Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 3: Turnabout Big Top/Part 4-2: Trial

You, Maya and Max, were talking about the outcome of the court drama when Gumshoe interrupts your conversation. Gumshoe secretly brings you back the Scarf, which will be added to the Court Record. Now you have more ammo.

File:PW bloodyscarf.png

He also says this is going "according to plan". Most importantly, Gumshoe tells you from the prosecutor "Judgment comes at the very last instant." As a present, Gumshoe delivered milk for Max to drink. Who's the prosecutor that delivered that message?

If you see the scarf's description, you'll see it has pepper all over it. This is what you need for this case. You'll see why.

Trial continues


Von Karma has Acro testify about his relationship to the Ringmaster.

Acro's Testimony: About the Ringmaster

Acro's Testimony
- About the Ringmaster -

  1. When we were little, we were abandoned by our parents.
  2. That's when the Ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus, Russell Berry, took us in.
  3. I became an acrobat at around nine years old.
  4. I wanted to find a way to repay the Ringmaster. That was my sole purpose in life...

There is nothing you can object to here, in fact, there is absolutely no need for a cross-examination at all. When asked to continue, answer No need to question him now. However, you can also choose Of course I'll cross-examine, but in this case, you just need to press every statement until the judge calls an end to the cross-examination. The Judge will then ask you to prove Acro's motive. Say I can't provide one. If Acro killed the Ringmaster without a motive, he could be aiming for someone else. When asked who, Present Regina Berry's Profile.

Von Karma wants proof of your claim. Present the Note. Earlier on the day of the murder, you found out that Acro put the note in Regina's pocket. Regina didn't think it was for her, so she put it on the bulletin board. The Ringmaster, Regina's father, saw the note and did what it said, to come to the plaza at 10:00 PM. Once the Ringmaster reached there, his fate was sealed.

Recall Acro's earlier testimony. He said it would be impossible to look down the window, because of the weight of the bust. If that is true, he wouldn't have the strength to look down his window to see that it was the Ringmaster at the box, not Regina, yet he took his chances anyway. So, Acro didn't know at the time that he actually killed Regina's father, instead of Regina Berry herself!

Solving the Case


The Judge will ask if you know something about this note. Say I know all about it or not for a humorous response with no penalty. Von Karma wants proof. Present the Small Seasoning Bottle. The decisive evidence mentioned in the note was found inside the wooden box. This is the evidence Acro tried to show to Regina.

Von Karma will now ask you who Regina "murdered". Present Bat's Profile. Though he isn't technically dead, he's been in a coma for six months now. Von Karma will then mention Bat was bitten by a lion (Léon), however, the lion was tamed and Regina wouldn't train Léon to kill people, so it was only an accident. Maya will ask you if you agree if it is an accident. Say it was more than that or not for a humorous response with no penalty. When asked how, Present the Scarf.

Acro will reveal that the scarf belonged to Bat. He received it as a present from Regina. Not only is the whole thing covered in blood, but Regina put lots of pepper on it. The courtroom is suddenly silent upon hearing your claim. Von Karma reminds you that Léon bit Bat and it has no relation to the crime. Léon looked like he was smiling. It's impossible, as you'll explain that the lion was actually sneezing from all of the pepper Regina put on the scarf. Bat lost consciousness afterward and Acro, being Bat's brother, was infuriated over Léon's owner and the giver of Bat's present (Regina) and sought out to kill her!

You have now proven Acro's motive for the "attempted" murder, but Acro is still not giving up. You need one more thing to prove: evidence. Is there any proof that Acro dropped the bust on the Ringmaster's head? Furthermore, where is the bust itself? When given the option, choose see how things work out first, as von Karma already checked Acro's room and the murder weapon isn't there.

It looks like you have nothing to prove. The Judge is now ready to end the cross-examination. Just then, a "Hold it!". It's Maya, who pleads for more time. After some encouragement from her, you are asked to say where the bust is now. When given the choice, tell them that it's somewhere in this courtroom. Then choose that the weapon is in the witness' stand. Von Karma searched in Acro's room, and Acro couldn't leave with the bust, so when von Karma searched, Acro had no choice but to put it under his wheelchair, to ensure von Karma didn't find it.

Warning: About this last part about "where the bust" is, there's a major penalty should you choose the wrong answer. If you chose the circus, Franziska will point out to you that they already searched those rooms. Inside the courtroom, if you choose the Prosecutor's Bench you'll be whipped by Franziska until you are literally knocked out and suffer amnesia again, forgetting who Maya is. But the Judge's Bench? You get twice the penalty! If you are playing on the HD iOS release, you will receive the Wrath of a Judge achievement as a consolation prize. Game Over? So follow what's close above to finish this case once and for all!

The truth revealed!


Acro finally gives up and reveals the bust from his wheelchair. He also explains what happened to the cloak, he burnt it into ashes and threw it away, as soon as he saw von Karma send a search party. He also confesses that he inadvertently killed the Ringmaster.

Acro's last words on the stand are rather sad. Bat only wanted Regina to like him, so he sprayed pepper on her. Regina sneezed a lot, and decided to get Bat back, so she picked up a scarf and sprayed pepper all over it. Since Bat's hospitalization, Regina thought Bat to be dead, but is happy, as she believes the myth that people become stars when they die. Her happiness annoyed and eventually angered Acro, who eventually snapped and did what you have proven.

A very sad story indeed, but here is something that would cheer you up:

Maximillion Galactica is found...


What REALLY happened


It was about six months ago. Bat and some other members of the circus were in love with Regina Berry, the animal tamer of the famous Berry Big Circus. Bat always teased Regina by spraying pepper on her. Regina usually sneezed all day and was laughed at. Regina one day decided to get her revenge.

Regina borrowed a scarf and sprayed pepper all over it. She then gave it to Bat as a present, so he could sneeze all day with it. What started as a prank eventually became a tragedy. After given the present, Bat one day during practice decided to impress Regina, and put his head inside Léon the lion, one of Regina's "friends". The lion was tamed so nothing could go wrong, right?

Wrong! Once Bat put his head in Léon's mouth, the pepper from the scarf reached Léon's nose, causing him to sneeze, biting Bat severely, and knocking him unconscious. Acro, Bat's brother, witnessed the incident and fought Léon for his brother's life. Both of his legs were broken during the fight.

Later, Russell Berry, the Ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus and father of Regina, became angry and called Léon outside the circus tent, where he fired his rifle at Léon, killing him. The Ringmaster afterward falsely informed Regina that when people die, they become one of the stars in the sky and will be watching from up there. Regina believed her father and, as a result, took the death of Léon well.

Acro and Bat were forced to go to the hospital. Acro's injury was so severe that he was forced to use a wheelchair. Bat was in a coma and still is to this day. Regina thought Bat was dead, but wasn't worried, in fact, she was as happy and innocent as ever, which angered Acro more and more, as his brother's life was in jeopardy. Six months after the incident, Acro finally snapped and decided to kill her.

File:PW JFAcase3crimescene.png

On December 27, Acro wrote an anonymous letter intended for Regina, calling her a murderer and telling her to come to the plaza at 10:00 PM. He put the letter in Regina's pocket as she took him to the cafeteria, where Maximillion Galactica and Benjamin Woodman/Trilo Quist were fighting over Regina. Max snapped and whacked Ben's head with a juice bottle. Regina eventually noticed the letter and thought it was intended for someone else, so she put it on the bulletin board. The Ringmaster eventually noticed and read the letter and tore it down and put it in his pocket, infuriated.

At night, the Ringmaster, after practice, called Max to his office for what he did to Ben. Meanwhile, Acro prepared for the crime. He looked at the shiny pile Money the Monkey made (Money usually takes shiny stuff to his room) for a weapon and chose Max's bust, which he won at a Grand Prix recently. He tied it over a wooden box, which was where Acro's target would be and waited for the moment.

The Ringmaster told Max to stay in his office and decided to travel to the plaza undercover. He took Max's costume, consisting of a silk hat, cloak, and white roses, and used it to disguise himself. Along his way to the plaza, he was noticed by Ben and Trilo, who were waiting outside for Regina, to propose marriage to her. (The ring they were holding was stolen by Money)

The Ringmaster eventually made it to the box and opened it up to find the pepper seasoning bottle, which Regina used for the prank that caused all of this. The Ringmaster tried to pick it up, putting his head over the box. Acro heard what he was anticipating, but he couldn't see who was down there, as looking down his third story window may have risked falling with the bust. Acro took his chance and released the bust, which fell on the Ringmaster's head, snapping his vertebrae, and killing him instantly.

The force of the impact caused the cloak the Ringmaster was wearing to snag on the bust. The noise from the impact woke Moe the Clown, who saw a silhouette looking like Max. Acro started pulling the bust up, unaware that Moe was watching. Moe saw the silhouette rise from the ground and thought he saw Max flying from the crime scene. He never saw the white roses, because the roses were on the front of the cloak, Moe only saw the back.

The police then arrived and took Max away, since Ben & Trilo and Moe said that they saw him at the scene.

Acro tried to hide the evidence from investigators by burning the cloak into ashes and hiding the bust under his wheelchair.

Turnabout Big Top: Ending


Regina is bawling after what she had just heard from the trial. She wants to know if Acro is still plotting revenge on her. Say I don't think so. Regina wants proof. Present Bat's Profile. Bat is still alive, and Acro didn't want to get caught, because he wanted to see Bat open his eyes again. Regina now promises to stay on Bat's side and wait until the very day he opens his eyes again.

Since the Ringmaster is gone, Moe decides to take the Ringmaster's place and vows to make the Big Berry Circus the best circus anyone has ever seen. Max agrees and decides to join and convinces Regina to come along.

We then hear an anonymous phone conversation between a man and Gumshoe. Apparently, the man knew about what transpired recently. The man plans on returning to where Phoenix lives. Gumshoe hangs up as he waits for an all too familiar face to return to his office. Expect to see Miles Edgeworth in the next and final case of the game.