Pokémon Red and Blue/Safari Zone

The Safari Zone is a large area located north of Fuchsia City. It contains many Pokémon that cannot be found anywhere else.

You must pay a fee of •500 every time you enter the Safari Zone. You are given 30 Safari Balls, and released into the Zone. When you throw your last Safari Ball, you are automatically teleported back to the entrance. Additionally, there is a time limit. Once you enter the Zone, the game will start counting “steps” (movements from one tile to another, triggered by pressing the + Control Pad). When you take your five hundredth step, you are teleported to the entrance.

Catching Pokémon edit

You do not (and cannot) use regular Poké Balls to capture Pokémon in the Safari Zone. You are instead given 30 Safari Balls. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, you must start throwing Safari Balls immediately, hoping for a lucky break. You are not permitted to battle the Pokémon in any way before you throw the Safari Balls. Naturally, the more desirable Pokémon are encountered less, and the better a Pokémon is, the more often it will escape from your Poké Balls.

You are also given Pokémon Food and a supply of rocks. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, you have the choice of throwing either. (You never run out of these items.) This will make the Pokémon more or less likely to stay inside a Safari Ball. Throwing rocks causes most wild Pokémon to flee.