Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 4: Farewell, My Turnabout/Part 1-2: Investigation

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Talk to Pearl if you want. Otherwise, Move to the Hotel Lobby. Also, you can move to the Detention Center to talk to Engarde. But the conversation is mostly the same as yesterday or "Part 1" of the investigation (check the previous page on the last part about taking Engarde's case).

Hotel Lobby


You will see Oldbag there. Talk to Oldbag:

  • The victim: Oldbag looks smitten with Corrida and seems to have an issue with Lotta. She will also tell you about getting over her last case with you.
  • What happened: Oldbag claims she saw the most important moment that night.
  • What you witnessed: You ask her what she saw, but 4 Psyche-Locks appear around her.  

Move to the Hallway.


File:PWAA Justice for All camera bag.png

You see Lotta there looking rather annoyed, as she says she lost her camera. Talk to Lotta:

  • Camera: Lotta says she bought the $1,600 camera for $700. She says she lost it on the night of the murder. She doesn't really remember what she took pictures of. Lotta's Camera will be added to the Court Record.
  • What happened: Lotta says she was hanging around near Engarde's door on the night of the murder. She wants to capture that "big scoop". What exactly is that "big scoop"?
  • Big scoop: When you ask her what, 2 Psyche-Locks are placed. Another one?

You can now Move to Engarde's Hotel Room.

Engarde's Hotel Room


You meet a young woman, who (almost) correctly states your purpose. She introduces herself as Adrian Andrews, Engarde's Manager. Talk to Andrews.

  • Night of the murder: Andrews says she had dinner with Engarde before the ceremony. She went to Viola Hall to watch the ceremony, then went to the Lobby to help prepare for the post-ceremony show. She called Engarde for the show, and found Corrida's dead body afterward. You note that she seems oddly calm for someone who recently discovered a corpse.
  • Relation to Engarde: Andrews restates that she is Engarde's manager. She also reveals that Corrida did not have a manager, due to the policy of the studio he worked at.

Present Juan Corrida's Profile to Andrews. Andrews blames Engarde and Corrida's rivalry for the murder. Does she know anything about it?

  • Motive for murder: You ask her what she knows, but 4 Psyche-Locks slam in your face!

Move to Corrida's Hotel Room, accessible from the Hallway.

Corrida's Hotel Room

File:PWAAJFA Guitar Case.png
File:PWAAJFA Wine Glass.png
File:PWAA Justice for All Corrida autograph.png

Here it is, the crime scene. You see Gumshoe here, of course. He will help you whenever he can due to yesterday's kidnapping. He gives you the Hotel Map, which will be added to the Court Record. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Cause of death: Gumshoe doesn't have the autopsy report, but he does have the photo of the crime scene. It is the picture of Corrida's dead body on his own chair. It looks like a stab wound in the chest is the cause. Gumshoe says there are fingerprints on the knife that was found, and research shows they are Engarde's. This is bad. The Crime Photo will be added to the Court Record.
  • Reason for arrest: Gumshoe says a button was found on Engarde. They found out that the button belonged to the Jammin' Ninja Costume. It looked like he had a struggle as everything shows. Gumshoe also says there is even a witness. Unfortunately, it's Oldbag.

Gumshoe then mentions that something is a little off. Pan right, and Examine the open guitar case. It looks like there's nothing in it, but you see that it's wet on the top of the lid... and nothing else. The Guitar Case will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Examine the wine-glass on top of the dressing table on the right. It looks like it has tomato juice in it, and it looks intact... yet everything else is scattered. Weird. The Wine Glass will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Wine Glass to Gumshoe. Gumshoe says Franziska von Karma noticed it first. Speaking of von Karma, she herself appears in the room. She takes Gumshoe away (after some physically humorous moments). She leaves behind a piece of paper.

Examine the paper on the coffee table. It looks like an autograph for a certain "Wendy". Sound familiar? The Autograph will be added to the Court Record.

Examine the teddy bears (not required). Pearl is shocked to see bears in all shapes and sizes. This includes a "flashback" to the last case "Turnabout Big Top" with Moe's earlier phrase. True, the clown has given you something to remember by. Hopefully, you won't get nightmares over a clown.

After you are done with both Engarde and Corria's rooms, Move to the Viola Hall.

Viola Hall

File:PWAAJFA Newspaper Clipping.png

You will run into Powers. You can Talk to Powers if you want for some comedic conversations, but you won't learn anything to help your case.

It's about The Nickel Samurai and the Jammin' Ninja but with Pearls, having a hard time deciding which kids show she's going to watch. Poor Pearls.

Present Adrian Andrews' Profile to Powers. Powers says he may know Andrews. He also likes to share a little secret that involves her. Talk to Powers.

  • The gossip on Adrian: Powers will present you a newspaper clipping, that reveals that Andrews, referred as Ms. A.A., once had a relationship with Corrida. The Magazine Clipping will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Hotel Lobby.

Hotel Lobby (2)


Present Maya's Magatama to Oldbag:

Oldbag's Psyche-Lock: What You Witnessed

Oldbag's Psyche-Locks: The Victim
4 Locks

When given the chance, Present the Autograph... and that's it. You give the Autograph to her and is also taken off the Court Record.

4 Psyche-Locks Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Oldbag:

  • What you witnessed: Unfortunately, Oldbag tells you that she saw Engarde coming out of Corrida's room on her way to the toilets, ten minutes before the discovery of the crime. She says she will be the witness of the stand (not again).
  • Engarde's past: Oldbag will say Engarde created a scandal that plagued Corrida, the scandal that revolves around Andrews. She thinks Engarde did it on purpose to drag Corrida's reputation through the mud. Oldbag, of course, learned this from the tabloids.

Move to the Hallway.

Hallway (2)


Present Maya's Magatama to Lotta:

Lotta's Psyche-Lock: Big Scoop

Lotta's Psyche-Locks: Big Scoop
2 Locks

Lotta wants you to show why she was hanging around Corrida's room. You think she is looking for some sort of scandal. When asked for proof, Present Adrian Andrews' Profile. Remember Ms. A.A. from the tabloids?

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Lotta wants proof that Corrida met Andrews. Present the Magazine Clipping.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Lotta:

  • Big scoop: She says she had already written an article about the scandal. However, it was in her Camera case when the camera got stolen. Lotta's Camera will be updated to the Court Record.

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept. accessible from the Hotel Lobby.

Criminal Affairs Department


You will see Gumshoe there. Talk to Gumshoe about all topics. Nothing worth hearing as you should already know this by now.

  • Airtight evidence: In short, the photo with Juan has a button missing from his chest. Also, the knife has Engarde's fingerprints on it.
  • Airtight testimony: Oldbag saw Mr. Engarde came out around the time of the victim's death.

Present the Magazine Clipping to Gumshoe. He says the case is related to a woman who committed suicide two years ago. Her name was Celeste Inpax. She was once Corrida's manager and Andrews' mentor.

  • Celeste Inpax: Gumshoe isn't sure if there is a connection between Celeste's suicide and the murder.

Suddenly, von Karma arrives sacking Gumshoe for aiding Phoenix for all of this time. Just then, an all too familiar face appears.

Miles Edgeworth!

Edgeworth scolds von Karma for being so enraged about her lost perfect record. Gumshoe will be safe from von Karma's clutches... for now. You can Talk to Edgeworth.

  • Tomorrow's trial: Edgeworth claims to have something you lack, the truth. He says he will help you win this case.
  • "Proof of von Karma's blood": You suspect the reason Edgeworth left is because of you. When Edgeworth lost, his perfect record that runs on the von Karma blood was destroyed. Edgeworth asks you why are you still here.
  • Why stand in court? You explain to Edgeworth that you believe in your clients and would not give up until you get the verdict you want. Edgeworth says you still have a lot to learn.

Present Celeste Inpax's Profile to Edgeworth. He says Celeste was Andrews' mentor and Corrida's manager before she committed suicide. Edgeworth says Celeste left a suicide note before she died, but it went missing.

File:PWAAJFA Suicide Report.png
  • Missing suicide note: There is no solid evidence that Celeste wrote a suicide note, but they found ink on her right hand. They suspect Corrida hid the note, since he was the one who discovered her body. Edgeworth gives you the first part of the police report on her suicide. The Suicide Report will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Suicide Report to Edgeworth. The second part of the report is an attempted suicide made by Adrian Andrews. The attempted suicide note said something about Andrews' "co-dependency".

File:PWAAJFA Suicide Report.png
  • "co-dependency": A few days after Celeste's suicide, Andrews attempted to do the same thing. Apparently, Andrews had a high dependence for Celeste. After the suicide, the world "turned pitched-dark" around her. Andrews lost her will to live, because without Celeste, there would be no one to guide her and now she doesn't know what to do. The Attempted Suicide Report will be added to the Court Record.

Note: On the 3DS/Steam Trilogy version, "co-dependency" has been replaced with "Dependant nature"

Showing Celeste Inpax to Matt Engarde: Once you acquire her picture profile, you can go to the Detention Center. Matt thinks you're invading his privacy and decides to go out to lunch. You won't be able to chat with him at this point. Finish the court case first if you want to talk to him again.

Move to Engarde's Hotel Room.

Engarde's Hotel Room (2)

File:PWAA Justice for All radio transmitter.png

Inside you find that von Karma and Andrews just finished talking. Von Karma shows you how she knew where Gumshoe is: With a Transmitter. Von Karma leaves the room. Just what were the two talking about? Oh well, Present Matt Engarde's Profile to Andrews; She talks of asking to be his manager, and you're able to question her about Engarde's Motive for Murder. She grows defensive and quickly shuts down the conversation. Present Maya's Magatama to Andrews.

Andrews's Psyche-Lock: Motive for Murder

Andrews's Psyche-Locks: Motive for Murder
4 Locks

Andrews claims she never got near Corrida. You know she is lying. Present the Magazine Clipping. Andrews doesn't believe you as she says the publishers were liars. She asks why she would go near Corrida. She was probably meeting Corrida for someone special. Present Celeste Inpax's Profile, since she was Andrews' mentor.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Before the suicide, Celeste wrote a suicide note, and Andrews met Corrida to find out more about the note. Andrews denies the importance of the note. Present the Suicide Report. When the suicide note was lost, Andrews talked with Corrida since the police suspect that he hid it.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Andrews admits her meeting with Corrida, but denies being important to the case. Present the Attempted Suicide Report. Andrews looks like a very strong woman. However, deep down, she is very weak and always looked for someone for help. Andrews always looked up to Celeste, and when Celeste died, it all fell apart.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You don't have to do anything here, you just tell Andrews that when Celeste's suicide note went missing, Andrews would do anything to get the note from Corrida... even attempt murder!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Andrews:

  • Motive for murder: Andrews finally admits her insecurities. She was scarred by the death of her mentor and would go to great lengths to find the note and the truth. However, she says she would never kill anyone to get to the note.

You promise not to tell her insecurity to anyone else. Pearl then notices Andrews playing with a card in her hand. Andrews says she found it in her purse after the crime. It looks like there is a picture of a shell on it.

Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)


You now know Andrews' motive for killing Corrida, so she looks like a suspect. You suddenly get a call from De Killer. He says Maya is safe and promises not to go near her (even to feed her). Just then Mia comes in from Pearl's body. Talk to Mia:

  • Maya's situation: Mia says Maya is safe...for now. She read a note Maya wrote and promises to find out anything about the place she can. Clever!
  • The kidnapper: Unfortunately, Mia couldn't find the identity of the kidnapper, especially since Maya never saw his face.

Speaking of Maya, let's see how she is doing.

As Maya, Examine a card lying on the ground. It looks like the same card you saw Andrews play with earlier.

Examine the door. Maya decides to try to unlock the door with the card. Will she escape?

The day now ends with a cliffhanger. Will you manage to get the not guilty verdict tomorrow? Pray that you would, for Maya's safety.