Policy-based Resilience Simulator with OMNeT++/Setting up Ponder

Locating Ponder2 DirectoryEdit

In the same deliverable folder mentioned in previous article, there will be a folder named "ponder2". Copy it to your omnetpp directory.

Install dependenciesEdit

Following dependency need to be installed before proceeding any further:

ant openjdk-7-jdk

Checking $JAVA_HOME variableEdit

Now, type


in terminal. If there's something appearing, you can proceed- or else, follow this instruction or ant will not build Ponder.

Rebuilding Ponder2Edit

Navigate to pondet2 directory in terminal and run

ant rebuild

Now, you may get the following error:

[apt] /home/jesse/omnetpp-4.1/ponder2/src/net/ponder2/support/CheckRMI.java:2: error: unmappable character for encoding UTF8
[apt]  * Copyright � 2007 Kevin Twidle, Imperial College, London, England.
[apt] 1 error

The error was caused by that character represented as "�" (which is "©" in real). To correct this, open the file


and removed that line from there- it doesn't matter, its just a comment-line. Save it, now run

ant rebuild

Now, Ponder is ready to go.

Running PonderEdit

In the same folder, run

ant run

in terminal to run Ponder2.

Checking InstallEdit

Now to check your install, you can follow the original article to run the example simulation provided in resilience folder.

Patching INET and ReaSE