Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout/Part 1-2: Investigation

You will take the role as Miles Edgeworth from his point of view. Miles is one of Phoenix's past friend and prosecutor from the last game. You wake from your sleep by a call from Larry, who frantically inaccurately tells you what happened. You decide to return to the country after hearing what happened to Phoenix. It has been one year since "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All" that Miles has been out of the country. Luke Atmey should have already told you (Phoenix) about it back in "The Stolen Turnabout".

Detention Center edit

You run into Larry. You describe to Larry what is going on. You met Phoenix at the hospital. He is expected to recover within the next 2 days. There was a murder at the temple and one of the younger nuns is the suspect. Phoenix has given you the Magatama and his Attorney's Badge (yes, it's what you think) and everything he has collected.

Larry will ask you to defend Iris. But, you are a prosecutor! Larry says a paper badge fooled a court once (from Recipe for Turnabout) but it won't work again.

You talk to Iris. You tell her Phoenix will be fine. You have a slightest feeling you met her before. Talk to Iris:

  • Iris: Iris denies meeting you. She reveals that she doesn't have any spiritual powers and lives at Hazakura temple for her "sins".
  • The night of the crime: She said she was going to ring the bell at 10:00PM, but went to her room instead, because she was "frightened".
  • Frightened?: You ask her why she was frightened. Iris will bring in 2 "Psycholocks". You can't break them now.
  • Any ideas?: Iris thinks this was all caused by "spiritual power". She says she didn't kill Elise.

You ask Iris how she knows Phoenix. She says that 5 years ago, she "deceived" him. She knew that Phoenix had suffered, so she thought he'd never see her again and has avoided him since, until now. You decide to defend Iris, if she tells the whole truth to him the next time they meet. She agrees and you decide to do what you dreamed to be as a child.

Move to the Suspension Bridge.

Suspension Bridge edit

You will, of course, meet Gumshoe. He thought Godot was going to be here before him. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • What happened: He says that the witness is that "bikini lady". You will have to talk to her for the details.
  • Dusky Bridge: Gumshoe says that the reason the bridge burned is that it was struck by lightning.
File:PWAATaT Testimony.png
  • Prosecutor Godot: Gumshoe will tell you that Godot will be taking this case. You say you never heard of him. But wait! Didn't Edgeworth say that Godot was a prodigy? Luke Atmey (from "The Stolen Turnabout" case) was probably lying! Gumshoe isn't quite sure why Godot holds a grudge against Phoenix and how.
  • Lightning: They were sure of the lightning, because of the Weather Data, which is added to the Court Record. Gumshoe says that there was someone who saw the lightning strike the bridge.

Move to the Main Gate. Gumshoe will accompany you,

Main Gate edit

You run into Larry. Talk to him:

  • Iris: As usual, Larry is in love with this "delicate flower". Still you promise him you'll defend her.
  • The night of the murder: You ask Larry where he was on the night of the murder. 3 Psycholocks are shoved at your face.

Present the Attorney's Badge here to complete the first of the 2 steps for getting the I Hate Childhood Friends achievement on the 2019 Steam Trilogy.

Move to the Main Hall.

Main Hall edit

You will meet Bikini here. After Gumshoe introduces you to her, you scold the detective for not telling you that "Bikini" is the nun's name! Talk to her:

  • The night of the crime: At around 9:00PM, everyone departed after dinner, with Bikini having to watch after Maya during the training. She returned at 11:00PM only to see the crime. Why did she return when the crime occurred?
  • What you saw: When Bikini returned, she saw two people, one was lying on the ground, the other stabbing someone in the back. Bikini was sure that the latter was Iris, but she couldn't help but to think it was "unnatural" for her to do such a horrible act.
  • Why return?: Bikini said she had a bad back, so she had to take a hot bath back at the temple to ease it. She told Iris to watch after the disciple while she was gone. Why didn't Iris go to the inner temple like she was asked?
  • The acolyte: Bikini doesn't think Maya is still in the inner temple. She also says that Pearl had been lost since she was with Elise, the victim! Is she gone!?

Present Iris's Profile to Bikini. Bikini insists that she saw Iris at the Inner temple at 10:00PM. This doesn't fit with Iris's claim, as she never went to the temple. You don't see a Psyche-Lock, so what is going on!? The plot does indeed thicken...

Examine what looks like a piece of paper on the upper-left side of the floor under the cushion. It says:

"To Iris of Hazakura Temple:

Salutation here

File:PWAATaT Note to Iris.png

There is something I must talk to you about. I'll be waiting for you tonight at 10 at Heavenly Hall. Make sure you come. Unless you want your "secret" to be exposed..."

Is this a blackmail letter!? The Note to Iris will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Courtyard.

Courtyard edit

File:PWAATaT Shichishitoa.png
File:PWAATaT Victims Staff.png

Here we are at the crime scene. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The victim: According to the Autopsy Report, Elise died between 10:00PM to 11:00PM. The death is caused by blood loss from the stab to the back from a giant sword. It also looks like the body has lots of bruises, as if she fell down from a two-story building. It looks like she fell down from her room after the stabbing. Elise's Autopsy Report will be added to the Court Record.
  • What happened: A brief history of what happened. You probably know all of this stuff.
  • Tomorrow's trial: Godot could have taken the case, but no one could get a hold of him. He probably lost interest after hearing about Phoenix's cold. Gumshoe is concerned about your occupation. You are a prosecutor, but you intend to defend someone. You request a different judge and someone you know as a prosecutor.
  • Inner Temple: Gumshoe will say that the Inner Temple is just a small island on the other side of the Dusky Bridge, so there is no way out of here besides the Dusky Bridge!

Time to investigate the crime scene. Examine the Ami Fey Statue. Gumshoe confirms that it is indeed the murder weapon, and there are fingerprints all over it... Iris' fingerprints! The Shichishito will be added to the Court Record.

Note: If you remember the Ami Fey Statue and Shichishito, it's also spotted at Lord Tailor's basement back in the "Mask☆DeMasque" case.

Now Examine what looks like a staff in the snow. It looks like it was Elise's staff, as the fingerprints show. Note that the crystal on the staff is gone. The Victim's Staff will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Detention Center accessible from the Suspension Bridge, where you will notice that Larry is gone.

Detention Center (2) edit

Talk to Iris about the Inner Temple. Iris insists that she wasn't in the temple, despite what Bikini said.

You know what to do, Present the Magatama:

Iris's Psyche-Locks: I Was Frightened edit

Iris's Psyche-Locks: I Was Frightened
2 Locks

Iris wants you to show what frightened her out of the Inner Temple without following orders into staying at the inner temple. Present the Note to Iris. She was scared of who wrote this.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Iris will now say that the letter was a prank, to reveal her secret to everyone. She would never hide anything from anyone... except for one person. Present Phoenix Wright's Profile. He holds a special place in her heart and of all of the people in the world, she couldn't tell anything about her deep dark secret to the man she has certain feelings about.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

File:PWAATaT Testimony.png

Frightened?: She was scared go to the Inner Temple, because the blackmailer could be hiding at Heavenly Hall, a small shack that is at the end of the small path from Dusky Bridge. Hazakura Temple Map will be updated in the Court Record.

Iris's Testimony will be added to the Court Record.

Inner Temple: There's still a contradiction between Iris's Testimony and Sister Bikini's Testimony about whether Iris really went to the Inner Temple with Maya or not,

Move to Heavenly Hall accessible from Suspension Bridge.

Heavenly Hall edit

You and Detective Gumshoe hear a voice approaching and hide to listen to what's going on. It's just Larry, who seems to be blaming himself for something. Detective Gumshoe blows your cover and you meet Larry once again.

Examine the flags in the background to complete the second of the 2 steps for getting the I Hate Childhood Friends achievement on the 2019 Steam Trilogy.

Talk to Larry:

  • Heavenly Hall: Larry says he discovered the place yesterday.
  • Iris: Larry's only interested in marrying this girl.
  • Night of the Crime: You ask him about the night of the crime again and you get the same result. 3 Psycholocks.

Time to break some "Psycholocks". Present the Magatama:

Larry's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the Crime edit

German Translation of three areas: Hazakura Tempel, Innerer Tempel and Halleidas Himmels is in English Hazakura Temple, Inner Temple and Heavenly Hall.

Larry's Psyche-Locks: The Night of the Crime
3 Locks

Larry will tell you that he was in his room when he saw a flash of white, the next thing he knows, the bridge was on fire. Larry claims that he was in his room at the Main Hall when he saw the flash. You know that's not possible. Present the Hazakura Temple Map. If Larry were at the Temple, it would have been impossible to see the bridge itself!

File:PWAATaT Crime05b.png

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Larry will now like you to show where he was. You examine the Hazakura Temple Map. Present the Heavenly Hall, located just above Dusky Bridge. Recently, Larry told you he had just discovered it after sunset.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Larry will inadvertently tell you that she was waiting for someone. It's quite obvious who. Present Iris's Profile. Larry wants proof. Present the Note to Iris. He knew about Iris's frailness. If he was the one writing the "blackmail" letter, he could have written "Dear Iris" instead of "Salutations here".

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Larry again:

  • The night of the murder: He admits that he was here. He was waiting for Iris here. This "blackmail" letter he sent was actually a love letter. The "secret" Larry is "threatening" to reveal is her "love" for him. Gumshoe will catch something Larry just said. He said he saw something incredible as he slept at heavenly hall.
  • Something incredible: You ask him what he saw that was "incredible" other than lightning. Larry will throw in 5 more Psycholocks! Now you are angry that Larry is lying again!

You don't have the patience to break them all now. You decide to break him by throwing him at the witness stand tomorrow. Let's hope the court can break Larry apart and force him to tell the truth tomorrow.