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Setup of Darts and Dartboard edit

There are only 2 things that a person needs to play a game of darts: a set of darts, and a dartboard. A set of darts usually consists of three identical darts. A single dart is made up of four sections:

The components of the dart.
  • The tip of the dart is the foremost section of the dart, and holds the dart in the dartboard.
  • The grip of the dart is directly behind the tip and is where a person holds the dart while throwing.
  • The shaft of the dart is directly behind the grip and connects the grip and flight.
  • The flight is in the back of the dart, and keeps the dart moving straight through the air.

The dartboard.

A normal dartboard is a circle that is divided into 20 scoring sections, has a bullseye, a double-point ring, and has a triple-point ring. This board is usually hung on a wall 7 ft 9.25 in away from the player and at eye level, which is usually a standard 5 ft 8 in high.