Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout/Part 4-2: Trial

Edgeworth confirms the analysis and the result are what you have hoped: The suicide note was indeed a forgery! The handwriting matches those of Corrida instead. Edgeworth will explain that Engarde could not have known that this was a fake. When given the choice, choose Present evidence (For stealing the judge's thunder and a risk of a penalty, choose Back down). There is a way that Engarde knew of the forgery, when asked for proof, Present either the Spy Camera, the Transmitter, or the Stuffed Bear. Remember, Engarde was spying on Corrida the whole time since the suicide, so Engarde could have found out at some point.

You now ask Edgeworth to show proof of Engarde's motive, since the fact that Engarde didn't kill Corrida for the confession destroyed Edgeworth's explanation. Edgeworth, however, is still not giving up, as he is bringing up a new witness to answer the big question: Who was de Killer's client? And the only person to answer that? Shelly de Killer himself! Yes, Edgeworth is calling Shelly de Killer to the stand!

Since de Killer is hiding and the only way to contact him is your transceiver, you bring your transceiver to the stand so de Killer can testify in the proper place. You finally hear Maya's voice, so it has to be him all right. Edgeworth has de Killer testify about his client.

Well if you think the parrot is weird in the last game, the transceiver on the stand can be weirder than you think since the condition is that he wouldn't show his face.

de Killer's Testimony: About My Client

de Killer
de Killer
de Killer's Testimony
- About My Client -

  1. There is something I must first state.
  2. To an assassin, nothing is more important than the trust between a client and himself.
  3. And that is the reason I am here today on this witness stand.
  4. It is my wish that you grasp this concept before I give you the name of my client.

About My Client: Cross-Examination


Press on de Killer's second statement. He mentions that anyone who betrays his trust will be his client no more.

Now press on the third statement. De Killer will hint that this client of his has broken their role as the innocent one and is now implicating someone else for the murder. De Killer doesn't seem happy about this.

Backtrack, and press on the second statement again. He will once again say the same thing, but this time, you remind him that he just said he couldn't forgive a client who broke the rules. De Killer is now ready to announce his clients name. The last statement will be revised.

  • Now then, I do believe it's about time I revealed the name of my client, don't you agree?

Press on that statement. De Killer will now reveal the name of his client:

Adrian Andrews! ...Wait, what?!

Edgeworth is shocked, earlier de Killer told him it was Engarde (which is true), so why did he tell you otherwise? De Killer reveals he wants to help win the acquittal. It looks like a victory is at hand after all.

Edgeworth has failed to prove Engarde's motive and he falsely accused Engarde of being de Killer's client! Just by that, Engarde is not de Killer's client and thus, is not the real killer, he calls up Andrews to the stand.

Everything is now implicating Andrews as the real killer. She pleads otherwise, but you have proven her role, her forgeries, and even her motive, but you know that Andrews isn't de Killer's client. Andrews asks for your help, when given the choice, choose Request the trial continue.

You will now witness Phoenix and Edgeworth working together against the enemy! This is it, the truth awaits!

De Killer will once again be called to the stand and will testify further about his client.

de Killer's Testimony: About My Client, Pt. 2

de Killer
de Killer
de Killer's Testimony
- About My Client, Pt. 2 -

  1. As I have already stated quite a few times, Adrian Andrews is my client. However.
  2. One thing I simply cannot overlook is tampering with the scene of the crime.
  3. My client did it to frame another for the crime.
  4. While pretending to be the first person to discover the body and enter the scene,
  5. Adrian Andrews already knew from the very beginning that Juan Corrida was dead!
  6. But even more appalling is the creation and planting of the "knife" and "button".
  7. That act is what I was referring to when I said my client had "broken the rules."

About My Client, Pt. 2: Cross-Examination


Press on the first, fourth and seventh statements. Nothing important here, but it does give a few laughs.

Present the Wine Glass on the fifth statement. De Killer's so-called client apparently never knew of Corrida's death. The moment Andrews saw his body, she thought he had fainted, so she poured Corrida a Wine Glass of juice only to find out Corrida is dead. Andrews set down the glass from shock, leaving behind fingerprints. If Andrews planned all of this, she would have wiped off the fingerprints.

So how did de Killer know Andrews? De Killer will answer in a new testimony. When did he receive the request?

de Killer's Testimony: Request Taking

de Killer
de Killer
de Killer's Testimony
- Request Taking -

  1. This request came to me... oh, about a week ago.
  2. It was a request for my services on the night of the awards ceremony.
  3. We met at a certain bar to discuss and finalize a few matters.
  4. That is what occurred. I trust my memory, and I believe I have made no mistakes.

Request Taking: Cross-Examination


Press on the third statement. You ask if de Killer physically met Andrews. De Killer, after a brief pause, says yes. Press further. De Killer will say he never took the request by phone or mail. He values his trust between his clients and himself above all else. He can only gain trust when he looks at his clients straight into the eye. When asked if this was important, say, It was not important. De Killer will then say when he talked with Andrews he thought he could trust him. HIM? When asked if this is important, say It was very important. A new statement will be added.

  • From the moment I saw him, I thought, "I can trust this person as a client."

Present Adrian Andrews's Profile on that statement. De Killer never physically met Andrews after all, because one look at Andrews will tell you that the person is a SHE. Edgeworth explains that the name Adrian Andrews sounds very man-like, so de Killer, unaware of the gender, presumed that she was a man!

So how did de Killer know the name Adrian Andrews? Time for one last testimony from the assassin.

de Killer's Testimony: Request Taking, Pt. 2

de Killer
de Killer
de Killer's Testimony
- Request Taking, Pt. 2 -

  1. Yes, now I remember, I took that request by mail.
  2. There have been times when I took a job without having met my client.
  3. The request was for the murder of Juan Corrida and 2 or 3 other small things.
  4. When I saw the name at the end of the letter, I thought my client to be a man.

Request Taking, Pt. 2: Cross-Examination


Press on the third statement. Two or three other things? De Killer says it is unimportant to this case. Press further. De Killer will smell "the stench of a backstabber", as he suspects you are betraying your client. Press further again. De Killer will mention one thing, the figurine. De Killer was told to find it and he found it inside Corrida's suitcase. This will lead us to a new statement.

  • One of these was to find the bear figurine and give it to Adrian Andrews.

Present either the Figurine, or Celeste's Suicide Note on this statement. Recall Andrews' testimony. Andrews said if she had the note, she would burn it, and Andrews knew about the bear and how to solve it. When Andrews had the bear, she would've taken the note out of it and burnt it to shreds, so if de Killer had given the figurine to Andrews, the note wouldn't be in your possession by now, therefore, if de Killer's "client" didn't know how to assemble the puzzle, it would be impossible for Andrews to be his client!

Alternatively, you can press on that new statement about a bear figurine given to Adrian Andrews. Choose There's a contradiction when asked by the judge, follow by Present evidence after talking to Mia. Then Present Figurine or Celeste's Suicide Note.

At this point, de Killer will threaten to kill Maya, since you are betraying your deal with him. You are asked once more if Engarde is innocent or not.

You have now reached the end of the trial, and the evidence Gumshoe found didn't make it. Now you have a choice. Either you declare "not guilty" so you can save Maya's life and convict an innocent person? Or you can say "guilty", to have justice served and fulfill Maya's last wish. When asked about your client's guilt, make your choice and-


Creating a Miracle

Good or Bad Ending
File:PWAAJFA Bad Ending.png

From here on, you are going to go through two different endings, a Good Ending, and a Bad Ending. If you want to see both endings, it is highly recommended that you see the Bad Ending first. Here are the requirements for a Bad Ending. If you are at the part when you are going to present someone something, Present something other than Shelly de Killer's Profile, the Video Tape and also why Engarde wanted to blackmail you, De Killer with the videotape. The Judge will hand down his verdict.

Matt Engarde is found Not Guilty!

If you are playing the HD iOS release or the HD Trilogy on Steam, you will get the Justice Ill Served achievement as a consolation prize.

Spoiler: You run out of the courtroom. Andrews was convicted and Maya is released, but you never saw her again. You think that this so-called "miracle" never happened because it never existed. You never believed in miracles since.

File:PWAAJFA Gumshoe Trenchcoat.png
File:PWAAJFA Pistole.png
File:PWAAJFA Video Tape.png
File:PWAAJFA Bellboys Uniform.png
File:PWAAJFA Button.png

It's Franziska von Karma! Luckily for you, she is just in time to present the evidence you need! She brought them all on a dirty trench coat, it's Gumshoe's all right. Speaking of Gumshoe, don't worry, he is alive and has suffered only minor injuries. She then presents the three evidence:

  • De Killer's pistol: Question for more details. Von Karma reveals that it is the pistol de Killer used to shoot her in the shoulder, so she doesn't make it into court. The ballistics reveal that the bullet was indeed from the pistol. The Pistol will be added to the Court Record.
  • A Video Tape: Question for more details. Von Karma hasn't seen the contents, but de Killer went back to his hideout for it. He seemed desperate. Fortunately, the tape was recovered. The Video Tape will be added to the Court Record.
  • A bellboy's uniform: Question for more details. Von Karma has confirmed that it is the same uniform that de Killer wore at the time of the crime. The Bellboy's Uniform will be added to the Court Record.

The Judge sees the evidence as unimportant, as they don't tell you anything about de Killer's client and decides he doesn't need the evidence.

Now you are facing a problem here. Mia will tell you two ways to solve it:

  1. Make Engarde wish that he is convicted. If Engarde wishes to be declared guilty, then there would be no reason for de Killer to kill Maya.
  2. Convince de Killer to break his contract with Engarde. If he does so, then he would set Maya free.

It may seem impossible, especially since The Judge doesn't want the evidence. Mia will then tell you if The Judge doesn't want them, why not someone else. In other words, turn the situation around which has worked in previous cases before. You object and asked The Judge for one more chance in order to save Maya, save Adrian Andrews and reveal the truth behind the whole murder case.

Save at this point. Specifically when Phoenix's line is "...". At this point, this is where you choose your ending. The spoiler above for bad ending or continue below for a good ending.

When asked which witness you wish to call, Present Shelly de Killer's Profile. Then you are asked what evidence do you want to show to that witness, Present the Video Tape.

Shelly de Killer will be called to the stand one more time. You ask him why he went back to his hideout to recover the tape. De Killer says he was told by his client to protect it at all costs. You ask him if he saw the contents of the tape. De Killer says he hasn't, as he is told not to. You revealed to him that the contents of the videotape are really de Killer's assassinating Corrida with Corrida's scarf.

It seems de Killer's client hid the camera (in a large teddy bear), so someone could catch de Killer on tape. De Killer asks why would someone do such a thing. Answer, that the client wanted blackmail on you. Yesterday, Engarde told you that he trusts absolutely no one and records de Killer do his bidding so he could hold him at bay, even to blackmail him! Edgeworth asks de Killer what would he do if his client has betrayed him. De Killer would end his contract with his client and even wait for the chance to deal with the traitor. De Killer also promises to return your "item" with Maya responding that she's not an item! You feel relieved as it looks like you created a miracle!

Engarde is called to the stand not looking "refreshing like a spring breeze". Instead, looking like he's scared and afraid of the outcome you just made! You are asked one more time if Engarde is guilty or not. If you are playing the HD iOS release, choose Not Guilty to get the Innocent Engarde...? achievement. It doesn't matter whether you choose Guilty or Not Guilty, because as of right now, de Killer will be at his face any second to claim his victim. So even if he is acquitted, Engarde will be facing an unfortunate death. Engarde will eagerly admit his guilt (by scratching his face with his fingernails) and will be convicted.

Andrews will come up one last time. She mentions that when she was called up, she felt hopeless. But, thanks to you and Edgeworth, she felt like she was saved. While she was down at the detention center, she finally saw herself for who she really was. For the first time in her life, Andrews finally feels happy with who she is.

Matt Engarde is found...


What REALLY Happened


It all began two years ago. Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida were fierce rivals when it comes to acting careers. These two had bumped heads since The Nickel Samurai and The Jammin' Ninja (both played by Engarde and Corrida, respectively) began. Their rivalry became more and more fierce and would eventually lead to tragedy due to the death of the lovely manager Celeste Inpax.

Celeste became Engarde's manager and soon became smitten with him, even falling in love. She hung out with Engarde and was very happy to be with him. She thought she had been dating him. One day however, Engarde threw her away. Engarde never actually loved Celeste, in fact, he was only using her like a "toy" and decided he didn't need her anymore. Engarde's reveal crushed Celeste's heart. Celeste quit working at Global Studios and moved on to Worldwide Studios.

There, she became Corrida's manager. Celeste took an instant liking to Corrida and fortunately for her, vice versa. They eventually began a relationship with each other. Celeste was very happy with Corrida, even happier than with Engarde. Celeste and Corrida began dating and grew closer and closer to each other. Eventually, they decided to get married. Celeste and Corrida announced their marriage thinking nothing could tear them apart... until three days later.

Hearing about the marriage, Engarde "confessed" to Corrida about their "relationship". This confession prompted Corrida to call off the marriage and leave Celeste since he wanted nothing to do with anything and anyone who had a history with his fiercest rival, especially since Celeste was Engarde's ex-girlfriend. Celeste was once again crushed and was eventually overwhelmed with misery. She decided not to move on, but to end it all to prevent ever being hurt by Engarde again.

Corrida visited Celeste again and was horrified by what he saw: Celeste has hanged herself, thinking death would be her escape from further mental torment. Corrida noticed that Celeste hadn't left a will or suicide note, so he decided to write one himself consisting of nothing but Engarde's misdeeds. He hid the will, catching the eye of tabloids.

Celeste was a mentor of Adrian Andrews. Andrews was a mentally weak person, and didn't know what to do with herself in life. The person she could look up to was Celeste. Andrews was very dependent on her and usually imitated her attitude. After learning of Celeste's suicide, Andrews was overwhelmed by fear that there was no one to guide her anymore. She decided to follow her mentor's footsteps and follow her to the grave. She attempted suicide, but failed. She attended counseling sessions afterward. She became Engarde's manager, whom, unlike Celeste, she did not love at all. Even Engarde himself noticed Andrews was the only woman not to swoon over him.

Through the two years after Celeste's death, the rivalry moved on and continued to grow. Both Engarde and Corrida had been continually spying on each other and watched each other's every move. Their shows aired at the same time and their pride consumed their lives. They both fought, with Engarde always the victor. Engarde's constant victories annoyed Corrida to the point he would ruin the former's career. That day would come at the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix in the Gatewater Imperial Hotel, two years after Celeste's death with unexpected and tragic consequences.

Corrida made a plan in case he lost. He would make a spare costume of The Nickel Samurai and wear it to a press conference he arranged. Disguised as Engarde, he would "confess" to the public the misdeeds he had done to Celeste, being such a cruel man. Hearing this, the public would despise Engarde, thus ruining his career and his "refreshing like a spring breeze" image.

Unfortunately for Corrida, Engarde was well aware of the plan, thanks to his spy cameras placed in Corrida′s room. The only thing his cameras didn′t catch was Corrida forging the note. To make sure the plan wouldn't take place, Engarde decided that since Corrida was the one attending the press confrence, there was only one way to stop Corrida, and that was to kill him. He wouldn't do it himself, so he hired professional assassin Shelly de Killer to do the job. De Killer accepted the job, thinking Engarde trusted him. He didn't. In fact, Engarde set up a spy camera in one of Corrida's stuffed bears to capture de Killer in action, so he could use the footage to blackmail him.

At the night of the Grand Prix, The Nickel Samurai (Engarde) was named the Hero of Heroes. Since Corrida lost the Grand Prix, he decided to take action. But fate had other plans.

After the show, Engarde had dinner with Andrews and told her he would be sleeping (to cover his tracks) before paying de Killer a huge roll of cash after Andrews left. The payment was spotted by Will Powers, who was looking for Engarde, his student in acting. De Killer, dressed as one of the hotel's bellboys, sneaked into Corrida's hotel room with leather gloves on, bringing a drink with him. Once he set down the plate with tomato juice on top, he grabbed Corrida's scarf, strangling him until he was no more. Corrida struggled as he died, making a mess around him. He then grabbed the figurine with the note in it and walked out of the room empty-handed, again spotted by Powers, and into Engarde's room, but not before leaving his signature card, indicating that he had done his duty.

Andrews looked in Engarde's room and found him asleep. She then went in Corrida's room to see if he was awake and found Corrida slumped on his chair. At first, she thought he was unconscious and poured him the juice de Killer left earlier. She realized that Corrida had died and set the glass down in shock, knocking a vase over and landing it on top of Corrida's guitar case, leaving it wet and shattering the vase.

Andrews immediately knew that this was Engarde's doing and decided to rearrange the scene to make it more obvious. She made a dash back to Engarde's room to pick up the knife he used earlier, and headed back to Corrida's room. There, she stabbed Corrida's dead body with it. The blood washed towards the Jammin' Ninja's button, so Andrews pulled the button to plant in on Engarde's hakama, but not before seeing the card that de Killer left. She put it in her handbag thinking it was nothing special. By the time she was about to head outside, Lotta Hart and Wendy Oldbag were in the hallway. To avoid being seen, she carefully opened up Corrida's guitar case containing the spare Nickel Samurai costume, and put the costume on. She was quite shorter than Corrida, so it was a little hard for her to walk. Andrews went to Engarde's room, being spotted by Lotta Hart's camera and Wendy Oldbag on the way.

When the police arrived, they found the crime scene Andrews arranged. Seeing the obvious clues and not seeing the card Andrews took, the police put Engarde under custody. Hearing the news, de Killer went through drastic measures to get Engarde acquitted. He went through as far as kidnapping a beloved friend of a lawyer (Maya Fey) and hold her ransom for the lawyer (Phoenix Wright) to get a complete acquittal for his client.

Farewell, My Turnabout: Epilogue

File:PWAAJFA Whip.png

As you watch the ending to this game, you are given an opportunity to present something. Present the Whip, yell OBJECTION! to the mic and enjoy the credits.

You are finally finished with the final case of the game but don't worry, there will be more cases and adventures you will face in the future, just in the next game in the series. StrategyWiki will be there for you like a Mia to your Phoenix.

File:PWAAJFA Good Ending.png