Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout/Part 3-1: Investigation

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Mia has left Pearl's body. Now you need to investigate what really happened and find out about the card. As for Maya, don't worry about her. Though Engarde wasn't acquitted for one day, neither he was convicted. Just by that, the kidnapper will let Maya live for one more day. That's good news. Gumshoe will then pay a visit. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • The future: Well, Gumshoe is fired, so he will say that he will work here because of Pearl's encouragement.
  • Edgeworth: Gumshoe says he had never seen Edgeworth act so cruel, not caring if Andrews commits suicide. Speaking of Andrews, though her last testimony sounds truthful, but you still wonder that it is not right. You then remember von Karma. She was shot, so how is she doing?
  • Franziska von Karma: Gumshoe will tell you von Karma is being treated at the Hotti Clinic (not there again).

After talking, Move to the Hotti Clinic.

Hotti Clinic


You see Director Hotti, then Edgeworth, and finally, von Karma. Talk to von Karma:

  • The shooting: Von Karma says she was shot on her way to the courtroom. She wanted to lead the court anyways, but Edgeworth dragged her to the clinic. Edgeworth did so because of a "deal" von Karma brought up.
  • The deal: Von Karma looks like she is denying making a deal with Andrews.

You tell von Karma she and Andrews made a deal, just by that, Andrews almost got herself convicted. Von Karma leaves, leaving you, Pearl, and Edgeworth alone. Talk to Edgeworth:

File:PWAAJFA Picture Card.png
  • Today's trial: Edgeworth seemed very cruel to Andrews. Edgeworth says he is used to putting his life on the line.
  • Adrian's card: The card Andrews was holding belongs to an assassin named "Shelly de Killer". The Picture Card will be added to the Court Record.
  • Assassin: Edgeworth tells you the story of de Killer and his family. When de Killer claims a victim, he usually leaves a card similar to the one you are holding. The card lets police know that he is the killer. So if Andrews found the card near Corrida's body, then de Killer must be the real murderer. De killer is quite honorable, so he does his job if he knows his clients trust him.
  • Maya's situation: You finally tell Edgeworth about the kidnapping.
File:PWAAJFA Letter of Introduction.png

Edgeworth reveals to you something rather ugly, Shelly de Killer killed Corrida, and his client is none other than YOUR client, Matt Engarde! That can't be true! You didn't see a Psyche-Lock around him. Maybe you didn't ask the proper question?

The police have authority to the Hotel, so Edgeworth gives you the Letter of Introduction, which will be added to the Court Record.

We now leave Phoenix and once again walk in Maya's shoes (or maybe flip-flops).

We start off where we last left Maya. She found the card on the ground and wonders if she could use it to open the door, it does. Move to ????



Another mystery room. It looks like it's full of electronics. Take a look around. Examine the following items (from left to right):

  • The antenna - What's it doing here? You find a VCR.
  • Picture frame - There is a picture of a pretty woman. On the back, it says "With love - Celeste" Celeste? Sound familiar?
  • The door - It's locked, and it doesn't look like the card helps. There is a hole, but not big enough for Maya to crawl through.
  • The sofa - There is a teddy bear on it, and it looks like it's ripped all over.

Just then, the kidnapper himself appears...

Hotti Clinic (2)


We return to Phoenix's POV. Pearl tells you that Edgeworth has left. You have no choice but to believe in Matt. But can you really trust him?

You can Examine this place again as Doctor Hotti steps in once more, interfering with your inner monologue.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

File:PWAAJFA Note.png

You won't see Engarde there, but one of the jailers gives you a note saying Engarde has something very important to tell you. Engarde himself appears and asks you a favor: to feed his cat at his house near the Gatewater Hotel. Engarde gives you Matt's Note which will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Engarde's Living Room, accessible from the Lobby. You will see Oldbag along the way, ignore her for now. Alternatively, you can give Oldbag the letter so you can have early access to this place except for Engarde's room. It's optional to do it now or later.

Engarde's Living Room

File:PWAAJFA Shoe.png

You see Shoe, Engarde's cat. You then meet a rather familiar looking man, who claims to be Engarde's butler. He introduces himself as John Doe. Talk to Doe about all of the available options. Nothing important will come out since Doe seems evasive about his answers and at the end, he leaves a chilling statement. Matt's Note will be removed from the Court Record.

Move to the Hotel Lobby.

Hotel Lobby


Present the Letter of Introduction to Oldbag. She will let you pass. The Letter of Introduction will be removed from the Court Record. You now have access to every room except Engarde's room.

Move to the Hallway.



You will see Lotta there. Talk to Lotta:

  • Night of the murder: Lotta will admit that she wasn't wandering around the hallway the whole time, neither was Oldbag.
  • Scandal: Lotta will admit what she had written on her tabloid was just her opinion so even she thinks it's meaningless.
  • Camera: Lotta tried hard to get Edgeworth to give back her camera, but he refused since it's important evidence.

Lotta will leave after talking. Move to Corrida's Hotel Room.

Corrida's Hotel Room

File:PWAAJFA Bear Watch.png

Oh geez! Oldbag is still mourning Corrida's death in here. Talk to Oldbag:

  • Night of the murder: Oldbag seems to be blaming Lotta for her mishaps for today's trial. (Can you blame her?)
  • Memories with Corrida: Oldbag says that Corrida would be a very huge star if it weren't for Engarde. He even had a mountain of presents. All of which are bears.
  • Presents: According to his autobiography, Corrida once fought a bear bare-handed, though he let the bear win, since then, fans everywhere had been giving him bears.

Just then, you get a call from the kidnapper, who just heard that you weren't able to get the acquittal in one day. You plead with him to give you one more day. The kidnapper, to your relief, takes your plea. You want to hear Maya again, but suddenly, the transceiver breaks down and the reception goes dead, what happened?

You should talk to Gumshoe about this. Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)


Present the Radio Transceiver to Gumshoe. You try to show him the transceiver broke down, but it is suddenly fixed. What? Gumshoe suspects it is "electromagnetic interference".

  • Electromagnetic interference: Gumshoe explains that it is when a radio wave gets mixed up with a stronger signal. Gumshoe concludes that something in Corrida's room must be causing the radio to lose its reception. He goes to Corrida's room to offer you help with a "bug sweeper".

Return (Move) to Corrida's Hotel Room.

Corrida's Hotel Room (2)

File:PWAAJFA Bug Sweeper.png

Gumshoe arrives with the Bug Sweeper. He couldn't get one from the precinct, of course, so he got one he made in elementary. (Well it's better than nothing) Just follow the instructions and you'll get back to business. It's almost like the first game, in which you use the metal detector to find not only "Gourdy" but also a bullet on Manfred von Karma, in a very special case.

Pan left, and Check the eye of the largest bear of the bunch. (You can't miss it) It looks like there is a camera, a transmitter, and a timer! Well, Gumshoe "ripped" the largest bear in front of Pearls! Don't do this as it will make even a little kid cry!

Talk to Gumshoe:

File:PWAAJFA Spy Camera.png
  • Camera: It looks like a spy camera. There's no videotape in it and it looks like the radio waves sent earlier seems to be a recorder. The Spy Camera will be added to the Court Record.
File:PWAAJFA Transmitter.png
  • Transmitter: Gumshoe explains that the transmitter sends videos to specific destinations, much like a recorder. The timer attached to it is set one hour from 8 PM. 8 PM? Sounds like when the ceremony ended. Furthermore, the bear was there before the night of the murder! So that means the crime itself was caught on tape! The Transmitter will be added to the Court Record.
File:PWAAJFA Stuffed Bear.png
  • Stuffed bear: Someone must have put this bear in Corrida's room as a present. It's impossible to tell who, unfortunately. The Stuffed Bear will be added to the Court Record.

Gumshoe decides to use the Camera and the Transmitter to find out who brought these. They will be removed from the Court Record. Gumshoe will leave the room.

And then Edgeworth enters the room. Apparently, he just heard everything in this room. He informs you that he had sent a search party to find Maya. He also reveals that the stuffed bear was actually an expense made from overseas. It is hand-made, so it is rarely exported. It would take time to find out who bought it, so he takes the Stuffed Bear which will be removed from the Court Record.

Before leaving, Edgeworth asks you a question: "Who was the person that murdered Juan Corrida?" He advises you to find the truth to this mystery.

Can you manage to find the truth by tomorrow?