Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout/Part 1: Investigation

On a rainy day, you get a visit from Turner Grey, who is a surgeon at the Grey Surgical Clinic. He says he is visiting you because of two things. The first is about an incident an year ago. The incident involves a mistake resulting in the deaths of fourteen patients being cared for by a nurse, who was drugged with sleeping pills and died in a car crash a few weeks later.

The tabloids are carrying rumors of Grey being the culprit, and he wants you to prove otherwise, because the number of patients he has is dropping. He has heard of Maya and the special power she holds, and wants her to channel the deceased nurse so he can talk to her. To do that is the second reason. Maya would only do so if Grey brought you along, so you decide to go with him.

This case happens two months ago before "The Lost Turnabout" for people who want to put a timeline on this game.

Kurain Village


The first thing you'll see here is a little girl, being chased by... guess who? It's Maya! You start your first investigation mode gameplay. Here you are given four choices, one of which is Talk. Start by talking to her:

  • Today's channeling: Maya heard about the incident at the clinic. She read that Grey is responsible for the incident and the nurse's death, but Grey has told her otherwise.
  • Kurain Village: Here, everyone in Maya's family are spirit mediums, but only the women.
  • The girl earlier: Maya says the girl you saw earlier is her cousin, Pearl Fey. Despite her age, she is a "genius" when it comes to channeling spirits. The reason she didn't talk to you is that her mother told her not to talk to suspicious-looking strangers.

After you are done talking, Maya decides to start her channeling. You are given the menu again. Choose Move and choose Meditation Room.

Meditation Room


You see Grey, who is given a map to the Fey Manor. The Guidemap (Fey Manor) will be added to the Court Record. Talk to Grey:

  • Today's channeling: The reason he wanted to see the nurse is that so he can have her write a confession about the incident, stating that she is responsible for what happened.
  • Maya: Grey learned about Maya from an acquaintance of his, who happens to be a college student. He also learned that Maya is the daughter of the "Master".

After talking, Grey mentions that beyond the door is the summoning room, where Maya's aunt is. Let's go meet her. Move to the Channeling Chamber.

Channeling Chamber


Here you meet a middle-aged woman, who calls herself Morgan Fey, "Mystic" Maya's aunt. If there's one thing she won't be pleased about is people forgetting the title word "Mystic" on Maya and Pearl as part of tradition. Talk to Morgan:

  • Maya: In this village, Maya is referred to as "Mystic Maya". Maya is the daughter of the "Master" of the Kurain School of Channeling. Morgan is the Master's sister, so she belongs to the branch family. Her power is quite weak compared to the Master.
  • Today's channeling: Maya is doing the channeling, because those who died in a traffic accident are usually easy to contact.
  • Channeling chamber: The channeling chamber is where the channeling takes place. People other than the medium and the client are not allowed to observe the process. In case anything goes wrong, a huge lock on the door will keep the ruckus from coming outside.

After talking, Morgan will reveal herself as Pearl's mother. Time to explore more of the house. Move to Winding Way, accessible from the Meditation Room.

By the way, when you examine a big room, press the L button on the DS/3DS to switch sides. On the WiiWare version, just press the Minus (-) button for the same thing. To examine objects, make sure the word "Examine" is on the object before pressing the A button to learn about it.

Winding Way


You see a lovely garden here, and an incinerator (what's it doing here?). Move to the Side Room.

Side Room


It looks like a resting room. There are two bedspreads and it looks like someone is sleeping in one of them. Better not disturb her. Move back to Winding Way.

Winding Way (2)


There, you will meet a familiar face. You get a choice: Lotta Hair or I don't know you will make you feel silly and anger this woman, but you will get the Um, Lotta Hair, Was It? achievement if you are playing the Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam or the HD iOS port and you choose Lotta Hair. The correct choice is Lotta Hart, the person you met a year back during one of your earliest cases (if you recall the previous game)! She is here to get a "real scoop" (and boy does she look eager). The channeling is about to start, so move to the Meditation Room.

Meditation Room (2)


Here Maya and Grey now walk into the channeling chamber. You are not allowed in (much to Lotta's anger), so Morgan hands Maya the key to the door. They lock the door and go inside to start the channeling, and then...


You suddenly hear a loud noise, and then another. It sounds like they both came from the Channeling Chamber. Lotta recognizes them as gunshots. Gunshots?! You have a choice on what to do. Choose "Break into the Chamber". Pray that Maya is safe. You can also choose "Ask Morgan what to do" which makes Lotta Hart adamant that you help her break down the door.

Channeling Chamber (2)


Lotta takes two pictures as you enter. Inside, a horrific scene awaits. You see Dr. Grey passing away on the floor. Maya is all right, and it looks like her channeling was a success - she now looks like a different woman (with the same hair and clothes), but with blood on her and her eyes covered. The woman says Grey murdered her, so she took her revenge. Morgan comes in and tells you to inform the police, and that she will take care of Maya. Move to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (2)


You call the police outside. Lotta will follow. Talk to Lotta:

  • What you witnessed: Lotta thinks Maya could have done it (she probably doesn't know Maya's physique alters when she is channeling someone).
  • Dr. Grey: She mentions that Grey is a great surgeon, but his personality "stinks like wet sheep".

Better check what is going on back at the scene. Move to the Meditation Room.

Meditation Room (3)


Morgan tells you that Maya is unconscious after the "spirit severing technique", but she will be fine. You then see Gumshoe coming from a business trip, who promptly checks the crime scene with Morgan. Looks like you have to wait outside. Move back to Kurain Village again.

Kurain Village (3)


Talk to Lotta:

  • Any ideas: You will learn from Lotta that she took two pictures as you entered the crime scene. Also, she says after this experience, she'll move to celebrity photographer. Which explains why she's there on "Farewell, My Turnabout".

Speaking of which, you should probably check it out. As Lotta will rush back in with herself laughing mad. Who's the scarier one?

Move back to the Channeling Chamber.

Channeling Chamber (3)


You see Gumshoe in here. Talk to him:

  • Maya: Gumshoe says that since Maya and Grey were the only ones in the room, Maya must have been the killer.
  • Cause of death: You learn that Grey was shot in the forehead. Not only that, but he was stabbed by a knife. Stabbed!? How did the knife get in the room?

Move to the Side Room.

Side Room (2)


You then meet a young woman, who is wondering when the channeling will start. You tell her a murder has occurred. The woman introduces herself as Ini Miney, a college student who is studying "parapsychology". She is here to study psychic powers. Talk to Ini:

  • Ini Miney: She is here because of Grey. He asked her if she knows a spirit medium. Ini says she took a nap here because she was ill. She is allergic to the sesame seeds they serve in food here.
  • What happened: Ini doesn't really know what happened.
  • The victim: Ini claims she doesn't know Grey. All she knows is that she was one of his patients.

It sounded like she was hiding something there, but you'll just have to move on for now. Move to Winding Way.

Winding Way (3)


You see the little girl you saw earlier, holding a key in her hand. Talk to her if you want, but she won't speak, and instead runs away again (is your spiky hair really that suspicious?).

Move to the Meditation Room.

Meditation Room (4)


Gumshoe announces that an investigation will be held late into the night. Luckily, Morgan will let you sleep in Fey Manor for tonight.

This is bad. You have just met Maya again, only to see her taken away by the cops. This has been a familiar yet traumatizing day.

The next day, you automatically start at the Detention Center.

Detention Center


Maya is in a panic now. She says she was too weak to stop the spirit's power. Talk to Maya:

  • Channeling: Maya says she isn't really a Master of the technique, but her mother is. Maya will inherit the title of Master someday.
  • What happened: All Maya remembers is that they went inside, they sat down, and she began channeling. The rest is a blank. When Maya channels someone, she loses herself and her consciousness. However, Maya also remembers having a dream.
  • "Dream": Maya dreamed that she was dead and buried. She couldn't move, but she smelt something familiar.
File:PW magatama2.png

After you're done talking, you decide to help her. Maya isn't confident, since she is admitting to the murder, but decides to let you help her. Time to start investigating.

Before you go, Maya gives you her Magatama, which will be added to the Court Record. She says it protected her and wants you to show it to Pearl. She guarantees that Pearl will help if you show it to her. Move to the Wright & Co. Law Offices.

Wright & Co. Law Offices (2)

File:PWAAJFA case 2 paper.png

You come here and remember the newspaper clipping Grey showed you yesterday. Newspaper Clipping #1 will be added to the Court Record. Move to the Channeling Chamber.

Channeling Chamber (4)


You see Morgan here. Talk to Morgan:

  • What happened: After the tragedy, Morgan went in and knocked Maya unconscious, and performed the "Spirit Severing Technique" to send the spirit away.
  • Channeling Chamber: Morgan tells you that the Channeling Chamber is meant to prevent such a tragedy as the one you saw yesterday. Since Maya is a novice, it's hard for her to control such a strong spirit as the nurse.
  • Pearl: Morgan seems very proud of her daughter. Though a child, she has the powers that are required of a Master. Pearl's power even surpasses that of the main family.
File:PWAAJFA kurainscreen.png

After you're done talking, examine the folding screen on the very right of the room. You see a suspicious hole in it, near the ground. What is it doing there? The Folding Screen will be added to the Court Record.

After you complete everything, Morgan will leave the room. Move to the Side Room.

Side Room (3)


You meet Ini again, who doesn't seem to remember telling you what she told you yesterday. When asked what she is still doing here, she says something, but stops mid-sentence. Is she hiding something? Talk to her to be able to move on, but you won't get any new information out of her right now.

You can see the wooden box for the first time. You can examine it but it will become important in "Part 3: Investigation".

Move to the Winding Way.

Winding Way (4)

File:PWAAJFA key.png
File:PWAA Magatama.png

You will meet Pearl here. It looks like she is holding a key. You know what to do. Present Maya's Magatama to Pearl. She will then start talking after she finishes crying. Pearl says Maya told her about you and calls you "Mr. Nick". Pearl is now willing to help you. Talk to Pearl:

  • Pearl: Pearl doesn't like it when someone refers to Maya without her title name. But she is okay with you since you're Maya's "lover". Pearl then asks if you are a medium. Apparently, she doesn't know about lawyers.
  • The item in your hand: Pearl is willing to give it to you. Choose "Accept it". The Black Key will be added to the Court Record.

After talking, Pearl will charge the Magatama you have in your hand. Pearl says that with this, you have the ability to see people's secrets in their hearts. Pearl decides to accompany you.

Move to the Meditation Room.

Meditation Room (5)


You meet Gumshoe. He notices Pearl and tries to give her the gun?! You stop him because guns aren't really toys for very young kids! Talk to him:

  • Maya's guilt: Gumshoe doubts that you will win, and says they even have proof of Maya's guilt. Remember that yesterday, Lotta took a few pictures as you entered the scene.
  • The victim: Gumshoe says people knew Dr. Grey because of the tabloids a year ago. Gumshoe says he had an article from one of these once, but doesn't know where it is.
File:PWAAJFA case 2 paper2.png

You do remember Dr. Grey leaving a tabloid in your office. Present Newspaper Clipping 1. Gumshoe then remembers the story of a nurse committing suicide after the incident where fourteen patients died. Gumshoe says he brought a clipping of his own. Newspaper Clipping 2 will be added to the Court Record. Talk to Gumshoe once more:

  • Tomorrow's trial: Gumshoe has some bad news for you. Your opponent will be Prosecutor von Karma. Von Karma!? The man that never lost a case for 40 years, the man who tried to prosecute his own student for murder, the man that had you stare death in the face a year ago!? But wait, wasn't he convicted for murder? That's when more bad news comes to you. You will be facing his successor!
  • Successor: Gumshoe tells you that Karma's successor is actually one of his children. A prodigy as well! The kid became a prosecutor at the age of 13! The kid has never lost a case since! The kid is from Germany. Also, you get flashes of Miles Edgeworth. Despite a grudge against him, you'll be able to see him again in "Farewell, My Turnabout". If you're keeping tabs, Miles last appearance in the previous game is "Rise from the Ashes".

Move to the Side Room.

Note: Without giving too much away, if you want to know, play "Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth" to learn more about that successor to the feared von Karma in a flashback.

Side Room (4)


Talk to Ini:

  • The victim: Ini says she doesn't know him.

Suddenly, the room darkens, and a few chains appear around Ini along with what looks like a lock. Pearl says you are now seeing a "Psyche-Lock". With Maya's Magatama, you have the power to see when someone's hiding something from you. If the person gives in, the Psyche-Lock will break. The more the person wants to hide their secret, the more Psyche-Locks you'll see. You are now seeing one, so it should be easy for you.

But, should you present the wrong evidence or give a wrong answer, part of your life bar might deplete itself. If you don't have the right evidence yet, you have to exit this and come back later until you are ready to use the Magatama again. Lastly, once you succeed in breaking the psyche-lock, you'll recover about half the life bar. That's all the information about this gameplay mechanic.

Just Present Maya's Magatama when you see the PRESENT option on the main screen, and you'll begin:

Ini's Psyche-Lock: The Victim

Ini's Psyche-Lock: The Victim
1 Lock

Ini wants to know if she has a connection to Dr. Grey. Present Newspaper Clipping 2. There is a name in the clipping, one "Mimi Miney". Ini recognizes it as her sister's name. Apparently, Mimi worked at the "Grey" Surgical Clinic, so there is no way Mimi could not have told her.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful! That was easy.

  • The victim: Ini says Dr. Grey was really hard on his employees. So much so that every night, Mimi came home looking very tired. This constant exhaustion probably caused Mimi's accident.

Move to Kurain Village.

Kurain Village (4)


Pearl says she has never been outside the village before, and decides to stay. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)


You don't see your young friend here, but you do see your late friend. It's Mia Fey, Maya's dead sister! Maya channels Mia whenever you need aid.

You tell Mia everything that came about the past two days. Mia tells you Maya could be innocent. Why does she think so? Talk to Mia.

  • Not guilty: The reason Mia knows Maya is innocent is that it would be impossible for Maya to dream during channeling. Maya told you she had a dream while she was channeling. If what Mia says is true, Maya might not be channeling someone. Could this be a set-up?
  • Evidence?: You tell Mia you don't have evidence for tomorrow, but Mia tells you otherwise. In fact, it's in your possession right now. She says it's the "key" for the entire case.

Present the Black Key. Mia tells you the key shouldn't be in your possession right now. You'll see why.

Mia says you know all you need to know for now. Phoenix asks Mia how he could do this if he doesn't know about the real murder. You suddenly see 3 Psyche-Locks! Does she know anything about the real murderer?

You can't focus on that right now. You decide to rest for tomorrow's trial.