Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout/Part 2-1: Trial

Maya is shocked to hear you are facing Prosecutor von Karma (well, his successor). You suddenly see Pearl, who claims to have run all of the way here, since she didn't know what a "train" is. Maya thinks about Miles Edgeworth - your friend and rival, who you faced in a couple of cases one year ago - for a moment. You flinch at the sound of that name - Edgeworth is gone, and he isn't coming back.

If you remember from the last game case "Rise From the Ashes", there are issues around evidence, detectives death, rules and sisterhood between Lana and Ema Skye, resulting in Edgeworth going away to learn what is the meaning of being a prosecutor since you defeated him before.

Trial begins


You are introduced to your new opponent - a very young woman named Franziska von Karma, who says she is here for one thing, revenge (for her father?). Von Karma swears to defeat you and mocks you for your "foolishness" for a not guilty plea. What's more in terms of her character, she always uses her whip to speed up trials and likes to use the word "fool" a lot. Not to mention that she's a prodigy. Lastly, she likes to call everyone by their full name (apart from the judge, fortunately). Anyway, she calls Dick Gumshoe to the stand.

Gumshoe describes the crime with a map:

  • The Channeling Chamber has no windows and the door was locked shut.
  • At the time of the murder, only the victim and the defendant were in the room.
  • The defendant was channeling a spirit.
  • A few minutes after the channeling started,
  • Gunshots were heard coming from inside the room.
  • A few of the witnesses broke the door down, and rushed into the room.
  • That's when they found that the victim was already dead.

The Floor Plans will be added to the Court Record. The Judge has Gumshoe testify about how the victim was killed.

Gumshoe's Testimony: Cause of Death

Gumshoe's Testimony
- Cause of Death -

  1. The direct cause of death was a pistol shot to the forehead, sir.
  2. The shot was fired from point-blank range.
  3. But before the victim was shot, sir, he was stabbed in the chest.
  4. The wound was very severe, but not enough to cause instantaneous death.
  5. The murderer used the pistol to finish the victim off after the stabbing.

Gumshoe presents Dr. Grey's Autopsy Report, which will be added to the Court Record.

Cause of Death: Cross-examination


Press all statements.

File:PWAAJFA pistol.png
File:PWAAJFA knife.png
  • first statement: The pistol belonged to Dr. Grey, but it has Maya's fingerprints all over it.
  • second statement: They could tell the shot was point-blank range, because there were gunpowder burns on his forehead.
  • third statement: The knife belonged to the Feys, and of course Maya's fingerprints were all over it.
  • fourth statement: A little more to the right, and it could have hit the victim's heart.
  • fifth statement: The shot in the forehead would have killed Dr. Grey instantly, so Dr. Grey would've been stabbed before shot.

The Judge accepts both the Knife and Pistol as murder weapons. They will be added to the Court Record.

Things are looking grim already; everything is implicating Maya for the murder. When given a choice of keeping your plea or making a "justified self-defense" plea, choose Plead not guilty, because remember, you have the "key". If you chose Justified self-defense, don't worry, you will realize your mistake, automatically change your plea to not guilty, and earn the Justified Self-Defense achievement in the HD iOS version.

Von Karma has Gumshoe testify further about the evidence.

Gumshoe's Testimony: Incriminating Evidence

Gumshoe's Testimony
- Incriminating Evidence -

  1. Sorry, pal but there's an even more incriminating piece of evidence.
  2. This is the costume the defendant was wearing at the time of the crime.
  3. As you can see, it's covered in blood.
  4. The defendant attacked and killed a person who, without doubt, was not fighting back.
File:PWAAJFA robe.png

Maya's Costume will be added to the Court Record. Can you find a contradiction at this stage?

Incriminating Evidence: Cross-examination


Press on Gumshoe's third statement. Lab tests show that it is the victim's blood. You ask Gumshoe if there is anything else on the evidence, but von Karma raises an objection. Why did she do that all of a sudden? When given the choice, Press further, then choose There is one little thing.... You examine the costume. Present the hole on the sleeve. The Judge takes a look at it and smells gunpowder! It looks like someone tried to shoot Maya, but missed. Maya's Costume will be updated in the Court Record.

It looks like you found the hole, but von Karma tells the court otherwise, saying the evidence still stands. Unfortunately, The Judge agrees.

After updating Maya's Costume, Present it on Gumshoe's fourth statement. The bullet hole on Maya's sleeve indicates that Dr. Grey did fight back after all. He probably tried to shoot Maya.

It seems everything has changed, but von Karma states that you have made a mistake. What you had just said supports only the "justified self-defense" plea you refused earlier. Therefore, you have yet to prove anything. Not only that, but the hole on the costume isn't enough to substantiate even a "justified self-defense" plea! Whoops! Von Karma has Gumshoe testify about what transpired on the day of the murder, with the new information.

Gumshoe's Testimony: What Transpired

Gumshoe's Testimony
- What Transpired -

  1. During the channeling, the defendant saw her chance to stab the victim in the chest.
  2. Of course, the victim used the last of his strength to fight back, sir.
  3. While the two were fighting, the victim took out his gun.
  4. The victim took a shot, but because they were too close, he missed.
  5. The defendant then picked up on the opening, took the victim's gun and ended it...

What Transpired: Cross-examination


Present Maya's Costume on the fourth statement. Take a close look at the bullet hole - where is the gunpowder burn? If the sleeve was shot at point-blank range, there should be gunpowder burn around it! Von Karma tries to explain the victim could have pushed the defendant away before firing. However, the stab wound weakened Dr. Grey greatly, so he wouldn't have the strength to fight back. Von Karma then explains the defendant pushed the victim before the latter fired. When asked whether you agree or not, choose Something doesn't make sense.

Von Karma wants you to show her the "hole" in her theory. Present the Folding Screen. There is a hole in it about 8 inches off the ground. If both the defendant's sleeve and the screen were shot at the same time, the defendant could have been squatting down. You are asked to present where the defendant was standing. You automatically examine the floor plans. Present the spot just left of where the hole is (the west side).

You are asked if your claim changes the case - choose It changes everything. Why would Maya be squatting near the folding screen when she should be preparing to attack?

It looks like you are getting somewhere, but von Karma is still smiling somehow. She accuses Gumshoe of damaging her perfect logic. She wants to call another witness to the stand, Lotta. The Judge calls a recess.