Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 1: Turnabout Memories

We see two men arguing. One man is warning another man about some woman, saying that it would be bad news if he continues to hang out with her. The latter refuses to believe this and eventually snaps. We then see an electric spark. We cut to a man, lying down and not moving. We see the latter's face. "I didn't do it!" pleads Phoenix Wright.

-- 5 years earlier --
Mia Fey
2nd Trial

Case Information edit

File:PWAATaT Case01crime.png
  • Time of Crime: April 9th, 2:45-3:00pm
  • Location: Ivy University, Outside Pharmacology Dept. Building
  • Defendant: Phoenix Wright
  • Victim: Doug Swallow
  • Cause of death: Electrocution
  • Murder weapon: Wiring
  • Defense Attorney: Mia Fey
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Winston Payne

Characters edit

Defense Attorney edit


Mia Fey

A rookie attorney at the time. This is her second case in her career. Even Mia had trouble preparing in her earlier cases.

Defendant edit


Phoenix Wright

A college student at Ivy University at the time of the case. He is the defendant of this case and you have to prove him "not guilty".

Victim edit

File:PW nonda.png

Doug Swallow

Swallow is also a college student. He was killed at the University, supposedly by Phoenix.

Prosecution Lawyer edit

File:PW payne2.png

Winston Payne

Your opponent for this case. Payne is known as the "Rookie Killer". He can sound professional but falls apart real easily. Around the time, he has a full head of hair.

Witness edit


Dahlia Hawthorne

A witness for this case who is also a college student. Dahlia seems sweet and delicate.

Other characters edit

File:PW grossberg2.png

Marvin Grossberg

Mia's mentor who will be teaching you Court Mode in this case.