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Playing a Video Game/Health Issues

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There are some health related issues to know about before playing a game. All gamers should be aware of these.


Main Health IssuesEdit

Sore Joints/MusclesEdit

Sometimes, when playing a video game(s) for a prolonged period of time, your joints or muscles will become sore and tired. Experts recommend a fifteen-minute to half-an-hour break from video games every hour to two hours.

Seizures and EpilepsyEdit

People who are photosensitive should consult a physician before playing a game due to the risk of seizures.

Debated Health IssuesEdit

Mental EffectsEdit

Many argue the topic as to whether video games can drive a person to suicide or to homicides. Although studies have been conducted and concluded that video games cannot do this, people with mental health issues should be monitored while playing video games.