This wikibook is intended to be used as the main text in both undergraduate and graduate introductory courses on phonology.

This wikibook is intended for undergraduate and graduate courses in phonology. Except for the Introduction and Phonetics chapters, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of phonology. Foundational concepts, such as the phoneme, are covered in earlier chapters. The first half of each chapter covers empirical data and introduces the basic theory, which might be appropriate for an undergraduate course. The second half of each chapter covers more difficult phenomena and/or more in-depth theoretical analysis, which might be appropriate for a graduate course. For example, the first half of the Syllable Theory chapter introduces a range of facts that motivate syllables, while the second half introduces challenges to the notion of a syllable, such as Steriade's theory of Licensing-by-Cue.

Table of Contents edit



Segmental Phonology edit

Phonemes and Allophones


The Format of Rules

Syllable Theory


Analyzing Simple Alternations

Analyzing Complex Alternations

Suprasegmental Phonology edit

Accentual Typology