Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout/Part 3-2: Investigation

Corrida's Hotel Room


The game continues where you left off. Talk to Pearl:

  • The real killer: Just a brief summary of what you think.
  • The assassin's client: Same as above.
  • Was it Matt?: You recall your conversation with Engarde. You asked Engarde if he killed Corrida, he said no and no Psyche-Locks appeared. This reminds you of something important.
  • Something interesting: You recall what Andrews said during the trial. Corrida was about to reveal Engarde's secret when he was killed. Could Engarde have hired de Killer to keep him silenced?

Move to the Viola Hall.

Viola Hall


You see Oldbag there. Apparently, Edgeworth told her to scan the whole area with a bug-sweeper (Probably to get her off his back?). Also, he said "if you're angry, take it out on the unsophisticated lawyer". Which means you! (Thanks a lot, Edgeworth)! Talk to Oldbag:

  • Bug Sweeper: Oldbag tells you what you already know and suspects Lotta put it there just in case a meeting with Juan and Andrews talk again.
  • Juan and Adrian: Oldbag reminds you of Juan's manager, Celeste. She was supposed to get married, but killed herself three days after the announcement.
  • Celeste's suicide: Celeste announced her marriage with Corrida, who somehow called off the marriage three days later, which led to Celeste's suicide. Why did Corrida call it off?

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept., since visiting the Detention Center will get you nowhere.

Criminal Affairs Department


You talk to the chief. He says they finally have a decisive witness. He also grants you permission to the Detention Center. Move there.

Detention Center


Andrews is now one of the prisoners. You can now talk to two people. When given a choice hear Matt Engarde's first. Talk to Engarde:

  • Matt's secret: You ask about this "secret" Corrida was going to announce at the conference. Engarde says he doesn't know what you are talking about, but 5 Psyche-Locks tell you otherwise. Yes, FIVE!
  • Juan and Adrian: Engarde just shoves you off instead of answering directly. Does he know anything about Corrida and Celeste's suicide note?

Move somewhere and back. Ideally, you can talk to Will Powers in the Criminal Department to save time (check below). Then move back and choose Adrian Andrews. Talk to Andrews:

  • Matt Engarde: Andrews says something about the real Engarde, but stops before she could go any further.
  • Celeste Inpax: Andrews reveals to you that the reason she wanted the suicide note was to burn it.
  • Why frame him?: You ask Andrews why she would she frame Engarde. Andrews tells you she wanted "revenge". For what? 1 Psyche-Lock appears before she could say anything.

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department (2)


You will see the decisive witness: Will Powers. Talk to Powers:

  • Tomorrow's testimony: Powers is not allowed to tell you anything.
  • Matt Engarde: Powers will tell you that Engarde is kind of a playboy. He messes with women's feelings, except for Andrews, the only woman in the world who doesn't "swoon" over him.
  • Gossip: Powers will tell you he has heard about Celeste's wedding and suicide.
  • Suicide Note: Powers doesn't know where the note is. There is no solid proof that Celeste wrote it. Before dying, Celeste told her friends the wedding was called off because she was caught by that "insidious man". Who? Corrida? Could this be the reason he hid the note?

You then get a call from Gumshoe, who says there's been a bad development! He says he will meet you at your office. What's wrong? Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Gumshoe will tell you the one who brought the bear and the camera: Matt Engarde. Ugh! Talk to Gumshoe:

File:PWAAJFA Credit Card Receipt.png
  • Stuffed bear: He learned Engarde's name from the store clerk. A credit card receipt confirms it. The Credit Card Receipt will be added to the Court Record. And the cost of the Stuffed bear? $3,800!
  • Spy Camera: As Edgeworth predicted, the camera was a dead end. The Spy Camera, Transmitter, and Stuffed bear will be added to the Court Record.

So Engarde brought the bear and the camera and recorded it in Corrida's room? Why? Could this get any worse? Move to the Detention Center.

Note: If you've already talked to Will Powers back at the Criminal Department and just moved here from the Detention Center after talking with Engarde and Andrews, you will get a call from Gumshoe on the phone, but you beat him to your office. So who's faster? You and Gumshoe turn off their cell phones before continuing above about the topics being discussed in your office.

Detention Center (2)


You meet Engarde again. Present Maya's Magatama:

Engarde's Psyche-Lock: Matt's Secret

Engarde's Psyche-Locks: Matt's Secret
5 Locks

Engarde insists he doesn't know anything about Corrida or his plan. You know he is lying. Present either the Spy Camera or the Transmitter. He was hiding the camera to spy on Corrida. Engarde wants to know where he hid it. Present the Stuffed Bear. (You can also present the Stuffed Bear first and then the Camera or Transmitter.)

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

When given the option to choose who gave the bear to Corrida, Present Matt Engarde's Profile. Engarde wants proof. Present the Credit Card Receipt.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You now ask why would Engarde hide the spy camera in Corrida's room. Present Adrian Andrews's Profile or the Magazine Clipping. (You can also present the Picture Card after the Credit Card Receipt and skip this step) He might have been trying to catch Andrews and Juan in one of their meetings... but by now, it's obvious what he really was trying to record. Present the Picture Card. The murderer was Shelly de Killer. Engarde wants to know why he would know de Killer. When given the option, choose you're his client. Is there any other way he would know? He probably knew about de Killer and predicted the murder, so he must have set the camera up to spy on de Killer.

Hearing this Engarde will consult "himself" and will tell you "It's time for you to meet him now, Mr. Lawyer dude."

3 Psyche-Locks Broken

Unlock Successful

Engarde will now reveal his true self, pulling back his hair to reveal scars on his eye and holding a large snifter full of what appears to be brandy (Where did that come from?). Talk to Engarde:

  • Matt's secret: Engarde will reveal why he set up the camera at Corrida's room: He doesn't trust de Killer. With this tape, he could keep him at bay and even blackmail him if he wants.
  • Motive for murder: His motive is what you have been expecting: Corrida was about to ruin Engarde's career. Engarde used his pretend self to fool all people, Andrews, de Killer, and now you!

Well, it looks like your worst fears are now realized. Engarde used de Killer to kill Corrida, thus making him the guilty party. Engarde reminds you proving so would have the kidnapper end your beloved friend's life. So all of this was set up by Engarde!? Unforgivable!

Engarde leaves and Edgeworth arrives. Hearing every word he drags you to the Criminal Affairs Department.

Criminal Affairs Department (3)


Edgeworth tells you that until a year ago, he didn't understand what being a "prosecutor" was all about. He feels you should do the same thing. Talk to Edgeworth:

  • Matt Engarde: Your job is to fight for your client and get them the not guilty verdict. But for Engarde's case maybe giving him the "not guilty" verdict wouldn't be like a lawyer at all.
  • Maya's situation: Edgeworth tells you can't run away: you can only fight.
  • Why fight? You explain to Edgeworth that you can't fight for a false verdict. Edgeworth will tell you he didn't leave the prosecutor's office just because you ruined his perfect winning record, that is because you sealed his path of the winning record. He realizes his mistakes and concludes things such as a perfection are meaningless. As to why he has returned, Edgeworth says it is for you to figure out.

After talking, your transceiver beeps, it is the kidnapper. He says he kidnapped Maya for Engarde as a form of "aftercare". His name carries a certain amount of honor and dignity. He reveals his name: Shelly de Killer! The one who killed Corrida! He is doing this for Engarde to ensure his acquittal.

As the conversation ends, you hear a cat meow. A cat? Could that be Shoe? Then that means...

Quick! Move to the Living Room, which is accessible from the Hotel Lobby.

Engarde's Living Room (2)

File:PWAAJFA Figurine.png

Examine the bear in front of the door on the right with the small door for the cat Shoe. It looks like it has cuts and slits all over. Look familiar? The Figurine will be added to the Court Record.

You decide to break into the next room.

Private Lounge


Does this room look familiar? You find an antenna here. It looks like the room Maya was in. Edgeworth checks the VCR, but the tape deck is empty.

Move to the Wine Cellar.

Wine Cellar

File:PWAA Justice for All Celeste photo.png

No one here either. Damn! It looks like de Killer got away with Maya.

Examine what looks like a picture frame. You'll find it at the bottom of the stairs (where Maya found the card before). It has the picture of Celeste, complete with the message "With love - Celeste". With love? Celeste's Photo will be added to the Court Record.

Pearl then spots a message. It's from Maya! It tells you to get the "Guilty" verdict or she'll never forgive you.

You automatically return to the Detention Center. You have one more thing to do before you are finished.

Detention Center (3)


Present Maya's Magatama:

Andrews's Psyche-Lock: Why Frame Him?

Andrews's Psyche-Lock: Why Frame Him?
1 Lock

Andrews' insists she framed Engarde because he obviously did it, but you know it's for something else. When asked what, Present either the Suicide Report, or Celeste Inpax's Profile. Andrews asks what does Celeste have to do with Engarde. Present Celeste's Photo. Celeste looks quite younger than when she died. The message "With love - Celeste" was written in her own handwriting. You found this in the house of Engarde.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

That was it, your last Psyche-Lock challenge of the game.

Talk to Andrews:

  • Why frame him?: Adrian will reveal to you that Engarde and Celeste were "lovers". As shown in her photo. It turned out Engarde never loved her, in fact, he was just using her. Hearing this, Celeste moved to Worldwide Studios, where she met Corrida, who called off a wedding Celeste proposed to... After hearing the news, Celeste lost all hope and committed suicide. Andrews always looked up to her, which is why she framed Engarde, revenge.
  • Revenge: The reason Corrida called off the wedding is that of this "confession" Engarde made to him about his "relationship" to Celeste. Corrida was blinded by his own pride, so he didn't want to marry an ex-girlfriend of his arch rival. Andrews believes Celeste wrote the suicide note for Engarde's misdeeds. Andrews suspects Corrida hid the note as a fierce weapon to rid of Engarde and his career. Andrews was always prepared to burn the note, she even brought a lighter when she investigated Corrida's dead body. She couldn't find the note and that's when revenge crossed her mind.

After talking the day ends, marking the end of your last investigation adventure of this game.

Right now you are facing a huge dilemma. You know your client, Engarde, is guilty of the murder and you want him convicted, but if he is, de Killer will silence Maya forever unless you get a guilty man acquitted. Will you get Engarde get the verdict he deserves (guilty) and convince de Killer to set Maya free alive and unharmed at the same time? Only a miracle could help you somewhere.