Pokémon Crystal/Options

Starting the game givers the player two choices, "NEW GAME" and "OPTION".

"OPTION" contains a number of graphical and quality of life features. It is highly recommended that the player makes some adjustments here.

The Option menu includes:

  • Text Speed: Controls how quickly text is displayed.
  • Battle Scene: ?
  • Battle Style: Lets the player elect to choose weather or not they want to change Pokémon after fainting in battle.
    • Shift: This is the default option and allows the player to swap Pokémon more often in battle, giving the player an edge.
    • Set: Somewhat more difficult, which may or may not be desirable. It makes the game more fair to the computer player and can streamline the battle experience.
  • The player may choose between Mono and Stereo audio.
    • Mono is the default choice, and is what should be used if playing on an original Game Boy Color, or on a Game Boy Player equipped GameCube on a Mono speaker TV.
    • Stereo is ideal for playing on a Game Boy Color with headphones, a GameCube with GameBoy Player and Stereo speaker Television, or a Nintendo 3DS.
  • Print settings only applies to gamers using the Game Boy printer accessory.
  • Menu account?
  • Frame: Allows the player to select one of eight decorative window frames for notifications and text boxes.

When ready choose cancel (Despite the name, your settings will be saved.) or press B to return to the menu and select New Game.