Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 3: Turnabout Big Top/Part 2-1: Trial

Max seems very nervous, and wants milk to calm his nerves. He wonders if he should fly into the courtroom to wow the crowd. After telling him not to, Max asks you if you would do so. It's impossible (though you like the idea).

Trial begins


Von Karma says her loss in the previous case doesn't count, and is certain you will lose this time. She calls Gumshoe to the stand and has him describe the case.

Gumshoe's Testimony: Details of the Events

Gumshoe's Testimony
- Details of the Events -

  1. The night of the crime, snow was falling until 9:40 PM, making it extremely cold out.
  2. All of the circus performers gathered in the Big Top to practice their routines.
  3. The practice session broke up around 10 PM.
  4. The murder itself took place in the plaza in front of the lodging house at 10:15 PM.
  5. The victim was found bent over a wooden box dead as a doornail.
  6. The cause of death was blunt force trauma that snapped a vertebrae in his neck.

Gumshoe presents Russell Berry's Autopsy Report, which will be added to the Court Record.

Details of the Events: Cross-Examination


Press all of Gumshoe's statements:

  • First statement: There was a blizzard outside. It stopped some time before the murder. Something about this seems significant.
  • Second statement: Everyone at the circus was practicing: Regina, Moe, Ben & Trilo, etc. During the investigation, Gumshoe met Money the Monkey, who took his wristwatch.
  • Third statement: Everyone went about their business after practice, as normal. Gumshoe says that Max went to Russell's office to discuss his salary (though you already know this isn't the case).
  • Fourth statement: Gumshoe says there is a witness, but von Karma whips him before he can explain any further.
File:PW pepperbox.png
File:PW pepper.png
  • Fifth statement: Gumshoe says the box was heavier than it looked, and it was also locked. The Wooden Box will be added to the Court Record. You are given a choice of questions; ask About the contents. Gumshoe says it was locked, so they took it back to the station and cracked it open. Inside, they found a bottle filled with pepper. Pepper? What's the meaning of that? The Small Seasoning Bottle will be added to the Court Record.
  • Sixth statement: Gumshoe says the murder weapon was a blunt object. The weapon is still missing, and the police are searching for it.

After pressing all of the statements, von Karma calls another witness to the stand, Benjamin Woodman.

Ben (or Trilo depending on how you see the witness) testifies on what he saw. Since Ben is almost always in character, we'll assume that Trilo is testifying. Get ready for a ridiculous ventriloquist routine that you wouldn't see in a normal court!

Trilo's Testimony: What You Witnessed

Trilo's Testimony
- What You Witnessed -

  1. Once practice was over, I left the tent with the stooge... I mean clown.
  2. Once we got to the lodging house, I ditched him and went over to the plaza.
  3. That's when I saw Max heading towards the scene of the crime.
  4. He was the only one heading that way... How could that punk not be the killer!?
  5. Then the police showed up, and took magic boy away.

Trilo recognized Max by his "SILK HAT! CLOAK! WHITE ROSES!" If Ben and Trilo "ditched" the clown, could Moe be the murderer? Von Karma reminds the court that a silk hat was found at the scene, so this could only point to Max being the culprit.

What You Witnessed: Cross-examination


Press on Trilo's fourth statement. Trilo is convinced he saw Max, and only Max. When given a choice, choose Ben only saw Max?. You suspect Trilo was waiting outside for someone else. When asked who, Present Russell Berry's profile. If Trilo saw Max, he should also have seen Russell, since both Russell and Max went to the office before the crime occurred. Von Karma, however, says that as you heard this from the defendant, its veracity is dubious. If Max said he was in the office at the time, then why did Trilo see him outside the tent before the murder occurred? Could Max be lying? This weakens your claim. You move on with the cross-examination.

Press on Trilo's fifth statement. Both Ben and Trilo were outside the tent, but for what reason? It was very cold outside. Phoenix suspects they could have been waiting for someone. When asked who, Present Regina Berry's profile. They were probably outside, waiting for Regina, and only Regina. In the event, they only saw Max. Furthermore, if they saw Max and only Max heading towards the crime scene, it would've been impossible for Russell to have been killed while they were there, because they never saw Russell!

At this point, Trilo admits that he was waiting for Regina. He wanted to propose to her. The puppet testifies about the proposal, much to the dismay of von Karma. The prosecutor's record is wasted and now she has to waste her time, listening to the puppet's love for Regina.

Trilo's Testimony: About the Proposal

Trilo's Testimony
- About the Proposal -

  1. Don't be so surprised that I was going to propose to Regina!
  2. I even had something to give to her...
  3. I kept it in my pocket, waiting for the chance to propose and give it to her.
  4. Of course, I also had it in my pocket that night. It was a present for her.
  5. In the end, I wasn't able to give it to her, so I've still got it in my pocket!

About the Proposal: Cross-examination


Press on Trilo's second statement. Trilo says that "something" is the engagement ring. Von Karma wants to move on, but Push on anyway. Trilo will revise his statement.

  • I planned on giving an engagement ring to Regina...

Ignore this statement and present the Ring on the third, fourth or fifth statement. Trilo instantly recognizes it. If Trilo says he has the ring in his pocket, then why do you have it now? Trilo admits that Money the Monkey stole it since he loves shiny things. Ben says Money stole it right after Max passed by. Ben chased after it, but Money got away.

What you just heard proves something... When asked what, choose Ben's testimony has a flaw. Trilo had said he was waiting at the crime scene for some time after Max passed by, but now he has said that he was actually chasing after Money. In that case, it's possible that someone else passed by while Trilo was absent.

You can choose Ben doesn't exercise enough but Maya will remark you to go back to playing video games with a penalty.

Trilo will testify once more about what he saw.

Trilo's Testimony: Witnessing Max

Trilo's Testimony
- Witnessing Max -

  1. I'll give you that I was waiting that night for Regina.
  2. But that doesn't change the fact that I saw Max at the plaza that night!
  3. He showed up after I had been waiting there for about five minutes.
  4. I said "good evening" to him, but he didn't even acknowledge my presence.
  5. I'm absolutely sure it was him! I saw Maximillion Galactica at the crime scene!!
  6. There's no way I could mistake someone wearing those three ridiculous symbols!

Trilo says he and Ben had been chasing Money for five minutes before heading back to where they had been waiting. It is possible that the victim went to the crime scene during these five minutes.

Witnessing Max: Cross-examination


Press on Trilo's fourth statement. He said "good evening" to Max? When given the choice of what is strange, choose Trilo's evening greeting. Trilo said something nice to the person he really hates. Why is that?

Press on Trilo's sixth statement. Trilo and a chorus (including Maya and the Judge) sing "SILK HAT! CLOAK! WHITE ROSES!"

Present the Broken Bottle on the fourth statement. When Max passed by, Trilo would have likely tried to start a fight. Earlier that day, both Trilo and Max had a fight over Regina, and Max "clonked" Ben on the head with the bottle. If that is true, then there was no way Trilo would just say "good evening" and let it slip.

When asked what Trilo really saw, say He saw a different person. When asked who, Present Russell Berry's profile. Trilo probably greeted this person, because he saw someone other than Max. If it was Max, Trilo wouldn't have been so pleasant at all!

This leaves one question: If someone, dressed as Max, passed by Ben and Trilo, then who was it? Von Karma says she has a new witness to call. The Judge calls for a recess.