Physics Exercises/Received Heat

Heat is the process of energy transfer from one body or system due to thermal contact, which in turn is defined as an energy transfer to a body in any other way than due to work performed on the body.

To find the total of received heat (Q), the formula is:

With the term :

  • Q = the total of received heat (Joule, Kilojoule, Megajoule, Calorie, Kilocalorie)
  • m = mass of substances (Gram, Kilogram)
  • c = conductivity of substances (Joule/kilogram°C, Joule/gram°C, Calorie/gram°C)
  • Δt = differences of temperature (°C)


  1. A tungsten with the mass 600 grams heated from the temperature 25°C to 85°C. If the conductivity of the tungsten is 0,18 cal/gram°C, find the received heat of tungsten!