Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout/Part 3: Investigation

Back in Kurain Village, Talk to Pearl:

  • Today's trial: Pearl says she has never seen so many people before. She thinks that Maya looked small, and that Franziska was very mean.
  • Prosecutors: Phoenix explains to Pearl that prosecutors don't care about people being innocent, but only about getting a guilty verdict. Pearl wonders if "Eh-ji-werth" may be an exception - unfortunately, as Phoenix says, he is "dead"...
  • The murderer: You ask Pearl if she knows about the murder. Pearl says she didn't see anything. If so, where was she?
  • Pearl's alibi: You ask her where she was at the time of the incident. She desperately claims she wasn't doing anything. Is she hiding something? Suddenly, 2 Psyche-Locks appear. This tells you she is hiding something, but you can't break them yet.

Present the Black Key. Pearl says that she found it in the incinerator. Time to look at it.

Move to Winding Way.

Winding Way

File:PWAAJFA cloth.png
File:PW ev case2 KureinJar eng.png

You see someone near the incinerator. The person runs up to you. It's Ini, who says she is here for sight-seeing. She says the urn on the table is sacred.

Examine the incinerator first, to the upper left of the garden. You check inside it, and see something strange. It's a piece of Maya's costume, covered in blood! The Cloth Scrap will be added to the Court Record. First the key, and now the cloth - the incinerator must be important to this case.

Talk to Ini:

  • Sacred Urn: The urn is sacred, because it contains the spirit of Ami Fey, the founder of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Examine the urn. It looks like it has cracks around it, and it spells "I AM", weirdly. The Sacred Urn will be added to the Court Record.
  • What Happened: She still won't tell you about her relationship with Dr. Grey. What about her introducing Dr. Grey to the village? What about the traffic accident? Speaking of which...
  • Traffic accident: You ask her about the accident, but she tells you that it doesn't have anything to do with the case. However, 2 Psyche-Locks appear to tell you otherwise. You can't break them right now.

Let's go see how Morgan is doing. Move to the Channeling Chamber.

Channeling Chamber


There, you will find Morgan looking at a picture, looking quite sinister and claiming her chance has come. What is she up to? Talk to Morgan:

  • What happened: Morgan tells you she already told you everything. She tells you nothing new.
  • Training: Nothing worth hearing. Except for Morgan angrily corrects you in addressing the title. As "Mystic Maya" and "Mystic Pearl".
  • The Master: Misty Fey is the current Master of the Kurain Channeling School. 16 years ago, Misty disappeared because she failed to solve a case with her powers. (Although you solved it 15 years later.) She ran away afterward. If she doesn't return in 4 years, Misty will be presumed dead and the Master position will be passed to the successor, Maya in this case. You hear Morgan chuckle a bit as she says this...

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center


There, you will see Maya. Talk to her:

  • Today's trial: Maya is very proud of you for what you did today. She wonders if there was a third person in the room. She checked behind the folding screen, but didn't see anything.
  • Not guilty: You tell Maya that you believe in her, because it would be impossible for her to dream if she really was channeling a spirit. If Maya really did pass out when the murder occurred, it could be possible that she was drugged and set up to make it look like she was responsible.
  • Pearl's alibi: Maya wonders about what Pearl was doing herself. On the day of the crime, Maya and Pearl were playing with a ball. A ball?
  • Ball: Pearl really loves to play with her ball. She keeps it in a box in Fey Manor.

After you are done talking, Move to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (2)


You suddenly run into Lotta, who considers herself trash. She runs away from you.

Chase Lotta. Move to the Side Room.

NOTE: On the way to the Side Room, in the Winding Way, Make sure you examine the Urn if it's not in the Court Record, you'll need it.

Side Room

File:PWAAJFA ball.png
File:PWAAJFA box.png

It doesn't look like Lotta is in here. Why not explore the place a bit? You see a ball and a box inside the room. Examine the ball first. (It should be obvious.) It looks like it's Pearl's ball. You take it with you. Pearl's Ball is added to the Court Record. If you're curious about the ball, it has a picture of the "Steel Samurai" in a blue background.

Examine the box. Inside you will find Lotta, who then runs off again. You take a look at the box, and see a hole, 8 inches off the ground. That's the same height as the hole on the folding screen. The Clothing Box will be added to the Court Record.

Move to the Meditation Room.

Meditation Room


There, you'll see Pearl, who says Lotta passed here just now.

You now have enough information with which to break Pearl's Psyche-Locks. Present Maya's Magatama:

Pearl's Psyche-Locks: Pearl's Alibi

Pearl's Psyche-Locks: Pearl's Alibi
2 Locks

After asking Pearl where she was, you examine the Fey Manor Map. Present Winding Way. Pearl says you are right, but wants you to guess what she was there for. Present Pearl's Ball.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Pearl seems to be hiding the fact that something bad happened while she was playing with the ball. Present the Sacred Urn. While she was playing with the ball, Pearl knocked over the urn, probably breaking it. Pearl wants proof. Present Ami Fey's Profile. Pearl doesn't know how Ami's name is spelled - it's A-M-I, not I-A-M. Someone probably broke the urn, and tried to put it back together without knowing how the name was spelled.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Pearl:

  • Pearl's alibi: Pearl admits that she accidentally broke the urn with her ball and set Ami's spirit free. She tried to fix it.
  • Sacred urn: She found glue, and since the pieces were big, she was able to fix it easily, but she did it poorly.

The Sacred Urn will be updated in the Court Record. Move back to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (3)


You talk to yourself, going over the case when Lotta steps in after trying to grab your attention. Talk to her:

  • Today's trial: Lotta apologizes for what happened today and asks if you'll forgive her. Choose whichever option you feel like. Lotta will then tell you everything she knows.
  • The murderer: Lotta suspects Ini Miney could have done it.
File:PWAAJFA Note.png

Present Ini Miney's Profile and then...

  • Ini Miney: Lotta claims to know that Ini was hospitalized once. Lotta gives you the address of a clinic in town.

Looks like you need to check out the clinic. Move to the Hotti Clinic.

Hotti Clinic


You meet what looks like a nutty old man, who says he is the director named Hotti. He apparently remembers Ini. A nurse comes and according to their conversation, Hotti is just an old man pretending to be a doctor. With purple hair and missing a few teeth. He also likes to flirt with girls. Do you really need to Talk to him? It looks like it:

  • Hotti Clinic: Hotti doesn't really care about the details. He just does surgeries.
  • Ini Miney: Hotti says Ini was once here to have significant surgery. He doesn't go into the details, as he isn't allowed to.

Present your Attorney's Badge to him. You will persuade him to tell you that he isn't a director (obviously). He says that he will tell you what he knows about Ini.

  • Ini Miney: Ini had to have major surgery. Her entire body had to be wrapped in a big cast, due to sustaining serious injuries in a traffic accident.
  • The Operation: They were able to reconstruct Ini's badly burnt face, thanks to a picture she brought. The picture Ini brought was part of a driver's license she received prior to the incident. The actual license was never found, so it probably got burnt along with the car. The License Photo will be added to the Court Record.
  • The Accident: Hotti claims to have a newspaper article about the accident. He also says Ini was the passenger in the car, and managed to get out by herself. Newspaper Clipping 2 will be updated in the Court Record.

Hotti will leave after talking after asking whether he's helpful or not. Of course, his speech has affected your thoughts.

You can examine this place and Hotti might step into your thoughts!

Move to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (4)


You see Lotta again. She says Morgan called the cops earlier. Why would Morgan do that? Talk to Lotta:

  • Morgan: Lotta suspects Morgan could be plotting to steal the title of Master due to the murder.
  • Ini Miney: Lotta says she just saw Ini at the garden.
  • The Master: Lotta says the eldest sister of the Fey family usually holds more power than the younger, yet Misty, Morgan's younger sister, beat Morgan to the title of Master.

Move to Winding Way.

Winding Way (2)


Looks like you have enough evidence to make Ini spill the beans. Present Maya's Magatama:

Ini's Psyche-Locks: Traffic Accident

Ini's Psyche-Locks: Traffic Accident
2 Locks

When you ask Ini about the accident, Ini asks "Whose accident". This probably means she knows about another accident. When asked whose, Present Ini Miney's Profile or License Photo. Ini wants proof. Present Newspaper Clipping 2. You told her she was interviewed about the accident and that Mimi's name was also in it. Ini still denies it and wants more proof. Present the License Photo. While Ini was hospitalized, one of the patients (Hotti) took the photo for his own purposes.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Ini confesses that she was hospitalized after the accident, but denies that it has any connection to the case. Present Mimi Miney's Profile. Remember, Ini was with Mimi when the accident occurred, and Dr. Grey was at the village to speak with Mimi, but was killed.

1 Psyche Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Ini:

  • Traffic accident: Ini finally admits that she was in Mimi's car when the accident occurred. She was sleeping in the car when it happened. Ini couldn't do anything to save Mimi, so she picked the photo from her purse and made it out alive, but badly burnt.
  • Dr. Grey: Ini blames Grey for the accident, accusing him of drugging Mimi with sleeping pills. Ini would have killed Grey in revenge, but she says it would be impossible to prove.

Move to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (5)


You arrive only to see Morgan leaving the village with Gumshoe. What are her intentions? She is also leaving Pearl behind. Not before Gumshoe tries to show her the gun again! Thankfully, he gets dragged by Morgan by the ear.

Talk to Pearl if you want. She has a feeling that something bad is about to happen and wants you to see Maya.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)


You'll see Mia there channeled by Maya. Talk to her:

  • The murderer: If you recall yesterday, Mia had 3 Psyche-Locks about her regarding the real murderer.
  • Tomorrow's trial: A basic summary of what happened so far and finding out who the third person is involved in a murder incident.
  • Kurain Channeling Technique: Long story short, Ami Fey is born with a certain fate and by her name, after one of the Buddhas name "Amitabha". Because of her death, that's how her urn appears on "Winding Ways".

Now the battle of wits between mentor and student begins. Present Maya's Magatama:

Mia's Psyche-Locks: The Murderer

Mia's Psyche-Locks: The Murderer
3 Locks

When Mia asks who she is protecting, Present Morgan Fey's Profile.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Mia says Morgan has an alibi. She asks you to present evidence of where Morgan was at. Present the Cloth Scrap. You found it in an incinerator sometime after the murder, but Maya was wearing her costume when she was arrested, so who changed her clothes? It could only be Morgan, who was alone in the manor. Mia wants proof that the cloth was from Maya's costume. Present the Black Key. Earlier, Pearl told you the key and Maya's clothes were found in the incinerator. If that is true, Morgan would have had to change Maya's clothes first, since she was also the only person inside the manor with Maya.

You can also switch the Black Key and the Cloth Strap for the same thing. In short, switch the evidence for the same effect.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken.

Mia reminds you Morgan has an alibi and wants you to show what she needed to kill Dr. Grey. Present Ini Miney's Profile. If Ini could have done it, then Ini and Morgan were in cahoots!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Mia once more:

  • The murderer: There is one question. Why would Morgan kill Dr. Grey, how did she manage to do so when she was with you when the murder occurred, and more importantly, how was Ini involved? Mia suspects Morgan would want to kill Dr. Grey because of Misty (Mia and Maya's mother). Misty? Why would Mia bring it up now?

Mia says you have everything you need for tomorrow. Pray that you can win and get Maya found innocent.