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Portuguese/Contents/Preterite tense regular verbs

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Preterite (Simple Past) TenseEdit

This tense is used to describe an action that has happened in the past and which is now finished.

To form the preterite tense, use the following guide for regular verbs. The endings in bold can be put on the stem of the regular "AR", "ER" and "IR" verbs you wish to conjuagate.

-ar preterite tense regular verbsEdit

I spoke Eu fal ei
You (s,inf) spoke Tu fal aste
He spoke
(also ela, você)
Ele fal ou
We spoke Nós fal
You (f) spoke Vós fal
They spoke
(also elas, vocês)
Eles fal aram

-er preterite tense regular verbsEdit

I ate Eu com i
You (s,inf) ate Tu com este
He ate
(also ela, você)
Ele com eu
We ate Nós com
You (f) ate Vós com
They ate
(also elas, vocês)
Eles com eram

-ir preterite tense regular verbsEdit

I opened Eu abr i
You (s,inf) opened Tu abr iste
He opened
(also ela, você)
Ele abr iu
We opened Nós abr
You (f) abr Vós abr
They opened
(also elas, vocês)
Eles abr iram