Physics with Calculus/Introduction/For Engineers

"Mathematics is the mortar of the bricks of Physics. Engineering is the house they build" - Unknown

Physics, especially calculus-based physics, is integral to the solving of engineering problems. Without understanding the relationships between current and voltage, electrical engineers are unable to solve problems to do with power. Civil engineers use density and volume to find the weight of an object. Mechanical engineers rely heavily on dynamics in everything they do, which in turn is deeply rooted in differential equations and parameterization.

There are many more examples of the use of physics in the world of engineering, and we can then think of engineering as a mix between applied physics and applied mathematics.

The text will try to provide an application to real world problems within the context of engineering, from a calculus-based approach. The mathematics of engineering will be referred to in parts, and it is expected that those engineering students who are readers of the book have at least a basic grasp of both calculus and simple algebra.