Pixlr Editor/Menus/Edit

EDIT Basic content edition functions menu.

Undo - reverses your previous action. You can also do this with History window.

Redo - repeats what you last did.

Cut - moves a selection to separate layer. When you click on Cut, the selection becomes white. When you click on Paste to selection appears elsewhere in the photo in a separate layer .

Copy - of a selected area creates a duplicate in a separate area.

Clear - eliminates all content from a selection. If nothing is selected, all of the image will turn white.

Paste – will take a cut or copied selection put it in a new layer. Layers are explained below on page ??. Using the Move tool, you can move the selection you pasted to where you wish.

Free transform – changes the shape of the whole image or a selection, i.e., size, height, width, rotation, etc. When clicking on Free transform 8 small blue squares appear on the image corners and midway between the cursors. These are called “handles”. Using your mouse, you click on these handles keeping the mouse button depressed, you can increase the height and/width of the image. Placing your cursor close to the handles at each corner, the cursor arrow will turn into a circular arrow. Click keeping the mouse button depressed, you can rotate the image as you wish. Be sure to press “Enter” to finalize the Free Transform.

Free distort – allows you to stretch or shrink an image using 4 handles as shown to the left. The image does not have to retain it’s rectangular shape. Note the portion of the image outside the white box, i.e. canvas will not appear when you press “Enter” to finalize the Free Transform.

Select all – Selects everything in the image. Any changes you make will apply to the whole image.

Deselect all – makes all selections disappear. Adjustments now apply to the whole image.

Invert selection – selects all areas not previously selected. Areas previously selected are no longer selected. Note to the right, the inverted selection of the box is now black and white (desaturated).

Select pixels – does a “Select all”.

Define brush -