Pokémon Crystal/Exploring Route 29


This is the first of the many routes you will discover in the game. It is relatively safe and straightforward, and makes a good training area for beginners. On the other end of it lies your goal, Cherrygrove City.

Training on the WayEdit

Currently you do not have access to Pokéballs, so right now focus on training up your Pokémon and getting through to the next area. Beat about three Pokémon to raise the level of your starter to level 6. Defeat some more to reach level 7 with relative ease.

If you need to heal, you can head back to New Bark Town to use the healing machine in the Elm Pokémon Lab, use a healing item, or push on to Cherrygrove City to heal there.


Snake through the ledges to reach Cherrygrove City. In the upper right of the map, a free potion item can be found.

Midway through the route is a northern gatehouse with leads to Route 46. This is a mountainous road with sheer cliffs and can not be traversed from this direction, so simply keep on route 29. Instead continue and forage from a berry tree which can be found in the upper left for a berry. Continue west from here to reach Cherrygrove City.

Route InfoEdit


  • Potion: In the top righthand corner of Route 29.
  • Berry: Berries are found in berry trees throughout the Game.
  • Pink Bow: Get from a person, only after winning one badge and only on Tuesday. Powers up Normal-type Pokémon.

Wild PokémonEdit

  • Hoothoot - Nite
  • Ratatta - Nite