Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout/Part 4-1: Trial

Before the Trial edit

You find out that Atmey is being tried next door as Mask☆DeMasque. So Ron has been following plans for the heists. Now you need to find out who.

Pearl went back to her hometown to continue her training. With the way the case is going, it's a race against the clock before Atmey gets his verdict.

Godot calls up Ron, to hear his side of what happened when he visited KB Security.

Ron's Testimony: My Visit To KB Security edit

Ron's Testimony
- My Visit To KB Security -

  1. That evening, around 1 AM, I went to see Mr. Bullard in his office at KB Security.
  2. The blackmail letter I got... It ordered me to go there.
  3. I'd been working for KB Security until a year ago, so I knew where his office was.

My Visit To KB Security: Cross-Examination edit

Press on the 2nd statement. Ron states that it was the first blackmail letter to order him to go somewhere. When given the choice choose Press Harder. Ron says it told him to pay $50,000. He never intended to pay however as he knew that Bullard wouldn't do anything bad for him. The Judge has Ron add this to his testimony.

  • The blackmail threat didn't scare me. It wasn't going to cause me trouble or anything.

Ignore this statement for now and Press on statement 3. (not the one we just got introduced to) Godot will imagine that being fired from his job is the perfect motive for murder. Ask Ron, Why he was fired. Ron will answer that question, for money. Desirée really loves to spend money, so he actually stole the data from KB's secrets and sold it. Bullard eventually found out and immediately fired Ron. Whoops, you just asked the suicide question! The Judge has Ron add a new statement.

  • He fired me for selling company secrets... but Dessie doesn't know about that.

Ignore this statement and Present Desirée DeLite's Profile on the new statement 3 🡆 (where he says the blackmail didn't scare him). It looks like his Dessie is the one he is scared of. Godot will say that Ron would do just about anything to keep his secret covered, even when it means killing someone who found out. Shoot, a trap! Godot has Ron explain his actions at the CEO's Office.

Alternatively, if you Press on statement 4, then chose Yes, he would and Present Desirée DeLite's Profile, the same thing will happen, but you'll get more Godot dialogue where he uses another metaphor and calls you his "amigo".

Ron's Testimony: At The CEO's Office edit

Ron's Testimony
- At The CEO's Office -

  1. When I entered the office, there was a suspicious shadow there...
  2. Suddenly, I was hit on the forehead. After that, I remember being a bit dazed.
  3. If I hadn't been wearing that, I would have been killed!
  4. When I came to... Mr. Bullard was lying there... dead!

At The CEO's Office: Cross-Examination edit

Press on the 3rd statement. Ron will explain that "that" was his Mask☆DeMasque costume. Ron was wearing his Mask☆DeMasque costume when he visited the CEO's office! He never told you that! Fortunately, even Godot is surprised. A new statement will be added.

  • I'd have been killed if I hadn't been wearing my Mask☆DeMasque costume!

Press Ron on that statement. Just why did he bring the costume? Ron was blackmailed over the Mask☆DeMasque issue, so he went there dressed up as him. It "took a lot longer" then he thought. Press harder and Ron will say that his cape was caught in the safe when he hid the body. This will prompt Godot to say that Ron hid the body to cover up his murder. The Judge has Ron add his last statement.

  • I panicked and hid the body in the safe. It took about 10 minutes.

Present the Buzzer Record or the CEO Office Buzzer on that statement. The buzzer was pushed around 1:02AM. Godot argues that Kane might have pushed it, but if Ron was the murderer, he would have run off. Godot says Ron didn't know security personnel was here, but Ron already knew, as he worked there. The security didn't come because he wasn't at his station. Godot will now say that Ron didn't notice the buzzer going off, that was because he was unconscious at the time. If all of that is true, then there could be someone else in that room!

Godot will now argue that Kane could have lived for minutes and pushed the button himself. When given the choice if you could prove otherwise, choose I can prove it alright. Present the CEO Office Buzzer. There are no fingerprints on it and if Kane did push the buzzer, he would've left obvious fingerprints. Godot will now say Ron could have pressed it wiped off his fingerprints, but you mention that Ron was dressed up and Mask☆DeMasque always wears gloves, so there would be no reason for him to clean it off.

Godot will ask you one question, if the real murderer was in the room, why would he sound the buzzer? Answer, To call the security guard. There were three people in the room, the victim, who was killed, DeLite, who was unconscious, and the real murderer. The killer thought he could push the buzzer to call up the security, who never came. Why did the killer call for security? Simple, to frame DeLite! Godot now asks who the real killer is. If you say the name, the person will be dragged in here. It's quite obvious, Present Luke Atmey's Profile.

Right now, Atmey is at trial next door. If he was found guilty of the heist at the Lordly Tailor, then he would have an airtight alibi for the murder. That's probably why he confessed to being Mask☆DeMasque yesterday, right after you proved Ron's alibi, so he could be charged with a lesser crime. Godot says the verdict is about to be announced, so you have to stop the trial next door now! The trial has attracted most of the country, so it would be devastating to your client if you interlude the trial without any solid proof that Atmey is the real murderer.

You are hesitant to bring Atmey in at first, but you take your chances after getting spooky encouragement from a familiar face...Mia!

The Judge calls for a recess.

Recess edit

You make it to the courtroom next door just as the verdict is about to be announced. You borrow Atmey for a moment to try him for murder.

If you want more details, Mr Payne, the prosecutor is there and the Canadian judge with the yellow beard is there.