Policy-based Resilience Simulator with OMNeT++/Compiling INET

You can also refer the official guide to know how to compile INET.

Download the latest version from INET website. If you are setting up Policy-based Resilience Simulator, you will need version 2010723.

INET and OMNeT++ Versions edit

INET is particular about the version of OMNeT++.

During compilation, unless they are properly teamed, the INET framework won't compile and will give errors.

Compiling INET edit

1. Unpack the .tar.gz file to the omnetpp folder in Home.

2. Building INET: In OMNeT++ IDE, go to File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace Choose the INET parent directory as root directory (situated in /home/<your_user_name>/omnetpp-4.1/ ) and click finish. Right click on "inet" folder in Project Explorer, click "Close unrelated Projects". Now press Ctrl+B or Project > Build All to build INET. If the OMNeT++, INET versions match, it will compile without any errors (there will be few warning messages, you can ignore it!)

Now, INET is ready. You can proceed to the next article.

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