Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout/Part 4-1: Trial

Maya isn't in very good spirits today - she's downhearted about how much more mature Franziska is than her, despite them both being the same age. Maya and Franziska were both eighteen years old at this time.

Pearl comes in and tells you her mother will be coming to cheer you on. You ask her to channel Mia for help (and to ensure Pearl's absence). Pearl does so and you head into the courtroom. Maya looked shocked, wondering why you need Mia's help in Pearl's place.

Trial begins


Von Karma tells you she has cameras on you and your defeat will be seen all over the world. The court recalls the fact that the defendant did leave the room at one point around the time of the murder. Von Karma calls Morgan to the stand.

Morgan says that while she was performing the Spirit Severing Technique, Maya escaped at one point. The Judge has Morgan testify about Maya's escape.

Morgan's Testimony: Maya's Escape

Morgan's Testimony
- Maya's Escape -

  1. After we heard the gunshots, those two broke the door open and entered the Chamber.
  2. I requested that Mr. Wright and the other lady please contact the police.
  3. A pistol was hanging from Mystic Maya's hand and she was in a daze...
  4. Then, quite suddenly, she thrusted me away from herself and escaped from the room.
  5. With great strength, she hit the base of my neck and I fainted for a short while...
  6. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of where she went after that.

The reason Morgan has been hiding this is that she thought problems would arise for Maya if she were to mention it. She justifies her testifying now by saying she is only correcting your falsities, so now you have to try and prove who the real liar is.

Maya's Escape: Cross-examination


Press on Morgan's second, third, fourth, and sixth statements.

  • Second statement: Morgan kicked you out for reasons she doesn't explain. Question further. Morgan will say she kicked you out for your own safety, fearing that Maya could have killed you both.
  • Third statement: Morgan admits that she was lying about striking Maya on the head to protect her. Question further. Morgan says Maya did something unexpected. Von Karma stops Morgan before you can question any further.
  • Fourth statement: Morgan seems physically larger and stronger than Maya, but von Karma reminds you that Maya was channeling someone that is as strong as Morgan.
  • Sixth statement: Choose Either option. Von Karma says that due to Morgan's unawareness of Maya's escape, she has another witness up her sleeve.

After pressing these statements, von Karma calls Ini Miney to the stand, since Ini claims her sister spoke to her.

Von Karma has Ini testify about what happened after the murder.

Ini's Testimony: After the Murder

Ini's Testimony
- After the Murder -

  1. Like, when the channeling started, I was, like, sleeping in the Side Room.
  2. Like, a little later, someone came into the room, like, really suddenly.
  3. It was, like, oh my gawd, totally my sister!
  4. I, like, hadn't seen her in like, so long... I was so happy in, like, a sad way...
  5. My sister... She, like, told me something, like, totally terrible.

Ini says that the terrible thing Mimi said is that she was murdered by "that man" (Dr. Grey), and that she took her revenge. The lie may seem well constructed, but Mia sees a way to deconstruct it. Let's see what Mia is thinking.

After the Murder: Cross-examination


Press on Ini's fourth statement. Von Karma says Ini instantly recognized Mimi. Question further, then choose It's very important. Ini will add a statement.

  • I wasn't, like, scared at all. And, like, her costume looked totally, like, normal.

Press on that statement. Mia will say that's impossible (to herself). Present Lotta's Photo 2 or Maya's Costume on the same statement. Phoenix informs Ini that there was blood all over Maya's costume - the one Mimi was wearing. Ini freaks and briefly snaps, but von Karma calms her down and has her testify further about the murder.

Ini's Testimony: After the Murder, Pt. 2

Ini's Testimony
- After the Murder, Pt. 2 -

  1. Like, the Side Room was, like, kinda dark, you know?
  2. So like, the costume is, like, purple right? The blood totally blended right in.
  3. And I, like, persuaded my sister it wasn't, like, right to do something like that.
  4. And then, like, I took my sister to the Channeling Chamber.

After the Murder, Pt.2: Cross-Examination


Press on Ini's Third and Fourth statements. You ask her if she saw something strange. When asked where, say when you were going to the crime scene. Then press harder. When asked if this is important, say it's very important. Ini will add the answer to her testimony.

  • I, like, didn't see anyone on the way to, like, the Channeling Chamber.

Bingo! Present the Sacred Urn or Pearl Fey's Profile on that statement. If asked how this is relevant, you mention that Ini could not have missed a certain person. Present Pearl Fey's Profile. Pearl knocked over the urn with her ball, and she tried to fix it in the middle of the Winding Way. That is where Ini and the defendant walked through, so if they were walking through Winding Way at the time of the crime, they should have seen Pearl!

You ask Ini where she really was, but von Karma denies that Ini is lying and that she was indeed in the Side Room. When asked whether you agree, say There is no way. You realize that there is a contradiction. When asked where the contradiction is, say It's in her testimony just now. It's true that Phoenix and Lotta were out calling the police, and Morgan was the only one in the Channeling Chamber, but how did Ini know this if she was asleep? You then ask the question, "Where was the witness at the time of the murder!?" Von Karma has you answer the question.

You examine the Fey Manor Map. Present the Channeling Chamber. When asked where, on the Floor Plans, Present the space behind the folding screen. But didn't Lotta say she saw nothing behind the folding screen? When asked what Ini used to stay hidden, Present the Clothing Box. She must have put it behind the folding screen to keep herself hidden. Ini insists that both she and the Clothing Box were in the Side Room the whole time. When the Judge asks if you can prove where the box was at the time of the crime, answer Yes, I can with some evidence. Then Present either the Clothing Box, or the Folding Screen (doesn't matter which). Both the folding screen and the clothing box have bullet holes at about the same height. If this is true, then the clothing box must have been hidden behind the folding screen!

This leaves one question, though: if Ini hid behind the folding screen, dressed up as Maya, drugged Maya, and killed Dr. Grey, how did she get away with it? It would have been impossible for Ini to do this alone. When asked if you agree, say Correct, it's not possible. Ini had an accomplice. When asked who, Present Morgan Fey's Profile. However, if you chose No, it is possible, prepare to get whipped but you'll automatically try again in naming an accomplice.

Phoenix describes what "really" happened:

Ini took the clothing box behind the folding screen to hide in to wait for the channeling to begin. When channeling started, Ini, dressed up as Maya complete with the clothes and a wig, silently crept up to Maya and the doctor. She drugged Maya, and stabbed Dr. Grey in the chest. Ini then hid Maya in the clothing box to make it look like the channeling was a success. Suddenly, Dr. Grey, still alive, attempted to shoot Ini, but missed, leaving the hole in the folding screen and the clothing box. Ini then took Grey's gun and finished him off.

Phoenix and Lotta came in only to see Ini, who had covered herself with Dr. Grey's blood. Morgan then kicked Phoenix and Lotta out, not to perform the Spirit Severing Technique, but to help Ini cover up the crime!

Is it over?


Not quite. Von Karma and Ini want you to prove one last thing: a motive. Why would Ini go to the trouble to kill Dr. Grey? When asked to present the motive, present either Newspaper Clipping 2 or Mimi Miney's Profile (again, doesn't matter which).

Ini denies taking revenge. She says her desire for vengeance isn't that strong, and no one has proof of Dr. Grey ever drugging her sister. Furthermore, you have no proof of the reason why Morgan would help Ini take her revenge! Seeing this plan as overly complicated, Ini reverts to her ditzy self, and the Judge calls off the cross-examination.

It looks like the plan for murder seems too complex, but Mia is, of course, persistent. She knows that you can find Ini's motive no matter how confusing it sounds. You are given a choice of whether you are confident or not. Reply Yes, I can. Phoenix asks to be allowed to present evidence, but Ini reminds you that the cross-examination has already ended. Von Karma, however, is interested in hearing you out, as she is confident you will slip up. The Judge decides to continue the cross-examination and calls a recess, much to Ini's chagrin.