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The key signature of a piece of music is the sharps or flats listed after the clef. This is to avoid the repetiton of accidentals in the score. They are listed on every line of music, which signifies what key he/she has chosen.

There is a key signature for each major key (though C major, which has no flats or sharps, is a 'blank'). Each major key, in turn, shares its signature with the minor key whose scale begins three semitones lower - in other words, on the 6th note (the submediant) of the major scale.

List of key signaturesEdit

Here is a complete list of key signatures:

Key Sig. Major Key Minor Key
No sharps or flats
C major a minor
Key Sig. Major Key Minor Key
1 flat
F major d minor
2 flats
Bb major g minor
3 flats
Eb major c minor
4 flats
Ab major f minor
5 flats
Db major bb minor
6 flats
Gb major eb minor
7 flats
Cb major ab minor
Key Sig. Major Key Minor Key
1 sharp
G major e minor
2 sharps
D major b minor
3 sharps
A major f# minor
4 sharps
E major c# minor
5 sharps
B major g# minor
6 sharps
F# major d# minor
7 sharps
C# major a# minor