Pokémon Crystal/Beginnings in New Bark Town

Exploring New Bark Town (Optional) Edit

New Bark town is a sleepy rural town with little to see.

South of the player home is the house where the family of Professor Elm lives.

To the southwest is a generic house.

The real attraction of the town is the Elm Pokémon Lab in the northwest corner of the town. Currently a man with long red hair is sulking in a nook next to the building. Try talking to him if desired, he'll just shove you a substantial distance away when he notices you.

Visiting the Elm Pokémon Lab Edit

When you are ready, enter the lab. Your character will automatically walk to the professor and talk to him. Professor Elm will ask the player to raise a Pokémon to help with his research. Elm then gets an email from Mr. Pokémon, and asks you to further help by meeting with him.

Inside you can pick from three different Pokémon: Chikorita (grass type), Cyndaquil (fire type), or Totodile (water type). Every time you select a Pokéball, you'll see a name, picture, and type given. Confirm the one you want to pick once you are sure.

After picking, you'll have the option to nickname the Pokémon. Nicknaming the Pokémon is a good idea if you want to make it a main party member. The gender of the Pokémon is shown on the upper left of the naming screen.

The player character will then automatically walk to Professor Elm, who explains that Mr. Pokémon lives past Cherrygrove City, a nearby settlement.

No matter which you pick, your Pokémon will be holding a berry, a nice held item. Before you leave the lab, Elm's assistant will stop you to give you a potion for your journey.

Before you leave New Bark Town, there are some optional dialogues you can partake in. Check the lower left bookshelves of the Elm Pokémon Lab for travel tips. Talk to townsfolk if desired, then head on.

When you are ready, go west and enter Route 29.

Items Edit

  • Potion: Get this from the assistant in Prof. Elm's lab.

Pokemon Edit

  • Chikorita: Pick from the three Starter Pokémon in Prof. Elm's lab. [MDN] (M=Morn;D=Day;N=Nite)
  • Cyndaquil: Pick from the three Starter Pokémon in Prof. Elm's lab. [MDN]
  • Totodile: Pick from the three Starter Pokémon in Prof. Elm's lab. [MDN]

Questions Edit

  • Is having a rural lab conductive to some kinds of scientific research? Why?
  • Email was a new and exciting technology for the general public at the time of release. If this game was released today, what technology would be showcased instead to excite the audience?