Practical DevOps for Big Data/Glossary

Acronym Meaning
CEP Complex Event Processing
DIA Data-Intensive Applications
DoE Design of Experiments
DPIM DICE Platform Independent Model
DSL Domain-Specific Language
DTSM DICE Platform and Technology Specific Model
DDSM DICE Deployment Specific Model
EMF Eclipse Modeling Framework
GSPN Generalized Stochastic Petri Net
GUI Graphic User Interface
HC Hill Climbing
HDFS Hadoop distributed file system
IDE Integrated Development Environment
MDD Model Driven Development
MDE Model-Driven Engineering
MMAP Marked Markovian Arrival Process
MOF Meta-Object Facility
M2M Model-to-Model
M2T Model-to-Text
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTF Mean Time to Failure
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
NFP Non-Functional Property
OASIS Advanced open standards for the information society
OMG Object Management Group
QoS Quality of Service
QT Quality Testing
QT-GEN QT workload generator
QT-LIB QT library
RDD Resilient Distributed Dataset
REST Representational state transfer
SLA Service-Level Agreements
SWN Stochastic Well-formed Net
TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications
UML Unified Modeling Language
VSL Value Specification Language
WS Web Services
YAML YAML Ain't Markup Language