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IMAGE edit

Image size – gives you the window to the right. To change image width or height, you can click on the arrow, and use a slider bar to make the change or you can click on the number you wish to change. If you click on the number, either width or height, the numbers you enter do not overwrite. You have to use the delete or backspace keys to make room for changes. By checking “Constrain proportions” you keep the relative width and height the same. If you change the width, the height automatically changes and vice versa. That is the image does not become wider or thinner than the original. By unchecking “Constrain proportions” you will have to make change both width and height manually and the image becomes wider or thinner than the original, i.e., distorted.

Canvas size – used to change the size of the image background. Think of the canvas as the paper the image is projected upon. If the size of the paper is increased, you can add margins to the image. If the size of the canvas is decreased, the overall size of the image is decreased. Selecting Canvas size brings up the window shown to the right. The Width and Height work the same as with Image size. The 9 squares next to Anchor determine where the canvas added or decreased. Using the center square will center the image on the canvas. The result of changing making the canvas larger than the image is below.

Rotate canvas 180 –makes the image upside down.

Rotate canvas 90 CW – turns the image on its right side.

Rotate canvas 90 CCW – turns the image on its left side.

Flip canvas vertical – makes an upside down mirror image.

Flip canvas horizontal – makes a mirror image.

Crop – deletes all areas of the image not selected.