Practical Electronics/IC/4068

Logic Type Combinatorial
Function Family Logic
Description 8-Input NAND/AND Gate
Pins 14
4068 Pinout.svg
Functional Diagram

The 4068 is a member of the 4000 Series CMOS range, and contains a single 8-input NAND gate, and, on some models the inverted output (i.e. an AND gate). The pinout diagram, given on the right, is the standard eight-input CMOS logic gate IC layout:

  • Pin 7 is the ground supply (GND)
  • Pin 14 is the positive supply (VDD)
  • Pins 2-5 and 9-12 are gate inputs for the gate
  • Pin 1 and 13 are gate outputs. Pin 1 is not always available.
  • Pin 6 and 8 are not connected.

The NAND gate gives a high output for any combination of inputs, except when all inputs are high. The AND gate only gives a high when all inputs are high.

This chip is widely available, and usually comes in a DIL-14 or SOIC-14 package.

An 8-input NAND gate is available as the TTL 7430, but no AND gate is available.