Zangoose resembles a large bipedal creature with white fur, large ears, twin claws on each arm, a large tail, and red markings. This Pokémon is commonly considered a rival to Seviper.

Basic Statistics

  HP Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense
Base Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Base Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Base Stats (RS/FL/E) 73 115 60 90 60 60
Base Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Base Stats (BW/B2W2)
Base Stats (XY/ORAS)
Base Stats (SM/USUM)
Base Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Max Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Max Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Max Stats (RS/FL/E) 350 361 240 306 240 240
Max Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Max Stats (B/W/B2W2)
Max Stats (X/Y/ORAS)
Max Stats (SM/USUM)
Max Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Effort Points (Sword/Shield/BDSP)

Type Matching


Move types which are good on Zangoose: Fighting
Move types which don't effect Zangoose: Ghost

All other move types are normal effectiveness on Zangoose.


Level Ruby / Sapphire
XD / Colosseum
Fire Red / Leaf Green
Start Scratch Scratch
4 Leer Leer
7 Quick Attack Quick Attack
10 Swords Dance Swords Dance
13 Fury Cutter Fury Cutter
19 Slash Slash
25 Pursuit Pursuit
31 Crush Claw Crush Claw
37 Taunt Taunt
46 Detect Detect
55 False Swipe False Swipe


  • RS/FL: Aerial Ace, Attract, Blizzard, Brick Break, Dig, Double Team, Facade, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Focus Punch, Frustration, Giga Drain, Hidden Power, Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Protect, Rain Dance, Rest, Return, Roar, Rock Smash, Secret Power, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Solarbeam, Strength, Sunny Day, Taunt, Thief, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Water Pulse


  • RS/FL: Counter, Curse, Double Kick, Flail, Razor Wind, Roar

Trading Cards

  • EX Sandstorm #14 - Zangoose
  • EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua #23 - Team Magma's Zangoose
    • A Zangoose card did show up in a Holon Phantoms Pre-Release.