Pokémon Crystal/Exploring Route 30


Route 30 leads to Violet City, but at the moment it is more important for containing the house of Mr. Pokémon.


Finding Mr. PokémonEdit

At the first fork in the route there is a house. Speak to the man inside to receive a berry. Check the berry tree outside his house for another berry.

Head through the right fork in the route and grab the antidote on the left corner. The route to the northwest is blocked by a Pokémon battle, so head to the northeast route.

Head through the grass and reach a house. Shake the berry tree to receive a psncureberry, a natural antidote.

Enter the house to be greeted by Mr. Pokémon. He will give the player a mystery egg, which had been given to him by the Pokémon daycare. Mr. Pokémon explains that Professor Elm specializes in Pokémon evolution and introduces you to Professor Oak properly. Professor Oak then asks the player for help cataloguing Pokemon, and gives the player character a Pokédex. Professor Oak then exists to head to Goldenrod City.

Mr. Pokémon will offer healing for your Pokémon. You can optionally poke around his house to see descriptions of foreign items and broken computers: Environmental storytelling which paints Mr. Pokémon as a eccentric collector.

Head out of the house, and Professor Elm will call the player over the phone in a hysterical message, asking the player to return immediately.

Backtrack and just as you pass through Cherrygrove City, the shady Red Haired man who was hanging out by the Elm Pokémon Lab earlier will run into you, insult you, and start a fight.

Battle against ???Edit

??? is the listed name of this man. He stole the Pokémon which has a type advantage against your Pokémon. Fortunately it is too early in the game for this to be a major factor, as his Pokémon is only level 5. By now your Pokémon should be about level 8 or so, which should allow you to win with just a few tackles.

Winning this battle nets a cool 300 pokedollars and a significant chunk of EXP.

Return to New Bark TownEdit

The trainer runs off, so continue along the path back to New Bark Town. Enter the lab to find a police officer interviewing Professor Elm. Apparently the trainer you just fought drew out the scientists by creating a distracting loud noise to draw them out of the lab, then rushing in to steal a Pokémon. The police officer will ask you for his name, and you can give nay name you like. The police officer will thank you for your help and leave.

Speak to Professor Elm to report your finding from Mr. Pokémon. Professor Elm is taken aback and encourages you to become a trainer and try for champion, starting with Violet City gym. Before you go, Elm encourages you to speak with the mother of player character.

As you leave the lab, the aide will stop the player to gift them 5 poke balls. Speak with the mother of the player character to let her know what you are doing. She will offer to save your money for you, which you can accept or decline. This can be changed any time with a phone call.

Catching PokémonEdit

Return to where Mr. Pokémon's house was. Along the way you have the option to catch Pokémon should you find any interesting Pokémon. At the start of Route 29 person named "Dude" will approach you and offer to show you how to catch Pokémon. Whenever you catch a Pokémon, it's data is added to the pokédex. Wild Pokémon you have already caught will display a pokéball in the upper left of the battle screen. Pokéballs can now be purchased from Pokémarts for 200 pokédollars each.

Battling Youngster JoeyEdit

When you reach the fork that leads to Mr. Pokémon's house, head west instead. If you follow the path, you'll be challenged by Youngster Joey - a trainer who just recently lost a battle. Joey has a single level 4 male Ratatta. It knows tail whip, a move which lowers the defense of your Pokémon, and tackle, a basic move that deals damage. It knows tail whip, a move which lowers the defense of your Pokémon, and tackle to deal damage. Defeat him to gain 48 experience points and 64 pokédollars.

After the battle, talk to Youngster Joey if you want to share your phone number with him.

Battling Youngster MikeyEdit

Head past the ledge to be challenged by another trainer - Youngster Mikey. Youngster Mikey has a level 2 Pidgey, which can be defeated with a single tackle. This gains 22 exp. His second Pokémon is a level 4 Ratatta which knows tackle and tail whip just like the Ratatta of Youngster Joey. As a result this battle is only slightly more challenging then the battle with Youngster Joey. Beat it for 48 exp, and to win the battle for 64 pokédollars.

Battling with Bug Catcher DonEdit

Head north to encounter a ledge, be too close to the edge and you'll encounter Bug Catcher Don, who has two Pokémon, both level 3 male Caterpie who yield 33 exp each when defeated. Win the battle to gain 48 Pokébucks. Continue heading north to reach Route 31.

Wild PokémonEdit

  • Hoothoot - Night
  • Poliwag - Night
  • Caterpie - Morning
  • Weedle - Morning


  • Distraction tactics are common in thefts. What steps can be taken to reduce such thefts?