Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 2-1: Trial

Before the Trial edit

You tell Iris your mission, to punch out anything that Larry may be hiding, but first, you have to hear from your first witness, Bikini.


It's the old Canadian judge from the last episode. He doesn't quite recognize Edgeworth, but after all, he has only seen you once in his court. And the substitute prosecutor? None other than prosecutor prodigy Franziska von Karma, daughter of your feared mentor, Manfred von Karma.

Von Karma will present the Crime Photo, which will be added to the Court Record. She thought she was going to prosecute against Phoenix Wright, but as a rarity, it's Miles Edgeworth vs Franziska von Karma in an exclusive court battle. Expect a lot of whipping from her, just like the last game.

The Judge will call your first witness. As you expected, it is Bikini. The Judge has her explain her action about the night of the crime.

Bikini's Testimony: The Night of the Murder edit

Bikini's Testimony
- The Night of the Murder -

  1. That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner Temple. But...
  2. Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently.
  3. So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura Temple.
  4. There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot soak.
  5. It was after I had finished, just as I was heading back... that's when I saw it!

The Night of the Murder: Cross-Examination edit

Present Iris's Testimony at Bikini's 3rd statement. Bikini's testimony says that Iris went to the Inner Temple, while Iris's says that she stayed in her room. von Karma says Iris was lying, but you say Bikini was the one lying, because she is giving Iris an alibi. Bikini insists that Iris went to the Inner Temple.

  • Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she had been at dinner.

Present Iris's Hood on that statement. Iris gave the hood as a present before 10:00PM, before the bells rang. So, if Bikini did see Iris after dinner, she may not be wearing that hood!

von Karma will now have Bikini say that they have a stockpile of hoods, so there was no contradiction. Not a major one anyways. Bikini will testify further about the night of the crime.

Bikini's Testimony: After My Bath edit

Bikini's Testimony
- After My Bath -

  1. I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to the Inner Temple.
  2. And as I was walking back... I heard a noise from the courtyard. I took a look and...
  3. Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all things!
  4. Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out onto the courtyard.
  5. The stabbing I saw must have occurred after she was pushed out of her window.

After My Bath: Cross-Examination edit

Present Elise's Autopsy Report on the 5th statement. According to the autopsy report, she died BEFORE being pushed out the window, so it is likely that the murderer stabbed Elise to death before pushing her out the window. You ask if traces of blood were found in the room. von Karma says there wasn't. Her explanation? The sword was probably inside Elise's body as she was thrown out the window, so little to no blood could get out, because the sword acted like a bottle cap to the blood.

This once again throws out a contradiction. It looks like you'll hear from Bikini more. She seems reluctant.

Bikini's Testimony: Further Details edit

Bikini's Testimony
- Further Details -

  1. When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place.
  2. Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise.
  3. I've never seen so much blood before...
  4. That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you?
  5. And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise through the back!

Further Details: Cross-Examination edit

Press on the 3rd statement. Bikini say that Iris was meditating when she was arrested, even her folded clothes were covered in blood! Press further, and the nun will admit that she actually saw the sword being pulled out! And that's it! This statement will be added in the testimony.

  • I saw the instant in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, was smoothly drawn out.

Present the Shichishito on that statement. You spot many contradictions on that statement. With the sword's seven branches, it would be hard for someone at Iris's strength to actually plunge in the sword, it also wouldn't come out smoothly. With the sword so big, it would be almost impossible to stop the bleeding. And finally, if the sword was plunged to the hilt, why is the blood only on the tip of the sword? If it was plunged to the hilt, it would've had blood all the way through the sword!

So your conclusion to the mystery? The Shichishito was NOT the murder weapon! von Karma would say that even if that it is true, it doesn't change what Bikini saw. You ask von Karma one question. Where did the real murder weapon gone off to? von Karma will reluctantly say that it wasn't found.

It looks like another mystery is at hand... or is it? Bikini will admit that she may have an idea of what and where the real murder weapon is. Sounds like another testimony.

Bikini's Testimony: Location of the Weapon edit

Bikini's Testimony
- Location of the Weapon -

  1. I saw the murder at around 11 PM...
  2. And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main Gate.
  3. And there... I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile had been used!
  4. It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 using one of those!
  5. Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while I was knocked out?
  6. ...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after all...

Von Karma will show a photograph of the mentioned tracks. The Tracks Photo is added to the Court Record.

Location of the Weapon: Cross-Examination edit

You should thank von Karma, because you should Present the Tracks Photo on the 5th or 6th statement. If you look at the photograph, you will see that they're only one set of tracks. If Iris did drive to the Eagle River and back, there should be 2 sets of tracks. von Karma would now say it was snowing at the time and it stopped when Iris stated to go back. When choosing to agree with her statement, say There is a contradiction. When asked how, Present the Weather Data.

According to the weather data, it stopped snowing at 10:50PM, so if Bikini did witness the crime at 11:00PM, it would already have stopped snowing! von Karma asks for proof, as the data may be inaccurate. Present the Crime Photo. Everything seems to be covered in snow, except for one thing; Elise's body. Dead bodies don't move, obviously, so if the snow hadn't stopped, she should be covered in snow!

You will now conclude that Iris must have used the snowmobile to go to Dusky Bridge, while it is still snowing and came back when it stopped. Bikini however, will see something fishy. The key belonging to the snowmobile was found in Iris's room. When Iris arrived at the Inner Temple, Bikini assumed she took the snowmobile to the Dusky Bridge, but she never saw it there, and when she returned to the Main Gate, the snowmobile was there, covered in snow! If that is true then Iris could not have used it to dispose of the weapon!

Bikini is now done testifying. The court would bring in another witness, but only an idiot would pass Dusky Bridge in the middle of the night. You know who that idiot is. When asked who, Present Larry Butz's Profile. After you lie about his intentions, (telling the truth wouldn't make him a reliable witness) The Judge will call up Larry to the stand and will call a recess. Larry may have evaded you yesterday, but today, in this very courtroom, he'll have no choice but to give in!