Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout/Part 4-1: Trial

You see a nightmare scene, similar to the very first scene of the game.

Before the Trial


At first, you get a call from Engarde. Then Engarde taunts you, followed by a message from Maya, telling you to give your client a guilty verdict before being called by Mia.

Mia, in Pearl's body, tells you Maya hasn't channeled her since yesterday. She tries to comfort you by telling you to stay confident but you're losing your cool over this situation.

You get a call from Gumshoe (in which you mistakenly yell at Engarde), who says that he and the rest of the force are doing whenever they can to find de Killer and rescue Maya. Gumshoe advises you to make the trial as long as possible. Mia tells you that friendship is something that even money can't buy.

Edgeworth will inform The Judge that Corrida was likely killed by de Killer, whose client is likely Engarde. He calls Powers to the stand and has him testify about his visit to Engarde's hotel room.

Powers' Testimony: Visit to Matt's Room

Powers' Testimony
- Visit to Matt's Room -

  1. After the award ceremony, I went by myself to Matt's room.
  2. Matt was standing there in front of his room, still in his Nickel Samurai costume.
  3. He was talking with someone. At first, I thought it was the bellboy.
  4. I watched the two of them for a while, but then I gave up and went back.
  5. I had guests with me that night, and I couldn't make them wait for me.

Mia suspects another trap may be at hand.

Visit to Matt's Room: Cross-Examination


Press on the fourth statement. Powers will say that Engarde gave the bellboy a tip.

Now Press on the third statement. Powers felt something "strange" about the tip-giving incident. He will add what it is in his testimony.

  • Matt gave the bellboy a tip.

Press on that statement. Powers says he was shocked about the amount of money Engarde gave the bellboy. Ask about Engarde's tip. Powers will tell you Engarde gave the bellboy a fat roll of cash! A roll? Isn't that a little too much? The Judge looks suspiciously at you. When given a choice, choose either Raise an objection or Wait and see since there's no penalty here and the game is linear. You need to prolong the trial or someone else might correct it for you.

Why would Engarde pay the bellboy so much cash? Edgeworth informs everyone that the bellboy was Shelly de Killer, the assassin. The payment was probably for the murder. Just then, Powers remembers something, he actually saw de Killer twice! He will testify about the second time he saw de Killer.

Powers' Testimony: The Second Time

Powers' Testimony
- The Second Time -

  1. This time, I was in that hallway because I had to go to the bathroom!
  2. And that's when that bellboy I saw earlier came out of the room!
  3. Of course, when I say "room", I mean Juan Corrida's room!
  4. Now that I think about it, that bellboy did seem kinda out of place!
  5. Yeah! So he had to be the assassin! I'm sure of it!

The Second Time: Cross-Examination


Press on Powers' fourth statement. Powers reveals that the bellboy left empty-handed, which he thinks is strange. When given the option, choose Try to pull a fast one. You will say there is nothing strange. Edgeworth will then state that there is no reason for the bellboy to leave empty-handed. Powers will add a new statement.

  • I thought it was kinda strange for a bellboy to come out of a guest's room empty-handed!

Present the Wine Glass or the Crime Photo on this statement. There is a tray under the tomato juice bottle as seen in the crime photo, so the bellboy was obviously in there before or after the murder occurred, which is probably why he left empty-handed when he left the room. Powers then remembers that the bellboy was wearing leather gloves. Black leather gloves! This makes the bellboy very suspicious. Edgeworth has Powers testify one more time.

Powers' Testimony: Their Second Meeting

Powers' Testimony
- Their Second Meeting -

  1. After leaving Juan's room, the bellboy went and knocked on Matt's door, just like that.
  2. He gave something to the person inside the room.
  3. Then the old guy just left, without even going into the room.
  4. After that, I went to the bathroom and then back to my seat.

Their Second Meeting: Cross-Examination


Press on statement two. Then, Ask about the person inside. After talking, Press the same statement and Ask about this "something". A new statement will be added.

  • If I saw it again, I could say for sure, but I think it was some sort of wooden statue.

A wooden statue? Present the Figurine on this statement. Powers will recognize it as this "something". Edgeworth will tell the court that they found the bear at Engarde's house. If Engarde gave the bellboy, de Killer, the bear, then de Killer may have put it at Engarde's house. Why? Because Engarde was his client of course! Damn it, Edgeworth!

Hearing this, The Judge decides to declare a verdict. No! What about Maya!? You are then given a few choices. First, ask about the person who received the bear. Earlier, Powers said he saw the givers arm, and only that. Just then, he remembers who it was: The Nickel Samurai!

You are back to the question. This time ask about the bear itself. Alternatively, you can choose to talk about the bear and then talk about the person who received the bear. You mention that the bellboy hid the bear at Engarde's mansion, but Engarde was asleep before he was arrested. Edgeworth will counter your claim, reminding everyone that since Engarde and de Killer were working together, it is obvious why de Killer hid it.

Edgeworth stated the truth and the judge once again moves to declare a verdict. When given the option, choose Raise an objection. You mention that although Powers claims to have seen de Killer give the bear to the Nickel Samurai, Powers doesn't know who was inside the costume. When given the chance to present the other suspect, Present Adrian Andrews's Profile. Yesterday, you proved that Andrews wore a spare Nickel Samurai costume when the murder occurred, so it is possible that Powers could have seen Andrews rather than Engarde!

No one believes you. The whole court is turning against you. Edgeworth, however, decides to join in your "game" and decides to call up Andrews to the stand. The Judge will call a recess, so you can rest for awhile. Whew!



Mia has left Pearl. Why? And at this time? Pearl mentions she was pulled away by a stronger force.

Your phone beeps. It's Gumshoe! He says he hasn't got a lead for where de Killer is. Just then Mia returns. She says she saw a circus tent 300 feet away from where Maya is. More specifically, outside of Berry Big Circus (from Turnabout Big Top) with a letterbox, in an old dusty building on the third floor of a small window.

You tell that to Gumshoe, who decides to race there. Pray that they make it.

Andrews is called up to the stand once again and testifies about the bear.

Andrews' Testimony: The Bear Figurine

Andrews' Testimony
- The Bear Figurine -

  1. Actually, this is an elaborate puzzle.
  2. If you know the correct order, it can be taken apart one piece at a time.
  3. At its center is a small cavity, with just enough room to store a small item.
  4. Because of its complexity, if you don't know the order, you can't open the bear.
  5. You really can't tell that it's a small "jewelry box" just by looking at it.

The Bear Figurine: Cross-Examination


Press all of Andrews' statements. It turns out she knew all along about this bear. She and Corrida knew how to solve it. The bear was from Switzerland, so not many people in this country have it.

After pressing all of the statements, the Figurine will be updated to the Court Record. Edgeworth is curious of what exactly is inside of the bear. He has Andrews open it up, and guess what's inside: Celeste Inpax's suicide note! Andrews will reveal that she knew all along from Corrida where he hid the suicide note. When Corrida died, Andrews couldn't find it, because it had already been taken by de Killer.

The Judge reads the contents Celeste wrote on the suicide note. Being used and thrown away by Engarde, proposing a marriage with Corrida only to have it ruined by Engarde, and ending it all in despair.

File:PWAAJFA Note.png

Andrews will explain Engarde's motive. Corrida was going to announce the contents to the public. Engarde had to do something to stop this announcement from ruining his "refreshing like a spring breeze" image. Celeste's Suicide Note will be added to the Court Record.

You now have two deadly weapons in your possession. When asked which one to pursue, select either The Figurine, or Celeste's Suicide Note. There is one tiny thing that contradicts Edgeworth's claims: did Engarde really know about the note or the bear? It may seem that he couldn't have, but Edgeworth proves otherwise. He brings up the spy camera. Hey! Isn't that in your possession? Edgeworth says he found it at Engarde's house. Apparently, Engarde had been spying on Corrida for years, so it's no wonder Engarde found out about the note.

Shoot! It looks like he's destroyed the few claims you have. Do you have anything to counter with? According to Mia, you do. She tells you that Edgeworth has overlooked something. Overlooked what? If you find it, you just may have a chance to raise more doubts and thus prolong the trial. When given the chance, choose Present evidence. Then, Present Celeste's Suicide Note. It looks like it is about how big a jerk Engarde is, but Edgeworth has one more thing to check: the handwriting. Did Celeste really write the note? The note has been in your possession since only moments ago and it has yet to be analyzed.

The court doesn't believe you and calls for Engarde's hanging. The Judge sees no reason to continue today and is planning to extend until tomorrow. What!? Maya can't make it for another day! And just when things couldn't get any worse, you get a call from Gumshoe, who tells you they made it to de Killer's hideout... only to find out de Killer has eluded them again! Does this mean you have to prolong the trial even longer!? Is that even possible!? Gumshoe wants to talk to Edgeworth, so you throw the phone at him. Edgeworth, however, brushes off the call since "court is in session".

Seeing no reason to continue, The Judge adjourns court for today... but just then, "Objection"!

It's Edgeworth! He requests for a thirty-minute recess. By then, the handwriting analysis will be finished. The Judge agrees and calls for a recess. (Close one... maybe too close)

Recess (2)


Gumshoe will tell you that when they got to de Killer's former hiding spot, they discovered three pieces of evidence de Killer left behind. Gumshoe manages to steal the items and is racing towards court! Unfortunately, he crashes, cutting off the call.

Darn it! Gumshoe had the only evidence to save you. Is there another way to bring them? Answer There is a way. Edgeworth wants proof, Present Franziska von Karma's Profile. Von Karma has a tracking device that leads her to Gumshoe. Maybe she can take the evidence before the police do!

Edgeworth is then told the police are finished with the analysis of the suicide note. Edgeworth will call them for the results. What are the results?