Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Characters

This article only refers to the main characters.

Phoenix Wright edit


Phoenix Wright is the protagonist of this game. Throughout his career he has kept a near perfect record of wins. He has also made lots of friends. Maya and Pearl call him "Nick". He fights for his clients and would stop at nothing to find the truth.

Mia Fey edit


Maya's older sister, Phoenix's tutor and the secondary protagonist of this game. Though she is deceased, an awesome power her family holds, such as Maya and Pearl, which is to channel spirits, can help her aid Phoenix in bleak moments from beyond the grave. Mia, like Phoenix, is a defense attorney, and her rookie years will be chronicled in this game.

Maya Fey edit


Maya is Phoenix's assistant and a spirit medium in training. Maya is friendly and sweet although sometimes she can be a little over zealous. She likes to push Nick (Phoenix) around and sometimes calls him "helpless" (which is sometimes true).

Pearl Fey edit


Maya's younger cousin, who is prodigy at spirit channeling. She doesn't really know about the world outside her village (not at all it seems like). Pearl is very loyal to "Mystic" Maya, whom she respects very much. Maya and Phoenix refers to her as Pearly and Pearls, respectively.

Godot edit


A rookie prosecutor, who is your main rival for this game. Godot is blind and wears a visor to help him see. He drinks coffee almost constantly and drinks 17 cups every trial day. For some reason he holds a grudge against Phoenix because of Maya's older sister, Mia Fey. Do Godot and Mia have a connection?

Dahlia Hawthorne edit


A college student at Ivy University. Dahlia looks very innocent, delicate, and sweet. Her charms can win over anyone and they once captured Phoenix's heart, making them a couple. (Yes, Phoenix Wright had a girlfriend). That's how Dahlia is described on the outside, but in the inside, that's a different story.

Dick Gumshoe edit


Gumshoe is absent minded and can be short tempered at times. Mostly he is a friendly and helpful character.

Miles Edgeworth edit


Edgeworth is Phoenix’s rival from the first game. Before he battled Phoenix, he is quite a jerk and had a perfect record of wins. Since he was saved from that case 2 years ago, he became a new man and learned what it means to prosecute.

Franziska von Karma edit


Your main rival for the last game. She aims for one thing her family is infamous for: perfection. Von Karma battled Phoenix as revenge for Edgeworth, but lost, ruining her perfect record.

Diego Armando edit


A rookie defense who was murdered 6 years prior to this game. He has a relationship with Mia and calls her "kitten"... and he really loves coffee.

Misty Fey edit


Mother of Maya Fey and current Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. She left her village after an incident of a 17-year-old case you solved 2 years ago. Her whereabouts will be revealed in this game.

The Judge edit


The Judge is never given a name, however he is present for almost all of the trials in this game. He is an old man and often needs things laid out for him in order to understand what is happening in the trial.