Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 4-3: Trial

The Judge will announce the results for the test of the dagger. The blood on it was not Misty's, but they didn't have time to search whose blood. The Dagger will be updated.

Maya is called up, not looking happy with her bloodline, to say the least. Godot encourages her to testify what she saw.

For you, even though she's your best friend, you still need to get to the truth behind it by yourself as it's the only time you get to cross-examine Maya. Even by your reluctance, this is thankfully the last part of the trial and this game as a whole.

Maya's Testimony: At the Inner TempleEdit

Maya's Testimony
- At the Inner Temple -

  1. I was passing through the garden on the way to a spare prep room when it happened.
  2. Suddenly, someone struck me over the head...
  3. I stumbled... and ended up against the stone lantern.
  4. I think I screamed, "Help me!"
  5. Then something warm splashed over me...
  6. That's when... I lost consciousness.

At the Inner Temple: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press on the 4th statement. Maya will say it was her last hope. When given the choice ask about "My last hope". Maya will inadvertently say that there was someone else behind her attacker. She then says she meant to keep that a secret. A new statement will be added anyways.

  • I could see a man behind my attacker by the light of the stone lantern.

Present the Stone Lantern in that statement. The lights were off, so there was no way she could see the person behind her attacker, let alone recognizing him as a man. Maya doesn't want you to go on, but you have to find the truth. When asked who this person was, Present Godot's Profile. You have the court turn off the lights in the courtroom. They do so and what do you know? Godot's recognizable visor is lit. It looks like Maya saw Godot.

Godot has The Judge ask Maya if she saw Godot's glowing visor. Maya denies it and says she could tell that he is a man for different reasons. Maya will testify again.

Maya's Testimony: The KillerEdit

Maya's Testimony
- The Killer -

  1. ...When I came to, I was just lying there on the Training Hall floor.
  2. By the time I got back to the garden, the place had totally changed...
  3. The torches were lit... And the body was gone.
  4. And all of the snow around the stone lantern had been carefully cleaned up, too.
  5. Since the person did all that work alone, I just assumed it was a man...

The Killer: Cross-ExaminationEdit

First of all, Press on the 3rd statement. You will bring up a question. Why did the killer light up the torches? Why did he put so much effort to move the body?

Press on the 4th statement. The snow was removed in an unnatural rectangular shape. The killer probably tried to remove the snow to cover up the blood. But why so much?

Now, Press on the 2nd statement. You ask Maya why the killer would tamper with the scene (She won't answer until you press the above statements). Maya will guess that it was to protect her. If Bikini saw the blood, she would have thought that Maya did it since she was the only one there. A new statement is added.

  • I think it was for my sake that the killer cleaned up the evidence of what had happened.

Present the Stone Lantern on that statement. The killer removed the blood-splattered snow and removed the body, but he forgot to do one thing, wipe off the bloody writing that said "Maya" on it. How could he have done that mistake if he was protecting her? You are asked for an explanation, say that The killer didn't notice it. Anyone can have noticed the writing, except people with certain conditions. When asked who would miss it, Present Godot's Profile.

You remind the court about the events recently. Godot presented the stone lantern and didn't notice the red blood. You then recall the Trés Bien poisoning case when Godot presented the apron and didn't notice the ketchup. Godot will admit that he could not see red in his visor.

If that is true, then Godot has to be the killer. You will explain about the shoveled snow. If the killer wanted to remove the bloody snow, why didn't he just shovel the bloody area rather than the whole yard? The killer could not have seen the blood, not because the lanterns were not lit, as you have proven they were.

Just then, Maya interrupts. Just why is she defending Godot? She requests another testimony this time about Pearl.

Maya's Testimony: After the IncidentEdit

Maya's Testimony
- After the Incident -

  1. Pearly was also stuck on the Inner Temple side that night!
  2. The next morning, she looked around, but couldn't find anyone.
  3. The next day, when the bridge was finally fixed, she was in the spare prep room.
  4. That's when Mr. Godot arrived at the Inner Temple for the first time!
  5. He found Pearly first, and cheered her right up!

After the Incident: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press on the 5th statement. You will hear from Godot that he was investigating. Ask about Godot's investigation. Just what did he find at the Inner Temple? Godot will say he found a poster with Misty Fey in it "clad in her stunning Japanese garb surrounded by the hue and aroma of Western tastes."

There it is, the weak spot! Present the Hanging Scroll on the 4th statement. If he had seen the scroll with Misty Fey on it, then the way he described it, he had seen it before the murder occurred, it was covered in gravy afterward. So Godot was there way before the murder happened.

So why was Godot at the Inner Temple? Could it be that he knew of the plan all along? If so, how? When given the chance, Present the Burnt Letter. Morgan planned the murder a year ago, but when Pearl already found it, the seal was broken, as if someone already opened it. How could Godot have seen it when the letter was hidden? Probably because of one of his visits to the Detention Center. At one point, Morgan told her about the letter. Godot had probably known about the letter because he was eavesdropping!

Godot will ask you one more question, why would he go through the trouble to read a letter after eavesdropping, go to the Inner Temple to wait for the crime to occur. And sacrifice someone just to protect someone he doesn't know. Godot has no reason to save Maya from danger if he doesn't know her. But, you should already know that he protected her for a different reason. When asked to present evidence for a reason, Present Mia Fey's Profile.

Godot had worked alongside Mia as a defense attorney. And his name, Diego Armando!

Godot's TragedyEdit

Godot will now tell you a story of his tragedy. It started after the case with Fawles. Six months after the case, in which Mia failed to unmask Dahlia, Dahlia wanted to talk with Diego. Diego went to the courthouse and was poisoned by her. He went into a coma for five years before finally waking up. By then, he had lost everything. Mia was dead and Dahlia was sentenced to death. Godot blamed you for not protecting her because you could have done so while he was away.

Diego, now Godot, was very distraught that he wasn't able to protect Mia, but that fateful day made him made up for it. He overheard Morgan's plan, giving hope to Godot. He could protect Mia's only sister to make up for things, but to do that, he needed help. He contacted Misty, who agreed to help as Maya's life was in danger. He also contacted Iris, who helped with the murder.

Elise (Misty) had Pearl read with her so she wouldn't go to the Inner Temple to channel Dahlia. However, Pearl went to the temple anyways due to her concern with Maya. This left Misty with no choice. She would channel Dahlia before Pearl and Godot would come out of hiding to save Maya, yet sacrificing her mother's life.

Godot (Diego) is done with his confession and asks you to do the rest. You have proven his motive, but now you have to prove to the court that Godot (Diego) killed Misty. You will now hear the last testimony of the game, much to Maya's reluctance.

Maya's Testimony: The Time of the MurderEdit

Maya's Testimony
- The Time of the Murder -

  1. ...Just before it happened, I think I saw some red lights. Three of them.
  2. I thought I'd ask for help, but... just then I was splattered with blood!
  3. She wasn't dead though... And she struck back at the enemy behind her.
  4. Suddenly, the red lights went out and the whole area was dark.
  5. ...Just at that moment, there was a horrible scream!
  6. Right after that... Dahlia collapsed and I lost consciousness.

The Time of the Murder: Cross-ExaminationEdit

Press on the 5th statement. Maya says that she heard a scream as soon as the lights went out. She thinks Dahlia used the sword from Misty's staff and wounded the killer, who stole the sword back and delivered the final blow. When asked if you agree, say There is a contradiction. Maya just said in her testimony that blood was splattered all over her clothes before she heard the scream, probably because the sword was already inside Dahlia, so she could have used something else to wound the killer. When asked what, Present the Dagger.

When the killer was wounded, the dagger would have left a wound. After being talked back with your theories, you are given one chance, and one chance only to spot where the wound is. Present Godot's Profile. It is quite obvious now. The wound is hiding under Godot's mask!

Now watch the following scenes that reveal twists explained below. Until then...

Sister Iris is found...


What REALLY HappenedEdit

It all began with the rivalry between Morgan Fey and Misty Fey with the battle for the Master's position of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Morgan was married to a man who was a jeweler and had two twin daughters, Dahlia and Iris Hawthorne. The man married Morgan because he had wanted power: Morgan was sure to have the Master's position because she was older than Misty, and it was a tradition that the eldest sister was the most spiritually powerful of her siblings. Against all odds, however, Misty had more spiritual power and won the Master's position. This left Morgan part of the branch family, whose duty it was to serve the Master.

Eventually, Misty became involved in the DL-6 Incident, in which she was asked by the police to identify a murderer. However, it ended in disaster when the man she named was found innocent. Misty was humiliated and was labeled as a fraud. She left the village and her daughters in despair and took the Master's talisman with her. She began a new life as a children's illustrated book author under the name Elise Deauxnim.

As Morgan had lost her chance at the Master's seat, her husband left her, taking their two daughters with him. He later married another woman. Dahlia convinced him to throw out Iris because she knew he didn't like children, and his new wife already had one daughter, Valerie Hawthorne. Iris went to live in Hazakura Temple, where she was raised by Sister Bikini, the head nun of the temple.

Dahlia grew up hating her family. At the age of 14, she hatched a plan to take revenge against her father: she had her boyfriend Terry Fawles pretend to kidnap and hold her hostage on Dusky Bridge. In exchange for Dahlia, Terry was to demand a diamond worth $2,000,000 from her father. Her step-sister, Valerie Hawthorne, was in on the plan and provided the diamond as requested at the appointed location. Iris was in on this plan but backed out at the last second. On Dusky Bridge, Dahlia took the diamond and jumped into the river. She lost the diamond but was eventually saved by Iris, who nursed her back to health. Dahlia was livid at Iris for betraying her. Fawles was accused and convicted for the "murder" of Dahlia Hawthorne, in which the prime witness was Valerie Hawthorne, and was sent to prison with a death sentence. Dahlia changed her name to Melissa Foster and began a new life.


Two years later, Morgan remarried and gave birth to Pearl Fey. Her second husband left the village and Morgan and Pearl behind shortly. Pearl was spiritually strong and Morgan began to dream of a day in which Pearl would get the Master's position. To achieve this dream, however, all of the main family members would have to die.

Years later, Mia Fey, one of Misty's daughters, left the village to get a job as a defense attorney. She wanted to know what had happened to her mother and avoid any family feuds that could have arisen between her and her sister Maya, over the Master's position. Mia began a relationship with Diego Armando, her mentor, and senior attorney. They grew to love each other and become a couple.

The lovebirds eventually became involved in a case, in which Terry Fawles was charged with escaping police custody and murdering the woman who had convicted him in the kidnapping case 5 years earlier: Valerie Hawthorne. The prime witness was a woman named Melissa Foster. However, Mia exposed her true identity as Dahlia Hawthorne and nearly won the case, but in the end, Terry committed suicide and Dahlia was set free. It left an emotional scar on Mia, Armando, and Edgeworth, the prosecutor for that case. Mia and Armando refused to get off Dahlia's back and started pursuing her.

Eventually, Armando and Dahlia had a talk in the courthouse. Dahlia slipped poison in Armando's coffee, who upon drinking it, collapsed and fell into a coma for 5 years. Dahlia then looked for someone to help her hide the poison. She found a college student named Phoenix Wright and gave the necklace containing the poison to Phoenix, who thought of it as a symbol of their love. Eventually, Dahlia wanted the necklace back, and Iris, suspecting that she would kill Wright any day to get it back, pretended to date Phoenix. She failed to get the necklace back as the relationship grew. During this time, Iris began to fall in love with Wright.

Six months later, Dahlia decided she'd waited enough and took matters into her own hands. She plotted to kill Phoenix but had to kill her former boyfriend, Doug Swallow, first. Swallow had known of Hawthorne's true nature. Phoenix was arrested for his murder with Dahlia as the witness. This created a new case, in which Mia returned to get revenge against Dahlia. This time, Dahlia was convicted for the murder of Armando and Swallow and the attempted murder of Wright and was sentenced to death. Phoenix was grateful to Mia and decided to become a defense attorney.

A few years later, Phoenix became a lawyer under Mia's law firm. Tragically, Mia was killed soon afterward by Redd White, a criminal she had been pursuing for years.

One year later, Morgan tried to get Maya convicted for the murder of Dr. Turner Grey, to secure the Master position for Pearl. The plan failed. Before she was sent to prison for being a co-conspirator to murder, however, Morgan left a message for Pearl in a secret location. Reunited with Dahlia in prison, Morgan plotted with her to kill Maya, in another attempt to secure Pearl's position. Dahlia agreed to help, but for her own personal reasons: to take revenge on Mia, who was already dead by then.


Five years after the poisoning, Diego finally woke up from his coma. However, he was blind and his hair had turned white. He came to hear the tragic news that his lover, Mia Fey, was dead. He concluded that Phoenix could have saved her, and began to hate Phoenix for supposedly letting his loved one die. He quit becoming a lawyer and started becoming a prosecutor. His vision was mostly restored with a visor that allowed him to see nearly everything except the color red. He changed his name to Godot and battled Phoenix in the Mask☆DeMasque and Trés Bien cases, losing in each one.

One day, Morgan called Pearl to the Detention Center, now with more desire in her heart for the Master's position than ever. She told Pearl of the letter she had hidden for her, unaware that Godot had been spying on them, and overheard the conversation.

Godot made it to Kurain Village first and found the letter before Pearl. The contents told Pearl to channel Dahlia after 10:00 PM at Hazakura Temple so Dahlia could find and kill Maya Fey, Mia's sister, and Misty's daughter. Since Dahlia and Iris looked identical, Iris would be framed for the murder and would be sent to prison. Pearl was to burn the letter afterward. Godot took advantage of this opportunity for two reasons: to save Maya's life in repayment to Mia, and to have his revenge against Dahlia Hawthorne. Though Pearl didn't quite understand the letter when she read it herself, she decided to follow the instructions anyway, as it was her mother's "last wish".

Godot decided to contact two women, Iris and Misty. He managed to contact Misty using his job as a prosecutor. He told her about the plan Morgan had intended. This forced Misty to come out of hiding after 17 years and travel to Hazakura Temple as her alter ego, Elise Deauxnim.

When the day finally came, Misty arrived with a katana in her staff and Godot waited secretly in the Inner Temple, where Maya would be training, in case anything should happen to her.

Iris was going to participate, but stayed in her room that night, due to a letter threatening to reveal her "secret". Iris thought her secret of deceiving Phoenix would be revealed to Phoenix himself. The threat was a love letter sent by Laurice Deauxnim/Larry Butz.

After dinner, Maya went with Bikini to the Inner Temple to begin her training. Pearl followed behind with a pot of gravy to check on Maya, whom she was worried about. After 10:00 PM, Misty couldn't find Pearl and feared that the plan was about to come through. Seeing nothing else that could stop Pearl, she channeled Dahlia's spirit before Pearl could.


Without realizing who summoned her, but presuming it was Pearl, Dahlia went to the storage room with her staff, picked up a knife, and wore a hood to protect her identity. She crossed the bridge and ran into Bikini, who mistook her for Iris and told her to look after Maya while she took a hot bath. Dahlia found Maya in front of the stone lantern in the Inner Garden and took action. She hit Maya in the head with the staff, tossed it aside, and pulled out the dagger to finish her off.

Then, Godot came in, and overcome with rage, pulled out the sword from Misty's staff and stabbed Dahlia in the back. Dahlia turned, knocked off Godot's mask, and wounded his face with the dagger. Dahlia wrote Maya's name on the stone lantern with Misty's blood before finally collapsing. The channeling was cut off and Misty died, with Maya recognizing Godot and the situation and collapsing.

Finally coming back to his senses, Godot realized what he had done. He put his visor back on and called Iris to meet him at the bridge. While it was still snowing, Iris took the snowmobile to Dusky Bridge. Godot took the unconscious Maya to the Training Hall and carried Misty's impaled body to the bridge. Unfortunately, lightning struck the bridge, setting it on fire.

Godot came up with a plan to take one of the bridge's severed cables and tie it around Misty's body. He then swung it over to the other side of the bank. The body dropped 10 feet to the ground, bruising it and knocking off the crystal on the staff. Iris took Misty's body to the Hazakura Temple courtyard with the snowmobile, removed the sword from the body, and cleaned the blood off. Bikini saw Iris removing the sword and fainted with a chilling scream. Iris then took the Shichishito from the Ami Fey statue and impaled the body with it. She went to her room, where she was arrested.

Meanwhile, Godot altered the crime scene. He lit up the lantern and shoveled all of the snow he could to get rid of the blood, as the visor didn't allow him to see exactly where Misty's blood had landed. He hid the dagger in the pine tree and waited at the Inner Temple for the police, all without noticing the bloody message of "Maya" on the lantern.

Stuck inside the Inner Temple, Maya wrote a letter asking Mia for help and summoned her. Mia told Maya to lock herself in the Training Hall's Sacred Cavern and summon Dahlia, to protect herself from Dahlia, and also in case Pearl tried to summon her again herself. Maya then locked herself with one of the trick locks and summoned Dahlia, trapping her inside the temple.

Dahlia again hadn't realized who had summoned her, assuming it was Pearl. Pearl, meanwhile, had splashed gravy on Misty Fey's hanging scroll, thanks to misunderstanding the letter that Morgan had given her. She waited for the police to arrive to arrest Iris. Dahlia thought she finally had revenge on everyone she hated, but she was wrong.

Later on, as the trial progressed, Edgeworth brought Iris to the Training Hall to try to open the lock on the Sacred Cavern. However, an earthquake hit the vicinity, and Edgeworth let his guard down for a while. During this time, Iris had broken the lock, and she took the chance to switch places with Dahlia, who locked Iris in with five trick locks.

Dahlia would then stand in court, impersonating Iris to try to implicate Maya for the murder.

Bridge to the Turnabout: EpilogueEdit


As you watch the ending, present Pearl Fey's profile when asked. Phoenix will yell out "Objection!" at one point, and the credits will roll! Congratulations, you just finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations!

Well, this is it, the end of the game, and sadly, the end of the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. However, it is not the end of the Ace Attorney series overall. In the next game of the series, a new hero will step up on the defense's chair, so if you want the next game for a new story and features to the DS exclusive sequel, go right ahead and buy it, however, if you are expecting to see all of the characters you know and love to return, (Edgeworth, Gumshoe, von Karma, the Feys, etc.) maybe you should pass for now. Trust us, you'll regret it if you don't. If you are ever in need of assistance, come to us and you'll finish it faster than you can say "Objection!"

Lastly, if you're watching the credits, if you miss Wendy Oldbag, she came back from vacation realizing Larry Butz isn't here anymore. She goes on about how she loves Miles Edgeworth, etc. If you want to see them again before the 3DS releases, play "Ace Attorney Apollo Justice" and to play Miles in his own game, play "Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth". If you want the next trilogy, "Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright", "Dual Destinies" and "Spirit of Justice" for more new characters, new stories, and new gameplay features.