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A standard lens is a general-purpose lens, which captures the middle of the focal length range. These can be a normal lens (standard prime), or a standard zoom, often the kit lens.

Some common recommendations follow.


Canon's small sensor cameras mostly use a 1.6x crop factor (except for the 1D series, which is 1.3), so a normal lens would be 50mm/1.6 = 31.25mm, and focal lengths for standard zooms are correspondingly shorter than on full frame standard zooms.

Standard ZoomEdit

Kit lenses

FF FOV equivalent of 29-88mm, EF-S analog of Canon EF 28-90mm
FF FOV equivalent of 27-136mm, EF-S analog of Canon EF 28-135mm
(The-Digital-Picture review) (Bob Atkins review)

Non-kit lenses

FF FOV equivalent of 27-88mm
Notable features: high-quality glass (similar to L series, though lower build quality), and at f/2.8, quite fast for a zoom.
(Philip Greenspun Review at (Fred Miranda Review) ( Review) ( Review)

Standard PrimeEdit

A normal lens on a 1.6x crop factor camera would be about 31mm. Canon doesn't make a prime lens at this point, but does make some EF wide-angle lenses that can work. Others instead suggest the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 as the best prime normal lens for Canon APS-C cameras.

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Standard PrimeEdit