Pixlr Editor/Contents

Content structure of PixlrEdit

Here are the basic components you will find in the Pixlr Editor web application.


At the top of the web page, where the Flash application Pixlr resides, is a menubar. It contains menus and menu items that correspond to what one would find in a regular computer application. The menu items can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts, but depending on browser options, this seems to be a variable quality.

Option barEdit

Right under the menubar is the option bar, where options for different tools appear dynamically under proper context. Normally, the icon of the active tool appears in the left most section of this bar.


Under the option bar, and filling the rest of the browser page, is a grey backdrop on which different windows and palettes are available. In the right lower part of this backdrop are some Flash information pertaining to version number, frame rate and memory size.

Image windowsEdit

Photos, pictures and images appear in resizable windows with scrollbars. These windows indicate in the left section of the horizontal scrollbar the zooming factor as a percentage. This information appears in an editable field that permit immediate zooming. To the right of this field, the actual size of the image in pixels is shown.


Other windows are actually palettes that float on top of image windows. Some can be vertically resized and most can be closed.

Dialog windowsEdit

Special windows asking the user to complete a requested function by specifying further bits of information. This type of window requires that it be taken care or be dismissed explicitly by the user before letting other action be taken.