Pokémon Red and Blue/To Fuchsia City

Lavender Town edit

Now that you have the Poké Flute, you can finally remove the Snorlax that are blocking your way south. There are two paths to take that both end in the same destination (Fuchsia City), going west from Celadon or going south from Lavender Town. The Celadon path is much faster, but there is an important item to be found on the Lavender Town route, as well as many more enemy Trainers to battle against.

West Path to Fuchsia edit

If you go west from Celadon, close to where you got the Fly HM, you will see that giant Snorlax sitting in the middle of the road. Step up to it, go into your Bag, use the Poké Flute, and get ready to battle; Snorlax is not happy you woke him from his nap. There are only two catchable Snorlax in the game; this one and the one on Route 12. Few players continue to adventure on foot when they can ride a Bike. If you for some reason do not have one, you will need to Fly to Cerulean City and get one now. You cannot pass through the guardhouse on foot.

Past there you will find a skinhead gang lounging around. After defeating the six enemy Trainers that compose this gang, head south.

Route 17 edit

This long, vertical Route is on a steep slope. If you stop moving, you will be dragged downward unless you hold the A or B buttons. However, there really isn’t any reason to spend much time on this Route. There are no interesting Pokémon in the tall grass, and all the items are hidden (use the Itemfinder to locate them). There are, however, ten enemy Trainers. Continue south.

The hidden items edit

  • There is a Rare Candy hidden in the center of the Route’s only patch of grass.
  • Towards the top of the middle bridge segment (water on both sides) is a Full Restore.
  • If you search south of the point where the center bridge joins with the left bridge, you can find a Max Revive.
  • If you take the east bridge and look around halfway down, you will find a PP Up.
  • A Max Elixir is near the small straight left-right bridge at the bottom of the Route.

Route 18 edit

Once you reach the bottom of the Cycling Road, go right through the gatehouse. There are three enemy Trainers in the patch of grass south of the exit. As with Route 17, there are no Pokémon in the tall grass here that are worth catching. Go east and you will be in Fuchsia City.

East path to Fuchsia edit

Head south from Lavender Town.

Route 12 edit

Route 12 is made entirely of bridges over the water. There are some maze-like segments here you will have to navigate. You will be able to find TM 39 (Swift) by talking to the people in the northernmost building you pass through on this Route. You might see an item ball on a small segment of bridge that is completely surrounded by water. This is TM 16 (Pay Day), a quite useful move, but you will not be able to get it until you are able to Surf, which requires the next Gym Badge. Be sure to come back here.

You can now do something about the Snorlax that is sleeping at a very inconvenient spot, blocking off two different Routes. If you go up to it and use your Poké Flute, it will awaken and battle you. There are only two Snorlax in the game (this one and the one on Route 16), so be sure to catch it if you want it. If you go west from here, you will be on Route 11, heading back towards Vermilion City. (If you go west, there is a Hyper Potion hidden on the first tree on the bottom that sticks out into the road.)

Continuing south past the Snorlax, you will pass another house. Be sure to enter this house and speak with its owner. He will give you the Super Rod, which is used just like the Old Rod, but can be used to catch Pokémon other than just lousy Magikarp. Past there you will see a Cut tree blocking off an enemy Trainer and an Iron.

Route 13 edit

This Route is a long maze filled with enemy Trainers — no fewer than fifteen! To get to the Route’s patch of tall grass, you will need Cut.

To the left of one of the Trainers closest to the exit (where there is a gap in the fencing), examine that gap and you will find a hidden PP Up. If you go to the east, you will see a similar gap in the fencing at the end of a dead-end passage. Examine this gap and you will find a hidden Calcium.

Route 14 edit

This Route is a short distance south. It is also densely populated by enemy Trainers; looks like another biker gang. You will need Cut to access this route’s patch of tall grass.

Route 15 edit

There are two ways you can go through this Route. If you remove the Cut tree when the path turns west, you will find a long, straight, unremarkable stretch of land that extends all the way down the Route. There is one enemy Trainer about halfway down and TM 20 (Rage) at the end.

If you take the south path, however, you will find more tall grass and ten enemy Trainers all clustered together. To this Route’s western exit is Fuchsia City.