Pokémon/Notable Limits

The following is a list of maximum and minimum values for quantities in Pokémon games.

Main series (or core series) edit

  • The lowest possible HP stat is one, held uniquely by Shedinja.
  • Aside from this unique exception, the lowest possible HP stat is 11 at Level 1. The HP stat always increases by at least one point on every level-up, so at Level 50, the minimum HP stat is 60, and at Level 100, the minimum HP stat is 110. More generally, the minimum HP stat for any given level is the level’s number plus ten.
  • The lowest possible value for the Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed for any individual Pokémon that does not have a hindering nature for the stat is 5. If the Pokémon has a hindering nature and a base stat of 49 or lower, the minimum value falls to 4 instead.
  • The lowest possible level that a Pokémon can have 100 HP or greater is Level 13. A Level 13 Blissey with 31 IV and 252 EV reaches a value of 101 HP. On the other hand, your first stage starter Pokémon tends to be in the 35-40 range at that level. A Blissey whose Dynamax factor has been maximized with Dynamax candies can break the 100 HP barrier as early as Level 6. She can have as much as 52 HP at that level and that 52 gets doubled to 104 when she is Dynamaxed. So the absolute lowest level your Pokémon can have a triple-digit HP stat is Level 6.
  • The lowest level that a Sylveon, Umbreon, or Espeon can legitimately be is Level 2.
  • In the Battle Tower, due to the level limit of Level 50, the maximum number of experience points these Pokémon can have while in the Battle Tower is 132,650 (the Level 51 requirement minus one).
  • The range for the number of experience points of a Sylveon on a Battle Tower team is 132,642 because 132,650 − 8 = 132,642.
  • The lowest possible level that a Monferno can legitimately be is Level 14. If you receive a Monferno that is Level 13 or below, by trading with another player, you can bet your life savings that it is hacked, so if you care about participating in online events, release it immediately.
  • The lowest possible level that an Infernape can legally be is Level 36.
  • The highest possible HP stat is 714. The only Pokémon that can reach this figure is Blissey, with maximum HP investment.
  • The lowest possible Speed stat for a Level 50 Sylveon is 58. This happens if the Sylveon has 0 IV, 0 EV, and a Speed-lowering nature.
  • Even though Shuckle is tied with Munchlax for being the slowest Pokémon, its Speed stat at Level 100 can be no lower than 13, even with a Speed-lowering nature.
  • If a Pokémon that is holding a Shell Bell in the Battle Tower knocks out an opponent in one hit, and the opponent is not Shedinja, the minimum amount of HP the Pokémon can recover from Shell Bell is seven. This is because the minimum HP for Level 50 Pokémon is 60, and one-eighth of that is 7.5, rounded down to 7.
    • If the opponent has Recover, and you are dealing less than 50% damage to them, do not expect to KO them any time soon. Whenever your opponent’s recovery outweighs the damage you are dealing to it, your opponent is regaining HP in the long term. Thanks to recovery moves, damage does not always equal progress. If your Shell Bell recovery is 3 hit points or less, this alone means you are dealing insufficient damage to defeat a Toxapex that knows Recover.