Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 3: Turnabout Big Top/Part 3: Investigation

You start back at the Wright & Co. Law Offices. Talk to Maya if you want; otherwise, Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center


Max says some producers talked him into making a TV special that involves him making a prison escape, but if you don't get him off the hook for real before the show airs, he's done for. Talk to Max:

  • Night of the Murder: Max insists that he was at the ringmaster's office at the time of the murder.
  • Today's Trial: Maya tells Max he should be more respectful towards the other circus members, but Max says they lack ambition, and he can't stand it. Max says he won an International Grand Prix.
  • Grand Prix: Max shows you a picture of himself at the Grand Prix. He says he could have died a happy man at that moment, and thinks all of the other performers should experience that feeling. He gives you the Grand Prix Photo, which is added to the Court Record. He wants you to show it to all the other members of the circus which will help you out.

Move to the Circus Entrance.

Circus Entrance


You'll see Ben and Trilo here, who are practicing a new routine where they are singing in turns. Maya gives the ring back to Trilo. Talk to Ben/Trilo:

  • Today's trial: Maya asks the two what they saw. Trilo says he thought it was Russell at first, but he didn't get a reply when he said hello, and he noticed the three symbols. If not for this, they would've thought it was Russell.
  • Marriage: Maya wonders why Ben and Trilo didn't just look inside the tent for Regina. Trilo says it would have been a pain to wait outside. That's why he waited: to make sure his body was aching for her.
  • Ventriloquism: Trilo says he and Ben are practicing for the Grand Prix. He looks very eager to win.

Move to the Lodging House - Plaza.



You run into an exhausted Gumshoe who tells you von Karma is here and is currently investigating in Acro's room. If what Moe says is true, then the murderer could have flown past Acro's window. Also because of yesterday's trial, she made Gumshoe listen to all of Moe's jokes because of the deal about going through the testimony in court.

Move to the Big Top - Cafeteria.



You see Moe there. After being tormented with another joke, Present the Grand Prix Photo. Moe says Max has shown everyone the photo. Not only that, but he makes everyone bow down to his "enormous" bust every day, and worship his greatness.

Talk to Moe:

  • Today's trial: Moe doesn't look like he enjoyed the trial, as he feels he had told a "great" joke.
File:PW tornnote.png
  • What you witnessed: Moe says he saw what he saw. He swears he saw Max's face. You don't see a Psyche-Lock, so he must be telling the truth.
  • Max's Bust: Moe says it should be on the table in this room, but it was stolen five days ago. You see the picture of the bust on the bulletin board. The Max G. Bust will be added to the Court Record. Moe says that something has "changed".
  • What changed: Moe says that earlier on the day of the crime, a piece of paper was posted on the noticeboard. He doesn't know who it's from, who posted it, or what it says, as someone tore off half of the paper. You do see the first part of the paper saying "to the murderer". Murderer!? It sounds important! The Note will be added to the Court Record.

You may want to talk to Max about this. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)


Present the Note to Max. He says he has seen it before. On the morning before the murder, Russell saw the note posted on the wall. After reading it, he became enraged, tore it off the board, and stuffed it in his tailcoat pocket. Max wants you to find the letter and read it yourself.

The Ringmaster put it in his tailcoat pocket, huh?

Max also wants you to talk to Regina about that note.

Move to the Big Top - Ringmaster's Room.

Ringmaster's Room


Examine the piece of paper in the tailcoat's pocket. You'll find it on the black coat, next to the dresser more specifically on the right side, with the paper sticking out of it's pocket. It's the second half of the note! In its entirety, it reads:

File:PW repairednote.png

"To The Murderer!

I have conclusive evidence of what took place.
Meet at 10:00 PM tonight at the lodging house plaza."

10:00 PM!? That's when the murder took place! The Note will be updated in the Court Record.

Move to the Lodging House - Plaza.

Plaza (2)


Gumshoe says he has just finished with the investigation in Acro's room. You then hear beeping noises. Gumshoe says the noise indicates that von Karma is near and runs off. Von Karma herself will encounter you afterwards. Talk to von Karma:

  • Tomorrow's trial: von Karma says she has "conclusive evidence" and a "conclusive witness". It is the acrobat, who claims he saw the murderer fly past his window.
  • "Revenge": von Karma says she came here for revenge, not for her father, but for Miles Edgeworth. Wait, Edgeworth!?
  • Miles Edgeworth: She is here for Edgeworth, because he is like a "little brother" to her. She says that you are the reason that he's gone.
  • Edgeworth's Death: A few months since the case that occurred a year ago, Edgeworth hasn't set foot in court. One day he "vanished", leaving behind a note saying "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death". Death!? Does that mean he is dead? von Karma denies it, believing he is still alive somewhere. She says the note means that you killed the "Prosecutor" inside Edgeworth.

Von Karma leaves the premise and Maya apologizes for bringing his name up.

You decide to talk to the performer. Move to Acro's Room.

Acro's Room


You will meet Acro, who was expecting you. His real name is Ken Dingling. Talk to Acro:

  • Berry Big Circus: When he was a kid, Acro's parents abandoned him, and Russell adopted him. He took very good care of him. So good, in fact, that Acro decided to repay him by joining the circus. Acro feels that Russell has spoiled Regina. You detect a hint of a grudge against her.
  • Wheel Chair: You ask why Acro is in a wheel-chair. Acro says he was injured during practice. You then see 3 Psyche-Locks. Did something else happen? Acro says he damaged his nerves six months ago. What happened?
  • What happened: Acro wasn't here yesterday because he was in the hospital. He told the police what he saw, but until today, he was convinced that it was just a dream. What did he see?
  • What you witnessed: On the night of the murder. Acro says he was sleeping when he heard a huge noise. He looked out his window and saw Max flying. That's the same statement as Moe!

Move to the Big Top.

Big Top


You are attacked by Regent the Tiger again, only to be saved by Regina once more. She was trying to teach Money the Monkey a lesson. Talk to Regina:

  • Russell Berry: After her father, Russell killed Léon the Lion, he told her this phrase she believed in ever since: "When someone dies, they just become a star in the heavens." So if anyone passes away, the stars in the sky like her father looks down on her, watching over her.
  • Money the Monkey: Regina says Money stole her stage costume. She asks you if you would get it back for her. You are given a choice. It doesn't matter what you choose, since they all give the same response.

Present the Note. Regina says she has seen the note and that it was in her pocket on the morning of the murder. She says that since she isn't a murderer, she thought it was meant for someone else. So she posted it on the bulletin board on the morning of the murder. The Note will be updated in the Court Record.

Present the Small Seasoning Bottle. Regina says she saw it in the cafeteria. Also, she's not a fan of the pepper.

Time to look for the stage costume.

Move to Moe's Room via Lodging House Plaza.

Moe's Room

File:PW costume.png

You will find Money in there. You are given a choice. It doesn't matter what you choose, as he will give you the Stage Costume anyway, which will be added to the Court Record.

Now that you've retrieved the costume, move back to the Big Top.

Big Top (2)

File:PW lion.png

Present Regina's Stage Costume. Regina will say the costume actually belonged to Léon the Lion. Talk about Léon. Léon's practice went awry and he bit someone. Because of this, Russell was enraged, and had the lion put down. Léon will be added to the Court Record.

Now move to the Cafeteria.

Cafeteria (2)


It looks like Moe is still hanging around here. Talk to Moe.

  • Berry Big Circus: Since Russell's death, Moe has been thinking about trying to fill the Ringmaster's shoes. Moe wants to get over a tragedy. Get over what?
  • "Get over it?: You ask Moe about the tragedy, but 2 Psyche-Locks appear, concerning an event from "six months ago".

Fortunately, you have the right items. Present Maya's Magatama.

Moe's Psyche-Locks: Get Over It!

Moe's Psyche-Locks: Get Over It!
2 Locks

When you are given a chance to show the cause of the accident, Present Léon. The incident happened six months ago, as did the death of Léon.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

You ask Moe who was involved. Moe said he promised someone he wouldn't say anything. Apparently, this person was involved as well. When given the chance, Present Acro's Profile.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Moe again.

  • "Get over it"?: Moe reveals to you that during stage practice, Léon bit someone hard. His name is Bat, Acro's brother, and trapeze partner. He isn't dead but is in a coma.
  • Acro's brother: Acro's younger brother is Sean Dingling but everyone in the circus calls him Bat. Moe tells you that Bat was in love with Regina. To impress her, Bat decided to do something daring during practice: he put his head inside Léon's mouth. When he did, however, Léon bit down with a weird look on his face - almost as if he was smiling. Moe mentions that after Russell put the deceased lion down, they decide that if they had told the police, they would be shut down because of that accident. Bat's Profile is added to the Court Record.

After talking, Moe will add pepper to his burgers. Maya sneezes as a result. Moe tells you that Bat always loved teasing Regina with pepper.

Move to Acro's Room.

Acro's Room (2)


You see Acro there. Present Maya's Magatama.

Acro's Psyche-Locks: About the Wheelchair

Acro's Psyche-Locks: About the Wheelchair
3 Locks

Acro insists that his injuries were an accident. Present Léon. Acro was probably attacked by the lion.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Acro asks why he was attacked by the lion. You think he actually battled the lion. When Acro asks why, Present Bat's Profile. Bat was attacked by Léon during practice, so Acro probably attacked the lion to protect his brother.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Acro suspects that Moe told you. Moe hasn't said anything about Acro. Acro says it was only an accident, but you still see one Psyche-Lock. He must be hesitant to mention someone he doesn't seem to like much. When given a chance to show that someone, Present Regina Berry's Profile. Regina was Léon's owner, and the tragedy was caused by Léon.

Acro says Regina never taught Léon to attack people, but you know he still hates Regina. When given a chance to show how, Present the Note. Every morning, Regina brings Acro his breakfast. Acro probably wrote it and put it in Regina's pocket.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Acro again:

  • Wheelchair: Acro will confess that Léon broke his legs six months ago. Bat wanted to take Regina out, so he dared to put his head inside the lion's mouth to impress her. He did so, but was bitten, and ended up comatose. Ever since then, Acro visits the hospital now and then, waiting for Bat's eyes to reopen.
  • Regina and Bat: Regina and Bat were great friends. On the day of the incident, Regina gave Bat a present: a scarf. It looks like it is covered in blood. Acro says Léon was smiling when he attacked. It looks like Moe was right.

It looks like you should keep the seemingly vital scarf, but von Karma suddenly appears and, having heard every word, takes it away from you. She also mentions that Acro will be on the witness stand tomorrow.

This concludes today's investigation. Do you think you have a chance against von Karma, now that she's taken an important-looking piece of evidence from you?