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Light Wave

Light wave comes from many sources

Electromagnetic Radiation as Light Wave Characteristics

Electromagnetic radiation as light wave travels at a speed of Light in vaccum C = 3 x 108 and since speed of wave equal product of wavelength and frequency . If one either wavellength or frequency is known then the other quantity can be found by

V = λ f = C
  or   .

Electromagnetic Light wave has frequency range from few Hz to GHz and divided into the following spectrums

  1. Radio Wave
  2. Microwave
  3. Infrared
  4. Visible Light
  5. Ultrviolet wave
  6. X Ray
  7. Gamma Ray

Light Wave Phenomenons

When Light wave travel through a medium if there is a bloking object that has a height greater than the wavelength of light wave . Light wave will suffer from the following effects


Light wave being reflected back to the medium it comes from and can create interference with other wave in the medium



Only part of the light wave is passing through . Sound does not reach its destination



Light passing through slits or narrow openings will produce fringes of Light and Dark Pattern



Light passing through prism will produce Colored Light of the following color Orange , Yellow , Red , Green , Blue , violet



When two light waves interfere either Constructively or Destructively to produce Light Interferences like Bright Light , Stream Light , Dim Light , No Light


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