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When you're not confident with pronunciation or you have only a limited knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary, maintaining a conversation can be a major challenge. The key to attempting effective communication is to be a good listener and make use of the vocabulary and grammar used in the question to help phrase your answer. Knowing what might be said in such a conversation will also help you prepare what you're going to say. Think about conversations you have regularly in English and think about how you might do similar in Polish.

This page will help you with questions and answers to everyday conversations.
-Dzień dobry (Good morning)
-Dzień dobry, chcesz coś zjeść? (Good morning. Do you want something to eat?)
-Tak, poproszę dwa jajka (Yes, I'll have two eggs, please - "proszę" is the Polish equivalent of "please", as used in this sentence, and a very useful word)
-Może chcesz się czegoś napić? (Maybe you want to drink something?)
-Tak, poproszę herbatę z mlekiem. (Yes, I'll have tea with milk, please)

-Cześć! Jak się masz? (Hello, how are you?)
-Dzięki, w porządku. (Thanks, O.K.)