Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Controls

The controls for this game are fairly simple, as there aren't many actions to perform and you can only do one at a time.

Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS/3DS Windows Action
D-Pad D-Pad Arrow Keys Move the cursor to desired options/objects.
A A A Confirm, advance a dialog.
B B B Cancel, go back a dialog in cross-examinations.
Start Start Space Pause at anytime to save the game.
L L L Press witnesses in court, move the screen left/right at wide locations in investigations.
R R R Open the Court Record, switch between its two parts.
A X A Present evidence from within the Court Record.
N/A Hold B N/A Skip dialogs of cleared episodes.
N/A Hold Y N/A Allow voice command via microphone and show phrases you can say in court: "Hold it!" for pressing, "Objection!" or "Take that!" for presenting.

Nintendo DS/3DS


The DS and 3DS versions can be played entirely with Stylus besides using buttons; just point and click what you want on the touchscreen. Case 5 is the only case that requires Stylus, along with X and Y to zoom in/out while checking evidence.



You can play the Windows version entirely with a left click of the computer mouse (right click to cancel) or with the keyboard keys listed above, which can be changed in the Preferences dialog. The game has no voice support and there are four other keys you can't change:

  • Tab: Open the System menu.
  • Enter: Select a menu item.
  • Esc: Close an open menu.
  • Alt + Enter: Switch window mode.