Polish Sign Language

Welcome to the Polish Sign Language wikibook. Polish Sign Language ("Polski język migowy", PJM) is a visual language expressed through hand gestures, body language and facial expressions. It is the language used by many deaf, hearing-impaired and hearing people in Poland. It has its own grammar, history and culture.

This wikibook is aimed at teaching the basics of the Polish Sign Language like introducing oneself and asking basing questions.

As this project develops more advances lessons will be available.

For the sake of brevity abbreviations like PJM will be used throughout this wikibook.

All the signs will be marked with boxes. Click the boxes to look up the word in the Dictionary.

Table of contents



  1. Overview  
  2. Alphabet  
  3. Numbers

Module 1

  1. Lesson 1
  2. Lesson 2
  3. Lesson 3


  1. Dictionary
  2. Glossary

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