Description edit

Lunatone resembles a tan flattened crescent moon, with red circular eyes on each side of the Pokémon. This Pokémon features a prominent beak like protrusion in the center of the crescent. This Pokémon is commonly seen as a sibling of sorts with the Pokémon Solrock.

Shiny edit

A shiny Lunatone has blue eyes. Because Lunatone can learn the move explosion, catching a high level shiny Lunatone can be more difficult then a normal shiny Pokémon.

Basic Statistics edit

  HP Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense
Base Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Base Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Base Stats (RS/FL/E) 70 55 65 70 95 85
Base Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Base Stats (BW/B2W2)
Base Stats (XY/ORAS)
Base Stats (SM/USUM)
Base Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Max Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Max Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Max Stats (RS/FL/E) 344 229 251 262 317 295
Max Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Max Stats (B/W/B2W2)
Max Stats (X/Y/ORAS)
Max Stats (SM/USUM)
Max Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Effort Points (Sword/Shield/BDSP)

Type Matching edit

Move types which are good on Lunatone: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Grass, Steel, Water
Move types which are bad on Lunatone: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Psychic

Lunatone is not affected by Ground-type moves due to the Levitate ability.

All other move types are normal effectiveness on Lunatone.

Moveset edit

Level Ruby / Sapphire Fire Red / Leaf Green Emerald
Start Tackle
7 Confusion Confusion
13 Rock Throw Rock Throw
21 Hypnosis Hypnosis
25 Psywave Psywave
31 Cosmic Power Cosmic Power
37 Psychic Psychic
43 Future Sight Future Sight
49 Explosion Explosion

TM/HM edit

  • RS/FL: Calm Mind, Double Team, Earthquake, Facade, Flash, Frustration, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Light Screen, Protect, Psychic, Rain Dance, Reflect, Rest, Return, Rock Tomb, Safeguard, Sandstorm, Secret Power, Shadow Ball, Skill Swap, Toxic

Trading Cards edit

  • EX Sandstorm #8 - Lunatone
  • EX Deoxys #36 - Lunatone