution for one of the problems is different from the one presented in the book doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. There are multiple ways to solve every problem in the book which is why after every solution there’s also a list of alternative ways.

Table of Contents edit

  1. Preface
  2. Problem I - Calculator
  3. Solution to Problem I
  4. Problem II - Greek Numerals
  5. Solution to Problem II
  6. Problem III - Byzantine Calendar
  7. Solution to Problem III
  8. Problem IV - Christmas Tree
  9. Solution to Problem IV
  10. Postface
  11. Authors & Contributors